13 Times You Really Missed Your Childhood

Welcome to adulthood. Whether that means 18, 19, 21 or 25 to you, it comes with certain responsibilities. You can probably vote, order a beer and drive a vehicle. You can sign your younger siblings’ field trip permission slips and stay out as late as you want. You also likely have learned that paying rent stinks and that vehicle ownership isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But you can get up at 5am and go through the McDonald's drive-thru if you really want to, just to prove a point… Because you’re an adult and it’s your car! Let’s face it: childhood was a blast! You remember it every time you see the neighborhood kids crack silly grins and clap like it’s their job during the Santa Claus parade. Here’s hoping you haven’t yet lost your sense of childhood wonder and curiosity because “fun” is always in style. Nonetheless, you’ve probably experienced a few losses along the way.

13 When You Got Your First Credit Card Bill

At 18, it was a thrilling time for you because you didn’t need to ask your parents for money anymore. You could use this magical piece of plastic and make purchases that you didn’t need to pay for until the end of the month. You’ve watched your parents whip it out and say “charge it to the Amex” and it looked easy enough. What you never saw was the piling heap of interest that gets thrown on your CC bill at the end of the month when you accidentally forget to pay it on time. Whoops. Maybe it’s time to put less on the card and get some actual cash from the bank.

12 The First Time You Came Home To Your Own Place

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You used to get up your parents butts whenever you would come home from school and they would immediately launch into “have you done your homework yet?” Yeah, that’s the pits. But they also put dinner on the table for you (and sometimes dessert) and all you had to do was get some of your homework done and play some video games while they did the grunt work for you. Now you are independent and mature and come home to your own place, only to wish your parents had invited you over for dinner, because making it yourself after an 8-hour day isn’t a whole lotta fun. And there’s no one to talk to while you eat… so it looks like it’s Netflix time.

11 That Time You Streamed The Entire Bachelor Series In One go

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Reality Television shows are extremely popular among the young adult demographic. Likely for a few reasons: people are drawn to watch other people come “undone” so you can feel better about your own life; you fantasize about finding true love; you just wish you could be stupidly famous like these people, etc. After streaming an entire reality series and not moving from your couch for an entire weekend, you really miss the fact that you didn’t have the attention span to do it at ten years old; and that you didn’t get as attached to television shows back then.

10 When You Watched Your Niece And Nephew Build A Pillow Fort

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Kids really will find anything to do when they are bored. And most of the stuff they do looks amazing and silly and fun. Like putting up the camping tent in the living room because it’s raining outside and spending the night “camping” indoors. Or a personal favorite: a pillow or blanket fort. You would spend hours making so it was just right, it would probably collapse on you a few times but it was yours and you could tell people they couldn’t come in. Now you get a little jealous when you watch your younger family members do it.

9 When You Ate An Entire Pizza And Got Sick

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Those were the days… you could eat whatever you wanted. Your stomach just took it. Remember that time you ate at the all-you-can-eat pizza bar then went for ice cream and had some candy and rice krispie squares when you got home? And all you got from it was a ten-minute belly ache? Now, this type of food-love causes you hours of stomach pain, a long trip to the washroom, where you likely puke, and the gain of approximately 2.5 lbs. Dammit childhood, where did you go?

8 When You Got Your Heart Broken

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No, we're not talking about that time you ran around the playground and tried to kiss more boys then your friend, Melissa during recess and that one boy said no. This is more like every Taylor Swift song ever written. “Love” was so simple when you were a kid. You loved your parents and your family and your best friend and you probably really liked a teacher or something… Now, you gave it all to the boy who walked away because he found something he thought was better. The throbbing in your chest never really fully goes away…

7 When You Realized You Had To Work For A Living

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Gone are the days where your parents give you $5.00/week to help with the dishes, fold some laundry and clean your room, when asked. So are the days when you had your very own paper route that you did twice a week to make extra money for that thing you just needed to buy. The upside to being an adult is it’s harder to spend money between the hours of 9am-5pm. The downside? It’s because you have to work probably 7-8 hours a day or more to support yourself and you may even have to say “no” to activities at times for financial reasons. Boo-erns!

6 When Your Mom Gave You A Funny Look For Asking Her To Do Your Laundry

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It’s easy to take advantage of the little things your parents gave you. Your dad helped you change the light-bulb in your bathroom because you were too short; your mom made you meals and did your laundry; and your older brother helped you with your homework because you didn’t “get it.” When you’re adulting in the world all on your own, you can still ask for help but it’s expected that you do some basic things for yourself, like cooking, laundry, killing insects in your apartment and cleaning… You are reminded of this when you ask your mom if you can come over so she can help you with you laundry.

5 The First Time You Made Yourself Dinner

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Hopefully, if you are venturing out on your own, you’ve had some cooking classes, either by ma and pa or a friend, another family member or even a professional. You used to watch your mom spend hours in the kitchen to prepare dinner for the family. And it looked easy enough. You just never understood why it took so long to do X or why she spent so much time cooking Y separately when it all goes in the oven together. Bet you missed mom's cooking when you tried to do it your way, burnt it, set off the fire alarm and then gave in and ordered pizza…

4 The Time Your Friends Preferred To Netflix And Wine

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You love Netflix and Chill. You love wine. You love not wearing a bra and being lazy. But you also haven’t lost your sense of adventure. And you still love wandering around downtown, or going hiking, playing beach volleyball or throwing a Frisbee around. Remember the good old days where your parents only let you watch one hour of TV per day, but it didn’t matter because you’d rather play outside anyway? Now you have to pull out the old barter system to get one of your friends to throw on running shoes and go outside with you. Wine is an excellent bribing tool.

3 When You Broke It And Actually Had To Buy it

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Nothing was more terrifying for you as a child when you accidentally knocked a glass off the counter and it shattered into a thousand pieces. You would try to clean it up, then cut yourself, get blood everywhere and cry to your mom about how sorry you were, but nothing really ever came of it. Now, you knock something off the counter, you need to buy a new one to replace it, or if your purse swats something at the Hallmark store… guess you now own it, whatever IT is…

2 When Your Parents Went On A Vacation Without You

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Sure, you were just dying to move out – and you did. Because if you had to fight with your parents one more time about how much of an adult you were, you were going to put your fist through a wall. But then life got real. Those family vacations you used to hate (ACTUALLY LOVE THOUGH) because you had to leave your friends for a week? Yeah, you’d probably agree to watch your annoying kid sister for half the week if your parents paid for you to go on a trip with them anywhere other than where you are now.

1 When You Had Your First Sick Day (On Your Own)

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No, not referring to the “sick days” you took when you had a test – but those were fun too! When you were literally sick and someone brought in the “puke bucket” and made you chicken soup and took your temperature… and sat with you in bed and read to you, or let you watch television on the couch wrapped up in a blanket… Those were the days… Now, you remember that you have to drag your own butt to the bathroom to shower, make your own soup, call yourself in sick and possibly venture out to get medication, without puking on someone, all while trying desperately not to call your mom for help.

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