13 Times Celebs Were Spotted In The Same Outfit

Imagine you’re going to take that classic group photo at your best friend’s wedding. As you walk closer to the group, you spot another girl wearing your exact same outfit. Once the photo is taken, it becomes history, and everyone who’ll see it for the years to come will compare you guys. Who wore it better? You, obviously. Will you hate your life? For sure. But, feel comforted, because there’s people in the world who are going through worse twin-outfit dramas. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and even Princess Kate have been spotted and portrayed in the same outfit someone else was also wearing. And worst of the worst, there are cases of twin outfits spotted at the same event. So rejoice and enjoy these 13 same outfit dramas!

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13 Beyonce vs Alesha Dixon

via: glamour.com

When it comes to slaying red carpets, Queen Bey has no rivals. It’s just a fact. The pearl white jumpsuit by Gucci she wore at the Chime For Change event is proof. On the other hand, how can we not mention how gutsy it was for Dixon to wear the same outfit as Beyoncé? There's not much you can do fashion-wise when it comes to a white jumpsuit with such a deep neckline, but the outfit twins definitely styled their outfitters differently. While Queen Bey opted for no jewelry and just a minimalist clutch with black sandals, Dixon had to enrich that deep-V with long body chains and chokers. Dixon, we appreciate your courage, but Bey is just the Queen. Sorry.

12 Gigi vs Olivia

via: glamourmagazine.co.uk

Gigi Hadid vs Olivia Palermo are battling it out on the natural field for having such super long legs. But, can you really call this a battle when it’s so clear there’s really no way for Olivia to look half as beautiful as Gigi in this outfit? It's not a question of personal taste, my friend, because the girls are both two world-famous fashionistas and it wouldn’t be fair to state which one of them is the beauty queen. But this outfit makes the judgment so easy. While Gigi is simply stunning in the peach maxi dress, and her perfect legs fill three quarters of the picture (not to mention the super flattering nude heels that make her look even taller), Olivia’s look simply reminds us of some random character on the Little House On The Prairie. Shame on your stylist, Olivia.

11 Kate Middleton vs Drew Barrymore

via: pinterest.com

From Queen Bey to Princess Kate, this fashion carousel is turning into an aristocratic style meet-up. Fortunately, we still have amazing girls like Drew Barrymore to remind us that natural beauty can be just as stunning as golden sparks. The ladies wore the same Tory Burch dress in April on the same day, but in two different events and they both gave the dress a totally different twist. In fact, if Princess Kate accessorized the long tunic with glam details like a red shawl and golden earrings, Drew Barrymore added a boho feeling to the ensemble keeping long flat hair and complementing her lips with a touch of red.

10 Britney Spears vs Ashley Tisdale

via: pinterest.com

From High School Musical to The X-Factor, these girls are singing their way to the “most bubbly bubble babe of the year” title. Britney Spears and Ashley Tisdale wore the same Brian Lichtenberg sparkle dress on two special occasions, and both kept the look neat without wearing anything else. The only difference: the color of the shoes, although they seem to be the same kind of pumps, too. This time we’re unable to say who wore it better, and since “none” is not a good or nice answer, let’s skip to the next couple!

9 Rita Ora vs Kim Kardashian

via: pinterest.com

Let’s think for a moment about what a shame it is when you’re invited to a wedding party and once you arrive you find out someone else is wearing the same dress as yours. You bought it online thinking you’d look so original, and you get so angry that every inch of your body starts sweating. Now, imagine the same scenario when Rita Ora and Kim Kardashian found themselves wearing the same super-uncomfortable dress at Madonna’s party. Picture how everything just messed up under those latex dresses once they started sweating. It must have been the same claustrophobic feeling you get when your dish-washing gloves get wet and you just can’t slip your hands out without the help of …Kanye?

8 Karlie Kloss vs Rihanna

via: glamourmagazine.co.uk

The girls are stunning. Karlie Kloss can get away without blow-drying her hair and without getting a serious headache right after. Rihanna can go out wearing a dress that secretly makes you think she’s headed to a pajama party, but still everyone writes that’s the perfect date night outfit. One thing that is absolutely clear to us: we are not Rihanna and Karlie Kloss. Now, let’s examine the floral maxi dress Karlie and Riri wore on different occasions. That’s a beautiful, romantic-boho, straight maxi dress to wear in the morning. Or else, everyone will think you’re going out in your nightie, or that you are Rihanna.

