14 Unexpected Things Men Find Super Hot

Lipstick, high heels, and dresses aren’t the only things that men find really appealing. It’s easy to think that amping up all things feminine will get his attention, but what you may not realize is that there are plenty of things he finds attractive about you without you having to put in any effort. Being hot is more about who you are and how you think about yourself than anything to do with your physical body. What he finds most attractive about you could be anything from how you look in the morning without makeup on and just being yourself, your hobbies, that you play on a local sports team, the debates you have with each other, your sense of adventurism, or how you are always honest even when it isn’t easy. The things that he finds the most attractive about you may surprise you, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate when you put effort. It’s hot to see that you can unapologetically be yourself no matter what is going on in your day. Just as you love the way he smiles or think it’s attractive how he talks when he’s passionate about something he loves, he has his own secret list of unexpected things he finds hot about you too. Whether you’re having a relaxing day at home or you’re going out for a dinner date, seeing you for who you are and appreciating all that makes up your personality is what helps him appreciate everything about you.

14 You’re into Sports and Outdoorsy Activities 

Crisp fresh air, surrounded by nature, and showing off your killer campfire cooking skills, you’re in your element. Whether it’s camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, or another “guys” activity, you’re into it. Not only are you happy to go camping with your man, you have no problem showing him how to scale a challenging cliff during a hike or perfectly casting your fly on the water. Not being afraid to get your hands dirty or to have a bug land on you lets him see that you’re down to earth and ready for an adventure. If you can genuinely enjoy the same activities as him during the day, while loving to get dressed up and go out at night then you truly will knock his socks off. And think about it, while you’re just sharing your passion for the same pastime, he can’t get over how hot it is to see you in your element. Don't be afraid to show him your likes and interests, they might just have him hooked. 

13 Your Intellectual Side

Having the ability to think for yourself, debate intelligently, and consider others' opinions is undeniably attractive, for anyone. You’ve taken the time to consider multiple stances on all the important topics and you’ve formed your own opinions. You know what is going on in the world and not just with the Kardashians or pop culture. It isn’t being more knowledgeable than him that makes being intellectual sexy, it’s about being mindful of the world around you. Not only are you intelligent, you’re considerate. He loves the way you quietly try to contain yourself when you’re passion mounts discussing something you love or how you can confidently counter his ideas when discussing important topics without faulting him for having a difference in opinion. These qualities are very attractive for those seeking a potential mate. People want to raise kids with someone they view as smart and wise, a person that can raise kids with strong values. 

12 No Makeup or Subtle Makeup

Makeup is a fun way to play up your looks, but what he really loves is seeing you au natural or with minimal makeup on. Sometimes just a touch of mascara or a pale lip stain can change up your look without distracting from your natural beauty. Being able to see how you look with little or no makeup lets him see how you look naturally while also letting him know that you’re comfortable in your own skin. Not everyone uses makeup as a way to hide how they are, but letting him see your “imperfections” makes you relatable and attractive. If you feel as though you are more comfortable with a little more makeup on that is fine too, but try to make it look as natural as possible. There are plenty of tutorials online that can help with achieving a natural makeup look. It's all about finding the right products for you. Remember the wise saying, less is more. 

11 Body Confidence (not afraid to feel beautiful regardless of size)

Confidence is always attractive. It is easy to be critical of your body while scrolling through Instagram posts or reading your favorite magazine, as they can be very misleading. So knowing that your body is only one part of what makes you beautiful regardless of whether or not it fits into a specific size category is incredibly alluring. Not only does having body confidence allow you to be a happier and healthier person overall, it encourages you to embrace your body’s natural beauty and feel comfortable in expressing that. Whether you’ve got killer legs, pouty lips, or you love the way your whole body looks, he loves when you’re content with yourself. Most guys will say the hottest thing about a woman is when she exudes confidence. So dress how you want to dress and wear clothes that compliment your beautiful body. 

10 Your Ability To Work A Room

Having strong social skills is undeniably attractive, especially to those seeking out a partner. Someone who can work a room shows social qualities that are hard to find and very appealing. This means you can spark up a conversation with anyone and possess the social skills needed for most young professionals now a days. Strong social skills are important for those looking to move forward in the business world. They also show that you can adapt well to new situations and engage well in social groups, meaning you will be perfectly comfortable meeting his friends and family. If you were to think of the situation in reverse, a guy that can talk to anyone and hold his own is very appealing. A guy that can keep a room entertained is extremely attractive and all for the same reasons.

9 Listening


This definitely has to do with the previous entry, as a person that can capture a room is a person that knows how to listen. Elite Daily recently posted an article that explained this very fact. The author had been told by a stranger that out of a whole room of people, she was in fact the one that he was the most attracted to, and the reason why is so interesting. He had noticed that when she spoke to people she actually listened to what they had to say, a quality that is in fact rare to find these days. She answered questions properly and took the time to understand what people were trying to tell her, and for that reason she stood out among the crowd. People always say that those who meet you will remember how you made them feel, and if you can patiently listen to what someone is telling you, they will properly feel heard, after all communication is key to any relationship. Try doing this from now on, and if you already are then kudos to you!

