12 Ways Models Really Prep For Fashion Shows

Being a model is not all party, smiles, and beauty. While it does have those things there is actually quite a process to get ready for a fashion show, and many models put their bodies through a lot in order to be 'worthy' of the runway. While you may dream to be a top model, many see these crazy routines as just too much for the fame and fortune.

Not all runway models become famous. Many work hard, follow rules, and still feel as though they will never be enough for the industry's elite. This can be due to a number of reasons; one, they are continuously told to slim down more than they already are; two, they have to follow strict rules that effect their everyday lives; and three, it takes a thick skin to be constantly in the spotlight both praised and criticized.

This is an industry with many secrets, and has us wondering about the true lifestyles of runway models. Here is a little sneak peak at what it takes to prep for a fashion show.

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12 Two-hour daily workouts


This isn’t a quick pop into the gym to jog on the elliptical for an hour… this is 2 hours of intense and complete circuit training with a personal trainer who likely does not let them tap out. To get ready for a fashion show, models have to be in the best shape of their lives and they have to do everything in their power to maintain that for the entire year, in case a work opportunity arises. Turning down a gig because they slacked for a few months is a model’s career suicide.

Victoria's Secret model Angel Lily Aldridge works out 6 days a week for the month leading up to the show. Business insider sums it up perfectly in an article on Aldridge saying that "Vogue Magazine followed Aldridge around in the days leading up to the taping of the show to see how she trained. According to Vogue, Aldridge starts doing 60- or 90-minute workouts three times a week two months before, and in the month before the show, she kicks it up to six days a week.

But Aldridge doesn't just go for a run everyday, she has a circuit of 6 different workouts that she rotates through to make sure she's targeting every muscle in her body."

11 Jump on a trampoline to detoxify


This sounds more fun than hard, but it is still pretty crazy. Some models make it a habit and routine to jump on a trampoline every once in a while to help their body detoxify. Keeping things moving and stirring up the insides. As long as they have fun jumping on the trampoline, this one doesn't seem all that bad. Bari Studio tells NY Post in an interview that they  "also recommend models to do the studio’s trampoline workout, because bouncing “detoxes your own body system,” according to Perez."

10 Plant based diet for a month before the show


When there is a show coming up, Sarah Levy (nutritional program overseer of Bari Studio) tells the NY Post that they recommend “...sticking with a plant-based diet during Fashion Week,” and to “Cut out red meat, dairy products and stick with as many green things as possible.” This allows them to cut out extra fats, sugars, and anything that may cause them to gain any weight. This is when they work their hardest to trim down and tone up. Even though this sounds like a sure way to drop a few pounds, this diet is not ideal, we need variety and our bodies need carbs, especially if you are working out.

9 A gallon of water a day until 1 week before the show


Drinking water is extremely important when you are a model. Like the exercise, this is not something you can just pick up before the show. Both Cove Model Jasmine Larry and Adriana Lima drink a gallon of water a day. Telegraph reports that Lima starts this 9 days before a show during her 'no solids' regime. A full 8 glasses a day wont cut it when your job is based on your looks. Drinking that much water is tough and usually the amount recommended to drink is based on body weight.

8 Protein smoothies for a week before the show


Regardless of how difficult it is, a week before the big show, some models, like Adriana Lima, will cut out all solid foods. According to Shape, "Lima admitted to The Telegraph that nine days before the show, she cuts out all solid foods and consumes only liquids, while simultaneously amping her workouts up to two per day". They do this because a liquid only diet will eliminate any bloating as well as help shed those last few pounds and lean them out as much as possible. This is the time to get as hydrated as possible because the next step is quite different.

7 No eating/drinking the day of the show


Some of the top paid models in the world have revealed their regimens before big runway shows. Adriana Lima explained that the day of a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the model would not eat or drink anything. She also has a nutritionist that measures her water retention levels, muscle mass as well as fat ratio.

SHAPE Diet Doctor, Mike Roussell, said "I wouldn't recommend this diet to anyone," Roussell says. "There are better ways to get the same results. But for the amount of time she was doing it, to get the look she wanted, it's not detrimental to her health in the long-run."

6 Fake enhancements


Enhancements come in all forms. This isn’t referring to surgical manipulations like breast or butt implants, these ones can be done on the spot to enhance your overall appearance.

Eyelashes are a must for anyone in front of a camera. Some get eyelash extensions but many opt for glue on falsies for a big wow effect. Push up bras/padding are often used to fill out shirts and dresses, and sometimes thinning spandex is worn to smooth out the body. Hair extensions are almost always worn to give models more options for hairstyles. According to Allwomenstalk, "All models wear extensions, which Kylie Bisutti described as taking hours to put in."

5 3-5 hours on hair and makeup


The day of the show is often exhausting. The models are up very early to start getting their hair and makeup done – which can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours or more depending on the look. Contrary to what you may think, getting your hair and makeup down is tiring and models must try not to get antsy. To give you a scope of the production, Alexandra Tunell of Harper's Bazaar notes that "To make that magic, it took a team of 30 makeup artists—10 focused on body makeup (which was a lot less bronzed and oiled-up than usual) while the rest worked to create soft, glamorous looks on the army of 47 models.

4 Makeup on all skin – including bum


Not an inch of skin goes untouched for a fashion show. Model’s bodies are usually airbrushed or touched up before a big show. If a bikini is your fashion outfit, even your bum will be touched up with paint and powder. For shows such as VS Fashion Show, the models have to stand for long periods of time to allow every part their body to be touched up. Depending on where the show is taking place, the model's looks will be different but most often there will be about 30 makeup artists working behind the scenes and about 10 of them will be for working on touching up the model's bodies. "It varies from year to year, whether they want us to have body makeup or not. I think last year, they didn't want us to have too much, because [the look] was more natural," Candice Swanepoel told HuffPost, "But they used to have a whole set-up backstage of bronzers, getting it all in your a$s and in the right spots," she laughed.

3 Laser hair removal or waxing

Hairless is beautiful as per today’s beauty standards. Many women who model professionally will pay for laser hair removal to make their lives easier throughout the year. Some, though, get waxed before every show (at least 2 days before in case there is redness or bumps). Both of these can be very painful, especially on their more sensitive areas. Candace Swanepoel told the huffington post, "You know, for years I'd been waxing, which is part of the torture of being a model -- I'm blonde, thank God! But I actually did laser, which was the best thing I ever did for myself, I wish I'd done it 10 years ago."

2 Have an alcoholic drink before show time


According to an article on Allwomenstalk, Many models are encouraged to have one drink before show time. Since they have not eaten or drank much in the last week this can be a risky thing. The idea is that it loosens the girls up so they do not look stiff on stage and it helps to ease nerves. However, too much and their loosy-goosy walk may turn into a tumble.

1 Post show: Eat pizza!


According to Elle magazine, Victoria's Secret models really like to unwind after a runway show, and we certainly can understand why. Although not all VS models follow strict diets leading up to the big show, this is the first time they can indulge in the foods they've been craving. When asked about after show meals, this is what VS model Grace Mahary had to say "Post-show meal is pizza! I have been craving that for awhile! And wine! I actually had a glass of wine last night and some risotto."

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