13 Thoughts We Have When He Doesn't Text Back

So you’ve been on a few dates and everything seems to be going really well, your outfit was on point, you kept the drinking to a minimum (or at least you hope) and you were funny AF! Your friends have already heard all about this special someone, and now you’ve admitted to yourself that you like him. You text and talk all day and why not, it’s fun! Until you send a nice text to let him know you are thinking of him and the WORST THING EVER happens, he doesn’t text back. This isn’t how your conversions usually go, well at least most often, and now its just you and that lonely text waiting for a reply.

We are here to say that you are not alone and in fact many of us have experienced this horror and we are here to share the truth about what goes through our minds when he doesn’t text back. By the way we would also like to extend our apology for your circumstance, we are sure he will text back soon…

Here is a common thought process SOME of us go through when our messages are left unanswered.

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13 Seconds after and no reply

Anytime now he is going to text me back and probably admit he’s really into me, yup in love for sure. I saw the way he was eyeing me. I bet you it’s because I showed him how much I can eat on our last date, ya I ate like a real woman.

I’ll just put my phone down so that nothing can disrupt me from receiving a response.

12 2 minutes....

Ok so pretty sure when my mom called, it messed up my reception and that’s why I didn’t get his text, should I write back letting him know I missed his reply? Nah I’ll wait a few more minutes and may give my mom a call and tell her off for that random call.

11 5 minutes

I think I’ll check Instagram to see if he’s been online. Maybe I’ll just go through a few of his pics, ah I miss him. OMG I just liked a photo from 42 weeks ago, how is this even possible, should I text him about it and blame it on my niece?

10 15 minutes

Ok now I’m starting to get worried, maybe he’s hurt and needs me, maybe he’s hoping I understand this as a sign of distress and come save him?! Should I call his friends?

9 30 minutes

Is it creepy if I call? No that may be too much, I’ll just send another text to make sure he’s okay.

“ Hey, just checking in to make sure that you are okay. Remember how good that dessert was the other night ?!”

8 45 minutes

Now this is just rude and I should not have sent the other message, he’s probably just at the gym or shopping, I should pass by his place just to make sure. I should start back at the gym again, wow it’s been a long time since I’ve worked out, maybe that's what is bothering him. Am I not fit enough for him?

7 1 hour and no text back


Maybe I should send our convo to the girls to see where the conversation went wrong, maybe it was me, maybe I said too much. Yup sending the screenshot. I’m starting to think he’s just not into funny women, maybe I am just too funny for him. Ill ask the girls if I’m fat and if I'm as funny as I think I am.

6 2 hours

$hit! It’s because I ate his dessert, damn I knew that was too much but I thought it would be cute to show him I can eat like a real girl. What does he want, a twig?

So if he doesn’t think I'm girlfriend material why wouldn’t he just tell me, I even made sure not to drink... that much. Should have had more to drink, that would have showed him.

5 3 hours

I’M FAT, that’s what it is, he’s now thinking that fat girl ate my dessert and will always eat my desert, ok maybe I’ll text him and apologize for eating his dessert.

4 4 hours

I know what it is, he went on my Facebook and saw that high school picture of me with braces! Why did Becky have to tag me in that disgusting photo, I need to delete it, actually no I am going to report her to Facebook, take that stupid Becky.

3 6 hours that’s’ almost a full work day

I’m ugly that’s what this has been about all along, he thinks I’m ugly. He’s found someone hotter who is probably on a date with him right now NOT eating his dessert, ahgrr skinny B***. I think he’s a Cancer, they can be shy and reserved, or possibly a Gemini, a duel personality and that would explain a lot here. I need to check his horoscope, ahh yes why didn’t I check this before!

2 8 Hours

Ok it is possible he left his phone at home today, or he didn't answer because he's a Gemini. His horoscope did say that The key is not to get too attached to your ideas and any results that you want. Wtf does that even mean? It probably confused him, and he definitely took that as a sign to get away from me, to detach from me. Maybe I should text him that I am here if he needs me and not to detach from me.

1 9 Hours After And You realize you texted the wrong person

Ok so I may have overreacted, this whole time the sweet angel has been working hard, without a clue. This ended up being 10 texts to the wrong Chris, I need to apologize to Chris, my mom, my friends, the lady at the grocery store and the guy at the gas station.

Actually, why couldn't he call me from his work phone? Is it because I'm, ugly?

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