13 Unbearably Rich People On Instagram

Let’s be honest – when it comes to Instagram, most people aren’t always honest. Sure, it’s a great way to share snippets from your daily life, but nearly everyone stages their photos a little bit to make them look #Instaworthy. There’s no harm in making things aesthetically pleasing on your feed, right?

Well, all this staging and posing can cause a bit of aspirational envy when you’re scrolling through your feed as you wonder why you don’t have those perfect outfits, or why you aren’t eating those artfully arranged healthy meals. That’s normal – hell, it may even encourage you to put a little effort into plating a fancy dinner for yourself, or to take a few extra minutes to pick out an outfit that will have you overflowing with confidence all day. That’s fantastic! Some Instagram users just post great shots that inspire you to push yourself to truly be your best self.

Then, there are the unbearable ones. They take to social media for the sole purpose of communicating one message – I have tons and tons of money. More money than you will ever have. They post their designer goods, their trips on private jets, their lavish vacations, and basically anything over-the-top that they can think of.

To be honest, it’s all just a bit desperate and unless you’re their target market, or just looking to randomly oogle some luxury goods, it gets old very fast. Here are 13 unbearable rich people on Instagram.

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13 Param Sharma (@itslavishbitch)

Okay, with an Instagram user name like @itslavishbitch, you know the person whose feed you’re going to scroll through is pretty full of themselves and likes to brag about their luxury lifestyle. This user, also known as Param Sharma, is a teen based in San Francisco who posts nothing but designer brands and cold, hard cash on his feed. If that wasn’t bad enough, he also uses his social media for a variety of attention-seeking stunts. Sharma’s life isn’t without controversy – he was jailed in 2014 for selling a stolen iPhone – and the lack of transparency regarding his parents or actual income makes many feel like he might just be fronting.

12 Corso Sestini Branca (@corsosestinibranca)

Wanna go back 🔝

A post shared by Corso Sestini Branca (@corsosestinibranca) on

Who exactly is Corso Sestini Branca, and what does he do? Well, according to his Instagram bio, he’s a traveller of the world who splits his time between Florence, Italy, and London, England – although his heritage comes through in the boastful statement that “Italians do it better.” This young, blonde bachelor is constantly sharing pictures of the parties he attends and the lavish, globe-trotting lifestyle he leads. The majority of it is fairly unbearable, and something that no one but his friends would care about, but we have to give him props – every now and then, he shares a great snap of some gorgeous architecture or scenery in the locale he’s visiting. The only problem is, you have to scroll past endless party selfies to get to them.

11 Mark-Francis Vandelli Orlov-Romanovsky (@markvandelli)

Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got

A post shared by Mark Francis Vandelli (@markvandelli) on

First of all, thank goodness this guy shortened his name for his Instagram account, because that would have been a @nightmare. Fans of British reality television might recognize him as a cast member on Made In Chelsea, and one thing’s for sure – he’s larger than life. Not only is he an heir, he’s also involved in the fashion world as the owner of a French atelier that supplies jewellry to some of the biggest designer labels. Back in the 1970s and 80s, his mother (a Russian princess, no less) was Yves Saint-Laurent’s muse, so it’s no surprise that Mark-Francis’ style is always on point. His Instagram is a visual tribute to everything luxury, and while it could be fabulous in small doses, all together it becomes a bit much.

10 Eli Mizrahi (@elimizrahi)

Ibiza nights 🌴

A post shared by Eli Mizrahi (@elimizrahi) on

What is Eli Mizrahi famous for? Well, he’s the creative director of super popular, envy-inducing site The Coveteur. Yes, the one with all the incredible closets that you dream of at night. This self-described Millenial International Man of Mystery doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks about oversharing or overexposure – he’s front and center in pretty much all of his posts, either posing with gorgeous friends or lounging on a lavish vacation, with the occasional inspirational quote thrown in for variety. He’s definitely not afraid to take risks when it comes to his outfits, and there’s probably no exotic locale that he hasn’t been to at least once. Maybe he can just share gorgeous vaca-shots without him in them?

9 E.J. Johnson III (@ejjohnson_)

Opulence #laborday #teamthis

A post shared by EJ Johnson (@ejjohnson_) on

The E.J. stands for Earvin, and if you know anything about basketball, or sports in general, you probably know exactly who this kid’s father is. That’s right – Earvin “Magic” Johnson. While dad has a respectable 138,000 followers, his son has over 400,000 – thanks in part to his role on E!’s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills reality series. He’s pretty much the exact opposite from his sports-centric dad – Johnson III is all about haute couture and striking a pose. He’s totally comfortable rocking wild looks, particularly after his huge weight loss, and every photo is over the top. You have to admire his confidence, but overall, it’s just exhausting to even look through his feed.

