13 Times The Kardashians Messed Up The Blonde Look (10 Times They Rocked It)

Kylie Jenner seems to change her hair color every week. Getting a custom-made, icy-blue Rolls-Royce? Gotta match the hair, right? Then again, that sister of hers is right up there with her. "Had to get a neon-green Lambo to match my hair!!!" Kim captioned a 2018 pic of herself with her Lamborghini.

None of the Kardashian-Jenners are naturally blonde. Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie are all brunettes, and they get their genes from their brunette mother, Kris Jenner. Like that's going to stop them.

"Kinda missing blonde hair," Kim posted in 2019. In 2017, Kylie posted," Missing the blonde moments!" When there's a glam squad on-tap though, switching from brunette to blonde isn't exactly an issue. Kourtney seems to be the only one who has barely been seen rocking blonde in the past few years– everyone else seems to live in the hair dye room.

Blonde is something that needs to be done carefully. Sure, a girl is entitled to rock it up and go blonde. Selena Gomez has done it. So has Miley Cyrus. This isn't about going blonde. It's about going blonde (and getting it right).

Icy-blonde. Lacquered and wet. Platinum-blonde. Highlights. There are endless ways to liven up dark locks. Then again, there are endless ways to get it wrong.

The KarJenners' blonde looks seem to fall into two categories. Either they get it completely right, or they totally mess it up. The evidence is in the pics. Here are 13 times these girls went blonde and might have regretted it (plus 10 times they totally nailed it).

23 (Messed Up): Kylie's 'Dazed And Confused' That Was Way Too 'Confused'

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2016 was a way back. Kylie Jenner was still dating Tyga, nobody was taking this girl seriously, and Kylie Cosmetics was barely a thing. Three years down the line, Kylie is Forbes's "Youngest Self-Made Billionaire" with $900 million, a baby, and Travis Scott as her man.

Kylie spent $8,000 dollars going blonde for her birthday in 2018, Hello Giggles reports. While this look channeled the messy grunge look perfectly, something about it fell short.

Kylie's features and almond-shaped eyes can suit pretty much any hairstyle. This blonde look somehow felt a touch washed-out. We'll admit, it's a great facial expression, though.

22 (Rocked): Kim's Sleek Blonde That Offset Latex Perfectly

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Kim has now been mega-famous for a while. She's been every shade of blonde in the book, although this one particularly caught our eye. Latex pants and furs are tricky anyway. Pairing them with a sleek, blonde look? Only a Kardashian could pull this off.

“I am back blonde. Kanye’s favorite is blonde so I did it for our anniversary."

As People reports, Kim did go blonde again in 2018, although this look dates back to 2016. While fans have often speculated just how much of Kim's Yeezy-centric wardrobe is at the request of Kanye, it does seem like the couple has mutual ground here. Kim loves being blonde, and so does Kanye.

21 (Messed Up): Donatella Versace Says 'Blonde,' It Doesn't Always Work

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An authority Kylie Jenner may be, but when it comes to fashion, there's someone higher up. She comes by the name of Donatella Versace, and when she's custom-designing your Met Gala gown, you listen to her. As E! reports:

"You guys, I just got a text. Can I ask you what color Kylie's doing her hair? Donatella is asking."

Kylie's look, as we learned, was completely influenced by Donatella. "Yeah, let's hear what the queen herself wants," Jordyn Woods said. Kylie's makeup artist? He said, "When Donatella says blonde, you go blonde." For us, this finish was neat, if a little harsh for Kylie's features.

20 (Messed Up): Kourtney's Throwback Days

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We are so loving the Kardashian throwback pics of late. We've got to give it to these girls– while other celebs hide their awkward teen photos, these sisters take the plunge. Kim recently posted old pics of herself for the anniversary of her father's passing.

Kourtney Kardashian is brunette as they come. This mom might glam it up when the occasion requires, but Kourtney is by far the most chill of the sisters. This teen pic won't be forgotten, though.

Geeky smiles. Questionable hair. It's what teen years are all about, right? Kourtney's blonde hair here may have been a thing, but this girl knew when it was time to move on.

