13 Ways Exercise Can Make Your Bedroom Sessions Hotter

Exercising can lead to many benefits, one of them is actually in the bedroom. Yes, exercising can improve your sex life.

Sex and exercise share many things in common such as elevated heart rates, muscle use and sweating just to name a few similarities. The two also go hand in hand when it comes to performance, the more you improve in the gym, the better you’ll perform in the bedroom.

Exercise can also help improve the quality of your sex life in other ways especially physically and physiologically. Most important of all it can help improve your overall performance.

Let’s now get to it and take a look at 13 ways exercising can help your sex life, enjoy!

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13 Quicker arousals


Recent studies have shown that exercise can in fact cause women to climax quicker and more intensely. The science behind this is that cardiovascular activity helps to pump the blood quicker, this leads to an increased response to pleasure when an exciting situation is taking place. Basically exercising and weight training on the same day will lead to a much quicker arousal.

Resistance training and dancing are great ways to increase testosterone in women and for maintaining arousal and libido.

12 Climax Intensifies


Exercise can also help intensity of your climax. For those of you that train with high intensity intervals it’s your lucky day. HIIT increases your lung capacity, increasing this can ultimately lead to bigger orgasms. The more you are able to breathe just before your climax, the more it is intensified. The more exhausting breaths you take, the more you will lessen the climax. HIIT exercise helps increase lung capacity which translates into your bedroom life. The more oxygen you have, the better your climax will be.

11 Increases stamina


Exercising can increase your stamina during intercourse. Regular exercise can improve your endurance and train your muscles to hold out longer by using energy more effectively. Training also makes you physically stronger, which will make you burn much less during intercourse as opposed to a weaker person that consumes more energy.

10 More positions


As your performance at the gym increases, so does your flexibility enabling you to try different positions. Exercising also increases your mobility allowing you to move around much easier during intercourse.

Yoga can also be very beneficial aiding your mobility and flexibility, which can also translate into the bedroom as well.

9 Improves focus

According to research, exercise can help sharpen your focus during intercourse, making it less likely that your mind will wonder. Breathing techniques have a lot to do with this, the oxygen flowing in and out of your body causes your focus to stay sharp. This is much easier to accomplish when you exercise, the physical activity increases your oxygen flow compared to those who do not exercise. According to studies you are much more likely to wonder off thinking about other things during activities like intercourse if you do not exercise regularly.

8 Can also have adverse effects

Exercise can also benefit from sex. Exercising can put a great amount of stress on the body despite its numerous benefits. Engaging in intercourse can help minimize this problem by putting your body into a state of deep relaxation. It can also help lower the testosterone build up developed through a workout stabilizing it back to normal. So having intercourse after exercising isn’t a bad idea at all helping your testosterone levels get back to normal. This will also be very beneficial towards the quality of sleep you will have.

7 Improve Insulin sensitivity

Exercising can not only cause you to lose weight but it can also help improve insulin resistance. Women that do not exercise have an increased insulin resistance leading to lower levels of testosterone. This ultimately causes a decreased sex drive and a lowered self confidence.

6 Partner's size


Exercise can also increase the size of your partners’ private area. Abdominal fat and skin in overweight men can make their member look smaller, this can also hurt your partner's confidence. Exercise can also help stimulate the blood flow causing your partner to be highly stimulated creating a bigger erection.

5 Hormonal Imbalances


People that do not exercise are more likely to experience lowered testosterone levels along with hormonal imbalances. This can decrease the sexual desires in both men and women.

Not exercising can also cause irregular menstrual cycles and thyroid problems. Exercise is shown to be one of the best remedies for this, even better than actual medication. If you are experiencing some of these problems it may be time to start dieting and exercising on a regular basis.

4 Reduces chances of infertility


Overweight women are more likely to develop chromosomal abnormalities than women who regularly exercise. In addition, being overweight can also increase the chances of other pregnancy risks.

The same goes for obese men, according to research the sperm quality of an overweight man is much lower than someone who exercises regularly. The best way to combat infertility is to stay in shape and exercise regularly.

3 Reduces negativity and depression


According to studies those that are overweigh have a much bigger chance of suffering from depression or other mental health problems which will reduce libido and ultimately cause sexual dysfunctions.

Depression can also create a realm of consistent negativity, something that some people unfortunately have a hard time getting out of. Negativity and depression make your sex life increasingly difficult. With a proper diet and exercise plan getting out of your funk will seem much easier. This will grow your self-esteem causing you to ultimately boost your sex drive up a couple of notches.

2 More exercise, more sex


According to research overweight women are actually more likely to have an unplanned pregnancy because they are less likely to be prepared for intercourse. It’s been proven that women who exercise regularly are more likely to engage in intercourse. Many factors credit to this such as increased self-esteem, elevated testosterone levels, increased mood and numerous other factors.

1 Self-esteem


At the end of the day the most influential way exercise can help your sex life is by boosting your self-esteem. Studies found that women who exercises are more likely to rate their own desirability and sexual performance at a high above average rate. These women are also more easily aroused and enjoy sex much more in general. This is largely due to the fact that you are comfortable with their body. High self-esteem is the biggest factor when it comes to translating your work from the gym into the bedroom.

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