13 Tinder Profiles Of People Who Are Obviously Catfishing (+ 2 That Are WAY Too Honest)

Tinder is an endless source of entertainment. That is when it's not actually getting people together, even for a night or two. One of the most prevalent aspects of Tinder is the sheer number of catfishers that take away from the legitimacy of the app. These catfishers come in all shapes and sizes but they do have common traits. Skimming this list may help you decipher what to look out for. But, realistically, it'll just make you THRILLED that you've never come across someone so ridiculous.

Seriously, this list has some of the most outrageous Tinder catfishers around. Additionally, we've thrown in two hilarious examples of Tinder users being WAY too honest, the opposite of the MO of a typical catfisher. So, without further ado, here are 13 tinder profiles of people who are obviously catfishing and 2 that are way too honest.

15 This Boy Definitely Lifts... His Mouse In Photoshop


Look, almost every man wants to have Zac Efron's body. But it's just not realistic. However, it's a lot more realistic than how Nishal tried to convince potential matches that he had a six-pack. Seriously, this dude needs to take a Photoshop class. He couldn't even match his own skin tone properly and even took out half of his chest in the process. Then there's that mess of a tattoo on his arm. At least, we think it's a tattoo.

14 This May Have Worked On That One 63-Year-Old Man Who Never Turned On The Disney Channel


Speaking of Zac Efron... There are very few people that this catfisher could have actually convinced. Firstly, there's just no way that Zac Efron would ever need Tinder. Sure, he'd clean up. But why go through the trouble when you literally have girls throwing their numbers at you while walking down the street? Additionally, making his education "East High" is a nice way to remind users in the know that this is all a big joke.

13 If You Claim To Be Part Of A Modeling Agency, You Better Make Sure Nobody Does A Google Search


A good catfisher would leave things on their profile as vague as possible while still trying to entice a reader. Never would they give a smart person something to Google. Unfortunately, this is what "Saaj" did. Whoever reported this image did a little search and found out that he wasn't part of Select Model Management, after all. But anyone who'd actually want to go out with a guy who looked like a walking failed Ambercrombie campaign billboard probably deserves to be catfished.

12 A Mom With The Chest Hair Of Mark Ruffalo


With the endless number of weirdos out there, there's a chance that this isn't actually a catfisher. It may, indeed, be a real person who adores creatively sculpting their chest hair and rockin' an unwashed Axl Rose hairdo. But then again, there's just no way that anyone would be named "Hue" while simultaneously being a mom who plays for the LA Dodgers. Yeah, nevermind. This is almost definitely a catfisher. Although, we aren't sure who'd be dumb enough to swipe right on him.

11 Mannequins Need Matches Too


Okay, so this woman may not be an actual manikin, but she's sure as heck made out of as much silicon as one. Everything from her tuchus to her eyes appears as if it's been put under the knife and paid for by a particularly hairy sugar daddy. This is a really typical catfishing profile on Tinder. But that's because people are stupid enough to fall for it. That's the power a beautiful woman has over a dumb and lonely man.

10 At Least This Moron Was Smart Enough To Keep It B&W


Once again, we have another genius who can't use Photoshop. But, we have to give him credit for keeping the entire image black and white. Although we should point out just how off-putting this image is. Firstly, it appears as though this particularly chiseled guy already has women all over him, albeit ones who are as much of a poser as he is. So, who would swipe right on him? Additionally, this is one of the most unnerving stares in recent history. Seriously, his face screams, "I have my daughter's tennis teacher tied up in my fridge".

9 Any Guy Who Would Fall For This Deserves What They Get


If this isn't a trap, we don't know what is. Seriously, never trust a woman who says they have "no emotional attachment" to one of life's greatest pleasures. It's just not true. If it is, they probably need psychoanalysis. Additionally, the woman this catfisher chose definitely looks like someone who'd actually convince a guy or two that she's real. In fact, we are destined to see this profile appear on MTV's Catfish.

8 Everyone Swipes Right On John Goodman's And Matthew McConaughey's Love-Child


Is it just us, or does this guy look like the lovechild of John Goodman and Matthew McConaughey? ...Maybe it's just us. Still, he does have Goodman's circular face and McConaughey's chiseled abs, although they're so obviously photoshopped onto his body that anyone who actually met up with him IRL wouldn't expect anything other than a beer-gut. Prop for trying, Tim, you big dope.

7 13 Reasons Why This Is A Completely False Profile


Of all the cast members on Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, Miles Heizer definitely has the face of a typical teenager. So, it's likely that some socially inept teenagers would fall for this scam. But anyone who's seen the show is likely to stay clear. Additionally, the name, "Borg", is right out of Star Trek. Our ruling is that this obvious catfisher put very little effort into making this a viable profile. Clearly, he or she is just out to have some fun. at the expense of anyone who hasn't turned on a TV in the past 30 years.

6 Maybe He Did Come Back To Life?


We have to give this catfisher some major props for coming up with a downright hilarious and blasphemous Tinder profile. Really. Bravo! Additionally, their little water to wine magic trick is something special. We wonder if the catfisher went all in with this and proceeded to chat with his matches as Jesus might have.

5 Like An NBA Player Would Even Need Tinder...


Yeah, let's face it, Derrick Favors would never need Tinder. He's an NBA player, after all. Regardless, who in their right mind would fall for a profile like this? This is so obviously a catfisher it's not even funny. Firstly, the image is so professional that even Annie Leibovitz would call foul. And, "The most loyal man you'll ever meet" should be greeted with intense skepticism. Still, it would be entertaining to see who this catfisher actually matched with; the scourge of society, no doubt.

4 Neither A Woman Nor A Proper Lizard Person


Ah, where do we even start with this one? We're not even sure if Reginald is his real name. Although it does seem to be the name of the type of Simian troglodyte who'd create a fake account in his single mother's basement. At this rate, we'd almost prefer that this catfisher were a real lizard person and not one with a bad Nicole Kidman wig and teeth that belong in England before the invention of dentistry.

3 We'll Just Put A Happy Little Bob Ross Profile Right Over Here


Bob Ross would almost definitely slay if he were on Tinder. Although nobody would believe he'd had a body as toned as Dwyane "The Rock' Johnson. Or that he'd wear a Thor cape. Bob Ross was just too modest to portray himself in this light. Not to mention, he's long left the planet. Still, we bet this catfisher got a ton of swipes just because every Millenial seems to have a fixation with this cuddly old painter.

And here are 2 profiles that were way too honest...

2 Grandson Knows Best While Grandad Doesn't Even Know What The Heck Is Happening


As for a profile that's WAY too honest, well, we'll have to go for this loving grandson who probably spent the better part of three-years getting his grandmother into dating again. Either that, or he's indeed a catfisher with a bit of a unique type. Also, who sets their distance to 1690 miles away? Seriously, how desperate was the person who screenshotted this hilarious profile?

1 The 18-Year-Old 93-Year-Old... Say That Five Times Fast


Either this is one of the sweetest overly honest profiles out there, or it's a downright scam. One one hand, this old man set his age to 18 and may have misspelled, "Natalie". It could be a failed attempt at luring some good-looking youngsters. On the other, he's every one of our grandparents trying to figure out "the thinga-ma-jig" on "the machine". So, we prefer to see this as just an overly honest profile that's equally as upsetting as it is touching.

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