19 (Rocked): Khloe's Beachy Blonde Waves

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Oh, Tristan Thompson. What have you done? Khloe Kardashian now "blames" Jordyn Woods for what now appears to be an official split, MSN reports. No stranger to Tristan's challenging ways, Khloe has been through trouble with her baby daddy before.

We aren't looking at the relationships here, though. Seriously, that hair. Khloe has rocked pretty much every style out there, but flowing, beachy-blonde waves seem to be where this girl shines.

Khloe is now fitter than ever. Her Good American line is flying off shelves. Absolutely rocking her hair (but perhaps not her personal life), here is Khlo acing the blonde.

18 (Messed Up): There Is Such Thing As 'Too Blonde'

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Then again, Khloe has gone "too" blonde. In 2019, Khloe really pushed the boat out with the color as her IG showed us this fresh look. The signature Kardashian pout is there, but likewise, so is something else this family knows well. It's called being extra.

Much like Kim and Kylie, Khloe's IG used to be very much about herself. In 2018, Khloe became a mother to True. 100% in love with her baby girl, this Kardashian's social media is now littered with the most adorable pics ever (even if mommy gets the hair a bit wrong).

Blonde definitely suits Khloe. In fact, those blonde locks are now her trademark. Just, you know, sometimes, it's a bit too blonde.

17 (Messed Up): Slicked Back, But Not Doing Kim Any Favors

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Kim Kardashian knows how to look fierce. While Glamour called this look how to overshadow everyone at Paris Fashion Week, this 2016 blonde 'do from Kim equally wound up on The Mirror's "most [surprising]" of her looks.

By 2016, Kim had long shed her party girl image. The Paris Hilton years were well behind Kim, as she and Kanye West were already raising a family. While family is now Kim's focus (and baby number four is due in May 2019), this girl never lost her glam.

The "wet" hair look here definitely worked. Something about the blonde and black clothing just seemed a touch harsh, though. Maybe it was the length. Either way, we don't rank it as one of Kim's bests.

16 (Rocked): Thick, Layered, Icy-Blonde From Kylie

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When Kylie does her hair, she does her hair. In 2016, Kylie went full-on icy-blonde for a thick, luscious, and layered look that 100% worked. The makeup was a bit on the heavy side, but you're looking at the CEO of Kylie Cosmetics here.

"I feel like everything I do, my hair color, my makeup, I always start these huge trends, and I don’t even realize what I’m capable of,"

Kylie told Time in 2015. She added: "I didn’t care what people had to say; I didn’t even read any of that stuff. People might have been upset because we were next to, like, young girls who started schools and crazy things. But we’re just different people! We’re influential in different ways, and that’s okay."

15 (Messed Up): Balmain Blonde For Kendall On The Runway

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There doesn't seem to be a brand that Kendall Jenner hasn't been the face of. Kendall was the late Karl Lagerfeld's "bride" for his Haute Couture Chanel show. Alongside her contracts with Adidas, La Perla, and Calvin Klein, Kendall walks the runway for the biggest designers around.

Balmain is the luxury French fashion house whose creative director, Olivier Rousteing, is super BFFs with the Kardashians. Kendall was on the runway for Balmain here, but something was amiss.

This beauty rocks natural brunette looks. In fact, it's pretty rare to see Kendall blonde. While it didn't take away from Kendall's beauty here, we prefer her with those natural dark locks.

14 (Rocked): Glass Hair Is So Now

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In 2018, Allure called glass hair the "shiny new trend celebrities are obsessed with." The magazine wasn't wrong. With Kim rocking it and JLO pretty much joining her, poker-straight, glass hair is so "in" right now.

Khloe has been pretty brave with her hair. While the glam squad and extensions are always available for backup, we really dig Khloe's ability to chop off huge chunks of her hair at a time.

In 2019, Khloe revealed on IG that she had chopped eight inches off her signature long locks. This pose had a bit of a duck face going on, but it was so worth it for the hair.