8 Nell Diamond (@nelliediamond)

Nell Diamond, the wealthy daughter of ex-Barclays chief exec Bob Diamond, has an Instagram feed almost entirely filled with group selfies on lavish vacations. You would think she’s just a socialite who fills her time with magazines and manicures, right? Well, while she might party with the best of them, she also put in her time at Princeton University and Yale University, getting her degrees before snagging a job as an analyst at Deutsche Bank in Manhattan. Her number of followers is comparatively small, partly because most people likely don’t know who she is, but that doesn’t make her feed any less lavish.

7 Evan Luthra (@evanluthra)

While most of the unbearable Instagrammers on this list have their money courtesy of the bank of mom and dad, Evan Luthra is the exception. The Indian-born entrepreneur began getting involved with technology at a young age, and was developing mobile apps at 13. He tinkered with a variety of ventures, and now runs EL Group International and is an angel investor who has contributed huge sums of money to start ups. He’s fairly shameless about his hustle, and while you have to admire what he’s achieved, we could all do with a little less luxury cars, designer goods, and boastful selfies.

6 Jacqueline Lagoy (@jaxlag)

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Decent views

A post shared by Jacqueline Lagoy (@jaxlag) on

Not that much is known about this exotic beauty, but one thing is for sure – Jacqueline Lagoy knows how to live life luxe. Her feed is an endless list of selfies and group selfies with glamorous friends in gorgeous, usually tropical, locales. She’s also a bit of a foodie, frequently posting shots of gourmet plated restaurant meals. She’s seemingly never without a camera-ready smile or gaggle of gorgeous girlfriends to accompany her. We’re not sure where she’s from or how she makes a living, but we kind of want to figure it out. I mean, it’s totally self-indulgent, but at the same time, those yachts look like the perfect place for a vacation.

5 Robert Cavalli (@robertcavalli)

No, not the famous fashion designer Roberto Cavalli – we’re talking about his youngest son, Robert. With a father as over the top and well-connected as his, it’s probably not the least bit surprising that young Robert has a taste for the luxurious things in life. Like most of the individuals on this list, his feed is populated with far, far too many selfies. However, he peppers them with shots of gourmet haute cuisine, his famous friends, luxury toys like helicopters and diamond rings and more. And this is just now – can you just imagine the type of lifestyle he’ll be leading when, along with his siblings, he inherits his fashion designer father’s estate?

4 Morgan Stewart (@boobsandloubs)

@flauntmagazine #CALIFUK

A post shared by Morgan Stewart Fitzpatrick (@morganstewart) on

While many individuals choose to use some form of their real name as their Instagram name, Morgan Stewart named her Instagram account after her blog, the unsubtly named Boobs and Loubs. For those who might not know, by ‘loubs,’ she’s referring to the pricy, iconic red-soled Christian Louboutain brand. Stewart, who is a cast member on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, has daddy to thank for her money, though she’s definitely trying to build an empire on a full bosom and blinged-out shoes. According to her Instagram feed, her life seems to consist solely of beach-time, selfies, and designer clothing. As her blog says, it’s “for the girl creating her own future, for the boy who digs boobs.”

3 Barron Hilton (@barronhilton)

While socialites Nicky and Paris Hilton received most of the attention back in the 2000s, this decade seems to be when the youngest, Barron, is peaking. Sure, he might not have the multi-million amounts of followers that his sister Paris does, but for someone who has largely stayed out of the public eye (apart from a few scandals) despite considerable wealth, a lot of people seem interested in what he’s doing. So, what has earned him over 170,000 followers? Shots of poolside lounging, first-class flights, luxurious vacations and more. The question is, with his taste for the finer things in life and seeming mastery of social media, will he soon be overtaking his sisters in the public eye?

2 Dorothy Wang (@dorothywang)

Dorothy Wang is perhaps the most recognizable face from reality series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills – she’s in nearly every promo for the series, and her larger than life personality means she’s received a lot of coverage since it started up. There’s no doubt that being a part of the reality series helped launch Wang into the public eye, and thanks to father Roger Wang’s insane wealth, she has more than enough dough to buy anything she wants – and she does. Her over 800,000 followers are treated to endless selfies and shots of Dorothy about town, lunching, brunching, partying, and overall just living a lavish lifestyle.

1 Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian)

Nothing good happens before midnight

A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

Okay, let’s be honest – you can’t have a list of Instagram stars or unbearable rich people without including Dan Bilzerian. Love him or hate him, everyone knows exactly who he is, despite the fact that his biggest contributions are his expertise at poker and at getting gorgeous women to hang out with him. Bilzerian has over 12 million followers – more than some A-List celebrities – and constantly posts shots of big groups of beautiful women, stacks of cash, luxury cars, rooms with insane views and more. I mean, this guy’s life is basically out of a teenage boy’s dream.

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