7 Jennifer Lopez vs Jourdann Dunn

via: therichest.com

Jourdan Dunn and JLo are the perfect example of how to turn a body-con dress into an A-line one: cut down on those pesky carbs. Tom Ford must have been delighted to see how versatile his dresses are! And if Jlo’s picture was taken just the moment before she asked for an oxygen mask (just joking here!), the same slimming snakeskin print made Jourdan Dunn’s stomach look concave more than just flat. Both women were stunning, as always, wearing the precious black and white outfit and they both chose not to wear any jewelry to complement the dress.

6 Amal vs Naomi

via: glamourmagazine.co.uk

We already adore Amal's total and utter elegance, and this turquoise coat from Burberry Prorsum is just another item of desire to add to our wish-list. Looking at both pictures, we can’t help but be in awe of how Naomi styled the outfit. Maybe it was the light, maybe the skin tone that makes cool hues look perfect on Naomi and just okay on Amal, but this time Mrs Clooney didn’t look so inspiring, did she?

5 Dee Ocleppo vs Nicki Hilton

via: pinterest.com

Here we are again, ladies: another case of twin outfits worn in the same place at the same time! When you see something like this, the only thing you start thinking is: how the heck did they get styled in the same way? Of course they have a team behind them that chooses what they’re going to wear, and they surely communicate with the brand they’re wearing, because it’s a promotional strategy, right? That must not have been the case for Nicky Hilton and Tommy Hilfiger’s wife, Dee Ocleppo, who showed up in this (not even pretty) Versace outfit at the same event!

4 Olivia Munn vs Julianne Hough

via: popsugar.com

Wearing all white is a great idea, and above all, a trending one, just like crop-tops and high waist pants. That’s the reason why Olivia Munn and Julianne Hough decided to show up in total white at the DirecTV Super Saturday Night to celebrate the Super Bowl earlier this year. The twins-in-white couldn’t be funnier. As soon as they noticed they were wearing the same outfit, they didn’t think twice about seizing the moment and taking a picture together. The funny smirk on their faces says the whole story, and this was definitely a reaction that we loved!

3 Alessandra Ambrosio vs Pixie Lott

Two enviable bodies in the same super glam dress. Which one do you think wore it better? Victoria’s Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio wore this black Versace bodycon dress impeccably and with a fresh allure, leaving her hair styled in lose bangs for a wildly natural look. On the other hand, Pixie Lott showed up her perfectly toned body at GQ Men of the Year Awards in London and opted for a heavier makeup that makes her look a bit older than her age. The two beauties are definitely both slaying the red carpet, but which is your favorite?

2 Marjorie Harvey vs Rihanna

via: elle.com

Right after we finished high school, we were so done with the track pants, but now they're back in style in the worst possible way: paired with fur-cuffed jackets. We really don’t want to investigate deeper. What we want to note instead is the people who had the guts to wear such an outfit and show up in public in it, too. The first one is Marjorie Harvey, who after all posted a great picture of the ensemble on her Instagram profile. On the other hand, the same outfit was spotted on Riri, who always looks great in anything, simply because she’s a stunning girl. But her white pointed boots? Hmm, they’re pleasant like the sound of fingernails scratching a blackboard!

1 Eddie Redmayne vs Nick Jonas

via: pinterest.com

To cap it all off, and since we weren’t satisfied to only gossip about girls, we found some guys to stalk for your pleasure! When Nick Jonas and Eddie Redmayne showed up in the same Valentino red and black suit, comparisons became necessary. The two were obviously very elegant and on point, and the locations also did their part. In fact, while Eddie Redmayne wore the checkered suit in London, at the premiere of one of his movies, thus looking very Brit and perfectly groomed like an English gentleman, Nick Jonas was another story. He wore the Valentino suit at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in L.A., which basically means male singers wearing unlikely outfits, so he looked very stylish and refined compared to the rest of his colleagues!

Sources: Glamour.com, Fashionstyle.com

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