13 (Rocked): Simple, Sleek, So What We Need Right Now

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By 2019, Kylie had achieved her "proving everyone wrong" deal. With Stormi turning one, Kylie's motherhood role has seen her squash all the social media slamming with proof that she's a natural-born mother. This pic came after Stormi was born, although don't think it's all glam in the house.

"Stormi has definitely taken over the house with her toys." Bear in mind that this interview came with a glam room tour.

In 2019, Kylie opened her home up to Architectural Digest. While she did admit that Stormi has "taken over," we did see the mother of all glam rooms. This look? We just loved the simplicity of it.

12 (Messed Up): When Kris Went 'Devil Wears Prada'

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Kris Jenner is known for her super-stylish pixie cut. In 2018, Kris surprised everyone by making a very blonde KUWTK appearance. As People reports, Kris admitted that it was a wig.

Kim to Kris: “Have you ever seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada? You kind of look like Miranda Priestly. It takes a really strong woman to pull off this icy blonde.”

Kim had nothing but compliments for her mom. While Kris's look was definitely bold (and it definitely channeled The Devil Wears Prada), we prefer this "momager" with her trademark dark locks. On the plus side, with it being a wig, Kris was easily able to return to the norm.

11 (Rocked): 'You Like My Hair? Gee Thanks, Just Bought It'

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"You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it." Ariana Grande just keeps throwing us phrases. First, it was "Thank U, Next." That was quickly followed by "Break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored."

Ariana's high ponytail is definitely "bought." While Kylie's 2018 look here was decidedly not a ponytail, the long, Nicki Minaj feel came with all the "bought it" we're seeing from today's A-Listers.

Kylie stepped out in a statement Dior shirt, shades, and yes, she had the upscale hair to match. Super-long tends not to be Kylie's style, but on this occasion, she absolutely rocked it. #Want

10 (Messed Up): Silver-Haired Fox That Was A Little Too Silver

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Silver hair didn't become a thing until 2019. Inching its way towards the gray that so many women fear, this shade has now reinvented itself (in large part thanks to the Kardashians). This isn't the first time Kim has pulled the silver-haired fox look.

Kim's 2018 KUWTK appearance with her grandma, MJ, showed us a glass hair version of this that was ever-so-slightly less "silver." Maybe it's the silver plus "wet" look here. Maybe it's the makeup. Either way, it feels a little overdone.

Remember though, that Kim's silver-haired looks have proven so popular, People even wrote an entire guide on how to achieve them.

9 (Messed Up): One Shade Too Dark, There We Are, Judging, #Typical

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We're terrible. Judge these girls all you like for being shallow, but if you're calling them shallow, you're the one judging. Following the Tristan and Jordyn Woods drama, Khloe is now more in the spotlight than ever. The minute she leaves the house, it's a headline.

Khloe was rocking a pretty unusual getup of Adidas sweats and heels here. Athleisurewear was already in, but admittedly, the hair seemed to be one step behind.

We've gotten so used to blonde being "super-blonde" with Khlo, this slightly darker shade just feels a bit off. Probably time for us to take a step back and realize how demanding we are of this family!

8 (Rocked): Nailed The Pregnancy, Though

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That pregnancy style. Just, wow. Being eight months pregnant mostly goes like this: That old hoodie that's older than you can remember, the couch, and a tub of Häagen-Dazs. While Khloe had her cravings like anyone else, it was those sleek, bump-swathing looks that wowed everyone in 2018.

The wardrobe? That's just the half of it. Khloe's pregnancy hair was beyond goals. Wavy, beachy, but classy enough to be paired with her color-coordinated outfits, this hairdo is for sure going down in the style files.

Khloe bravely documented her pregnancy throughout KUWTK and video logs. Even at the end, when the Tristan drama broke, she still looked perfect.

7 (Rocked): And Yet, Tristan Manages To Get Tempted Elsewhere

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It's the biggest headline of 2019. The news that Jordyn Woods is involved in the Khloe and Tristan drama made every newspaper's headline. As Cosmo reports, Khloe's tweets have become pretty specific.

"Why are you lying @jordynwoods ?? If you’re going to try and save yourself by going public, INSTEAD OF CALLING ME PRIVATELY TO APOLOGIZE FIRST, at least be HONEST about your story. BTW, You ARE the reason my family broke up!"