8 Not afraid to Eat/Eat as Much as Him

Eating is vital to our survival and should be pleasurable. If you need to diet or eat healthy, research different meals you can make, don't stress over it. All too often, people obsess over their food in a way that isn’t just unhealthy, it’s unattractive. With social media showcasing unattainable bodies, this problem is only going to worsen. Instead of focusing on the negative, try keeping your body healthy by eating nutritious food, this is a great way to enhance your life, but having a healthy relationship with all foods is key. When food isn’t a problem for you, he won’t worry about whether you’ll want to go out to eat with you or making a special dinner and wondering wether or not you’ll eat with him. The key here is not to stress about your food or eating habits. Not being hung up on your food and simply enjoying it is always attractive.

7 You Play Sports/Understand Them

You and your boyfriend each have your favorite teams for each major sports season. Whether you’re rooting for the same team or you’re playful rivals, he loves that you are as interested in sports as he is. From going to watch games together, hosting playoff parties, or playing in fantasy leagues, he loves that you aren’t just trying to please him, you have your own thoughts an opinions on last night’s game and how the season is going. It isn’t about taking an interest in sports because it’s what he likes, he thinks it’s attractive because you liked and played sports before he met you. For those of you who don't like sports do not fret, try to understand a little bit about his favorite team and why they mean so much to him. You don't have to sit and watch every game with him but respecting his love for the game would be greatly appreciated, trust us. 

6 Low Maintenance (not afraid to get dirty)

You can go from a day at the beach out to dinner with just a quick pit stop home to change clothes and add a tad of rouge if you want. You don’t mind cleaning up the yard and you could care less about ruining your hair because you can just throw it up into a messy bun. You take pride in how you look and you take care of yourself, but you also don’t take two hours just to get ready to run errands and you’re not afraid to get messy. This is not to be confused with being careless, you need to have a good handle on hygiene and how to fix yourself up a little when need be, the key is not to stress over those things. Being low maintenance means you have a healthy balance of self confidence and self care and he sees it.

5 That Hot Messy Hair Look 

That just-had-nookie look is irresistible. Whether you actually did just get frisky or not, the messy hair, wearing his shirt, and that soft glow to your skin drives him crazy. What makes this look so appealing is that it’s relaxing. Not only does it remind him of being intimate, it makes him feel that he can be relaxed and venerable around you. If you notice he finds you more attractive during certain times of the month, there is a reason why, and it is due to your monthly cycle. According the the independent.co.uk, men are most attracted to women when they are ovulating. Our skin and lips become more flush during our fertile time of the month and most men don't even know that they are attracted to it. Now, why men tend to like a natural looking woman is because without the makeup, her skin will likely show its true color and your hair being natural and lightly messy indicates nookie, see where this is going? Flushed skin and messy hair will make him want to jump your bones!

4 You Have A Tough Side/Able to Defend Yourself

No one is going to take you buy surprise when you’re out walking late at night or alone in a crowded area. You aren’t the type to get paranoid about your safety, but you’re also not going to risk being attacked without having a way to defend yourself. This should also remind you that everyone should take self defence classes at least once in their life. It is important to know what to do in order to keep yourself safe. Also he may not say it, but he thinks it’s hot that you are able to take charge and defend yourself if need be. It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken formal self defense classes, or you study martial arts, it’s that you’re a confident woman who won’t lose a fight.

3 You've Got a Talent

Having an interest in something is common. Many people love music and dream of singing professionally and may even have a great singing voice. Others wish they could spend their time painting or drawing portraits. Instead of just daydreaming about your interests, you’ve pursued them. It may be a new pursuit or something you’ve studied since you were a child, but the passion and dedication that you bring to your talent shows and he can’t get enough of it. He loves seeing you work hard, feel confident in your abilities, and be able to work to perfect you craft. Your constant efforts to improve yourself is always going to be sexy. Those who go after what they want are attractive because so many of us let our dreams go, the goal is the more you try the more you can find out about yourself. 

2 Honesty (no mind games)

Unlike some women, you can’t stand drama. Your life is about being positive, happy, and doing your best at whatever you are working on. Because you are so focused, you don’t have time for petty mind games or needless gossip. Instead of bashing on others or picking apart someone’s outfit, you’re building them up and being honest about how you feel. He may not always like what you have to say, but he appreciates your opinion and values that you will give him an honest answer if he asks you about something. Being honest and avoiding childish games shows you’re a woman, not a child. Those who seek out drama are unhappy with themselves and it shows when they choose to pick on other people, you don't have time for that because you are happy. 

1 Swearing

Being true to yourself means you don’t feel confined to other people’s expectations. If you feel like wearing lipstick to the gym one day, you don’t think twice about doing it because you don’t care what anyone has to think about you. You can be polite when you need to, but when you’re just relaxing with your squad, you’re swearing up a storm. He loves that you’re smart and insightful yet you still know just when to swear to emphasize your point or bring humor to a conversation. Walking the line between acting lady like and foul mouthed reminds him that you’re diverse and wonderfully unpredictable. Keep being you because that is what he will love most. We are all attracted to those who can truly be their wonderful selves. 

Sources: independent.co.uk

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