13 Ways Kylie Jenner Is Turning Into Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are known for their close bonds with one another. Good and bad—they’ve been through it all, many of which these times have played out on their reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. We’ve seen them cry on each other’s shoulders during heartache, fight with one another only to kiss and makeup later and just flat out witnessed all their wild sisterly shenanigans.

Sisters may borrow one another’s clothes and makeup, but Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the clan, might be borrowing a little too much from her big sister, Kim. In fact, some would go so far as to say that she’s turning into her, one risky photo-shoot and rapper boyfriend at a time. Here are 13 reasons why.

13 They both are involved with rappers

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Before Kayne West, Kim Kardashian’s main type of men were professional athletes. She dated football player Reggie Bush for years and then was infamously married to basketball player, Kris Humphries for 72 days.

After both those relationships failed, Kim moved on to her now-husband, rapper Kayne West. The pair have been married for almost two years and have two children, North and Saint. Kylie made headlines when she began dating rapper, Tyga, when she was only seventeen and he was twenty-five. It was an underage relationship that caused a lot of controversy. Kylie was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show recently where she said that her and Tyga are together and just hanging out.

12 They've both had work done

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It’s hard to believe that both Kim and Kylie have had work done, considering Kylie is only eighteen, but cosmetic enhancements are no big deal to this family. There’s been a lot of speculation as to what procedures Kim has had done, but she has openly admitted to having Botox around her eyes and a fat-melting massage.

Kylie seems to be following in Kim’s footsteps as she too had work done. It was hugely speculated that she had her lips enhanced, and she finally came clean about it last year saying that her plump lips weren’t just the clever work of makeup—it was lip injections.

11 They both broke the Internet with risky photo-shoots


Kim Kardashian was the first of her sisters to #BreaktheInternet with the risky photoshoot she did with Paper Magazine. The Internet exploded with comments on the photos—some of which were fans of it, others of which were certainly not. But it turned out that Kylie Jenner was the biggest fan of all, as she recently went about #BreakingtheInternet herself with her latest photo-shoot with Interview Magazine, appearing in a black leather dress and the skin around her face taped back.

10 They both love selfies


Taking selfies is practically a skill for the Kardashian sisters, and no one takes it more seriously than Kim Kardashian. She even released a book called Selfish that was filled entirely with never-before-seen selfies taken throughout the years.

When Kylie was younger, her selfies were much more tame, but ever since she turned seventeen and became the style chameleon that she is, she’s been upping her game. Many of her and Kim’s selfies are almost even identical with them focusing on photographs with their gorgeous faces, curvy bodies and lavish lifestyles.

9 Kylie copied Kim's birthday bash appearance

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Club appearances are just another day at the office for the Kardashians. They invite their friends, make thousands of dollars for one night of work and get to have tons of fun doing it. They do this all throughout the year, but it’s their birthday bashes that are the real moneymakers.

Kim was the first one to do so. As shown on their show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim held her birthday bashes for years at the TAO nightclub in Las Vegas; she even made a whopping $500,000 at her last appearance for her 34th birthday. Talk about a happy birthday. Kylie followed suit with this for her 18th birthday, marking her first-ever club appearance in Montreal.

8 They both love the spotlight


Kim didn’t release a book called Selfish for no reason—the girl loves the spotlight and now, little sis-Kylie, does too. It has even been reported that Kim’s feeling jealous and protective of Kylie stealing the very same spotlight that Kim has shone under for years.

While trying to make light of it, Kim has admitted to her baby sister dethroning her. “I give Kylie all my tricks, I give her all my tips. I give her everything, and more. She is so, like, deserving. If I would want anyone to follow in my footsteps, anyone to borrow my clothes, anyone to like share my glam team it is Kylie, King Kylie.”

7 They both dress the same


There have been many photos on the Internet that prove that Kylie has copied many of Kim’s fashion looks. One photo shows them in similar black glasses, a long gray coat and blue jeans. Another was a tight white top with high waist jeans. And it’s always Kim wearing the style first. She has been a style icon for years and years, but as it turns out, it’s her little sister that she’s been the biggest inspiration for.

6 They both went blonde


Kim stunned the world when she debuted her look as a platinum blonde. It wasn’t long before Kylie did the same thing, rocking the blonde bombshell look at her 18th birthday bash and also on the cover of Elle Canada. Kim upstaged her by bringing her blonde do to the cover of Vogue Brasil and keeping the look much longer than Kylie who tends to change her hair colour by the day.

5 They both take photos of their assets

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The Kardashian sisters are famous for their derrieres, but it’s Kylie and Kim who take the most photos of it. Whether they’re doing it while wearing barely anything or while in a skimpy bikini, Kim may have been the first of her sisters to make her butt selfies a thing. She even borrowed one of Kylie’s cutaway black bikinis months ago just to see if it would fit her. Kim posted a picture of her wearing it on Instagram with the caption, “Yep stole Kylie’s bikini…she’s not getting it back.”

4 Even their faces are morphing into the same


With all the similarities between the two sisters coming to a head all the time, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to take a picture of Kim and of Kylie and post them side-by-side to see really how much Kylie has been turning into Kim. Buzzfeed posted the picture and the results are shocking. Their lips are both full, they have similar noses, high cheekbones and they both do full dramatic eyes with arched highbrows. With lighting added to the photo, they even look like they could be one person.

3 They both make controversy


Controversy for the Kardashian sisters is hardly ever intentional. Yet, it seems to follow them wherever they go. For Kim, it’s usually in the form of her wearing real fur that enrages animal rights enthusiasts. For Kylie, it was her controversial relationship with 26-year-old Tyga, which began when she was underage. And now, more recently, she’s been in the headlines for the wheelchair prop she used during her cover shoot for Interview Magazine.

Many disabled women shot back at the photo by photographing themselves in their wheelchair. Tumblr user Erin Tatum posted a picture of her with the caption, “I tried my best to create a more authentic version of Kylie Jenner’s Interview cover, given that I’m, you know, actually disabled and a real life wheelchair user. I can barely get people to make eye contact with me, let alone land a cover shoot. If being in a wheelchair is trendy now, I’ve apparently been a trendsetter since before Kylie was born.”

2 They both released books


Writing certainly isn’t a strong suit for the Kardashians. Last year, Kendall and Kylie released a book together called Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia that was poorly received.

While Kendall and Kylie’s novel was a flop, it turns out that big sis Kim’s book, Selfish, wasn’t. It was reported that she had only sold around 32,000 copies, but US Weekly claimed that those numbers were actually much higher.

“The Bookscan number of 30K floating around is not inaccurate but it represents a very small segment of our sales overall, which are very strong in non-bookstore specialty retailers, and international sales, neither of which report to Bookscan,” Pam Sommers, Executive Director of Publicity at Rizzoli, told Us Weekly. “The book is, in fact, a significant success story as a benchmark of the phenomenon of self-portrait in the digital age.”

1 They both make their own makeup


Known for their flawless style and makeup, the oldest Kardashian sisters, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have made big bucks on their makeup and fashion lines. They have it all: eyelashes, lip gloss, nail polish, bronzer and even a baby clothes line.

Kylie Jenner also cashed in on using her beauty and style to make millions. This month, she released her highly anticipated Kylie Lip Kit, which is oil free and not tested on animals. There are three shades so far: Dolce K, Candy K and True Brown K. Fans were upset as the lip kit site went live at 12 p.m. EST, only to be sold out within a few minutes, twice!

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