This tweet came out on March 1st, 2019. Yes, this is the girl that Tristan seems to have given up. Gorgeous with her blonde locks, here is Khloe back when she and Tristan were still trying to make things work.

6 (Messed Up): Kim's Early Days, #NeededWork

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It's like looking at a different woman. Kim back in the day– another person, right? A huge style revamp is what Kim faced as 2012 onwards saw her become Kanye's girlfriend (and eventual wife). As The Daily Mail reports, Kim even credits Kanye for throwing out her "cheesy" wardrobe.

This look was most likely a wig. Kim was definitely looking stylish, but the hair needed a lot of work. Fortunately, that work seems to have been done.

It's pics like these that Kim might look back on with regret. Still, remember that Kim is brave enough to do what very few celebs manage– posting throwbacks to IG.

5 (Messed Up): Still Not Quite There

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There was that in-between stage with Kim, right? She wasn't pool parties and OTT Louis Vuitton with Paris Hilton anymore, but she was nowhere near as polished as she is now. For some reason, Kim's hair was particularly odd, here.

When you're blonde, you're blonde. When you're brunette, you're brunette. The middle ground of highlights– well, that's probably why the salon charges so much. Hint: It's tricky.

While this might not have been Kim's best angle overall, we have to say that it equally wasn't her best hair. For reference, take any of Kim's styles in the last two years. By and large, the hair is flawless. It still needed work here, though.

4 (Rocked): Nothing Short Of Perfect

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When Kylie updates that IG, there's always something to see. Sometimes, it's a new Ferrari. Other times, it's a beyond-adorable selfie with Stormi. Kylie's greatest love will always be makeup, though (closely followed by hair).

“I think I was meant to be blonde.”

When Kylie went blonde after Stormi's arrival, she used this for the caption, as Hollywood Life reports. When you're born for it, you're born for it, right? Bear in mind, this girl has a "Born to Sparkle" shade with Kylie Cosmetics. We loved the blonde look here from Kylie, and we can't wait for her to do it again.

3 (Rocked): Christmas Eve And Also, That Dress

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The Kardashian Christmas card is enough to drive us nuts every year. The parties themselves? They're the most extra, OTT, glam affairs we've ever seen (and we wouldn't have it any other way). Kylie did join the family for Christmas 2018, but she left early to put Stormi to bed.

"this is me leaving the party early to go give my baby a bath (while wearing this dress because I couldn't get it off by myself) and put her to sleep and it was the best xmas eve yet.”

As People reports, this was Kylie's IG caption. The crystal-studded outfits were twinning, the style was beyond goals, and yes, the hair was just perfect. #OwnedIt

2 (Messed Up): This Girl Just Doesn't Feel Right Blonde

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And we're back to the weird feeling of Kendall being blonde. In a way, it's strange. Someone this beautiful should, theoretically, be able to rock any hair color under the sun. For some reason though, with Kendall, blonde has yet to wow us.

Kendall might agree with this, although there's no way of knowing. So far, including this backstage Fashion Week pic, Kendall's blonde looks all seem to have been chosen by designers.

Does Kendall agree that she's better as a brunette? Her Pepsi, Victoria's Secret, Calvin Klein, and Adidas ads have all seen her brunette. Someone needs to DM Balmain: "Avoid blonde in future?"

1 (Messed Up): Well, It Was 2015

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In 2015, Kylie told Time that she wanted to be an "inspiration" to girls. Well, she's pretty much achieved that. With Kylie Cosmetics as the go-to brand for millions of girls around the world, this Jenner has more than reached her goal.

The blonde here? It feels like the early days. Which it was. In 2015, Kylie herself was still a teenager. The glam squads and head-to-toe perfection were still a few years away, although we're still digging Kylie's beauty.

Blonde Kardashians. You could write a book, right? Unfortunately, not every blonde look has been rocked by this family. Fortunately, a fair few are so good, they should be part of any hairstylist's bible.

Sources: Allure, People, Cosmopolitan, Hollywood Life, Time, The Daily Mail

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