13 Things You Should Stop Neglecting At The Gym

If you’re going to go all in, make sure you do it right. Sometimes, a lack of knowledge or understanding can prohibit you from achieving those fitness goals you desperately desire.

This article will take a look at some of the things that you should stop overlooking. Whether it’s eating the right things after a workout or training certain body parts more often, some things need to be done correctly and should not be neglected any longer.

With the New Year quickly approaching, this article can be a great guideline in improving your performance in the New Year, with some tips on certain things you may have been neglecting. Focusing on these points will make you the total package quickly. In addition, I can assure it will put you one step closer to conquering your fitness goals.

So now without any further ado, here are 13 things you should stop neglecting at the gym, enjoy!

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13 Warm-up


Including a warm-up into your routine should not be neglected, especially in the winter. Your joints need time to warm-up before getting started. Not doing so will only harm your joints, causing potential injury. Stretching is also a great way to get your metabolism kick started, getting your heart rate up before you start working out will allow you to burn even more.

Other benefits of stretching include, increased joint movements, improving muscle stability, increase of blood flow from the start of your workout, and increases your energy level.

If you’re looking for some effective stretch protocols there are a few you can use. Beneficial stretch protocols for pre-workout include: ballistic stretching, dynamic stretching, and survival stretching. For post-training, static stretching and PNF stretching are regarded as the most effective.

12 Break Timing


Timing your breaks should not be neglected. We sometimes tend to over break and get distracted by so many factors, whether it’s your phone or talking to a friend, breaks sometimes just last way too long. Over breaking can actually decrease the chances of you burning during a workout. It is recommended you break between 45-75 seconds following each set, this time is recommended for those that wish to lose weight or drop body fat. The reason for such a short break is to make your heart rate be constantly at a high level, this will allow your metabolism to be in a constant burning state. Taking too long of a break will slow down your heart rate, causing your body to burn much slower. Don’t underestimate the importance of a break, get those proper rest times in ladies!

11 Not Using Your Resources

There is no better time to be a fitness enthusiast than right now! The fitness industry is better than ever with information everywhere. The Internet is the greatest source filled with so much information. My passion for fitness grew online, watching so many inspirational figures that not only motivated me, but also taught me so much about the field. Many of us tend to look for quick answers when it comes to fitness, but what we must realize is that all the answers are right in front of us. All it takes is a little time to go out there and research what you desire most. Do not neglect all these great resources we have access to, it can make a huge difference in reaching your goals.

10 Drinking Water


Water consumption is another one of those things that should not be neglected. Brining a water bottle is a must, especially if you plan on toning up or losing weight.

Contracting your muscles causes a metabolic heat in the body. The body then begins to sweat in order to maintain its overall temperature. Fueling is essential to help replenish the amount of water you lost during your workout. Lack of doing so can cause a decrease in overall power, and this leads to poor workouts. Make sure to fuel yourself properly, do not neglect hydration.

9 Sweating

Most women just absolute hate to sweat, but I’m here to tell you that sweating is ok. Normally, sweat is an indicator towards your level of intensity and conditioning. So the more conditioned you are, the less amount of sweat you will produce. Breathing is also very key, the calmer your breathing is, the more your body will be in a calm state, as opposed to heavy breathing, which will pump up your heart rate causing you to sweat more than normal. Intensity of the workout is also a big factor. Just know that it is ok to sweat, you will eventually create a tolerance for your body while improving your conditioning, this will eventually lead to much less sweat in the long run. Don’t be afraid to dig deep, sweat is just a part of the game.

8 Upper Body Work

Neglecting your upper body is very common amongst women trainees. This leads to imbalances in your body, and the goal is to create a fine balance between every body part, not just your lower body. Incorporating upper body movements into your weekly routine is an absolute must. This will not only improve your core, but you will also improve your lower body in doing so. Be sure to incorporate some bicep exercises once a week, like a bicep dumbbell curl. Also, for shoulders, don’t be afraid to hit up a shoulder press exercise or a standing dumbbell fly. Chest should also be worked, the use of a bench press or fly machine can improve your upper body strength greatly. Finally, back exercises are also very important. A deadlift exercise should be a part of your weekly routine. This exercise helps not only to build your lower back, but also helps improve your core strength. Including these exercises will help develop your lower body that much more, giving it time to fully recover while incorporating some new upper body movements. This change can make a huge difference in attaining your fitness goals.

7 Challenging Weights

If it’s too easy, the chances of burning decrease quite dramatically. Your muscles need weights that will challenge you. Doing so will not only decrease your body fat, but will also allow you to burn so many more calories over the course of a workout. Lifting challenging weights speeds up your heart rate, this affects your metabolism, which causes you to burn more than when you use non-challenging weights.

Other benefits include being able to eat more calories, curves, quality of sleep, increased energy levels and improvement with your overall bodily function. Don’t neglect how much you lift, it can make all the difference.

6 Over Training Your abs and Glutes

A lot of women tend to focus on the same body parts every workout. Predominantly focusing on that toned stomach and curvy glute muscle. Doing so can actually prohibit growth as opposed to helping properly build these muscles. The glute and ab muscles are like any other body part, they need time to heal and recover. The healing process for each muscle is at least a 2 day break. Not doing so will only tire the muscle, making it reluctant to build and repair itself. Make sure to incorporate different routines like doing some upper body work during the week. Hit up some exercises that focus on your arms, shoulders, back, and chest. Doing so will provide your glutes and abs the proper amount of time it takes to fully recover. Don’t neglect your other body parts.

5 Routines

Like I discussed in my previous point, doing the same things can prohibit growth. Routines can also cause your body to expect what’s coming, this can also prohibit growth. When the body constantly knows what to expect, change will be difficult. I advise a routine change every 4-6 weeks. This will keep your body guessing, which will allow you to burn more. Changing exercises, rep counts, and break levels are the best way to go about a routine change.

4 Proper Diet Structure

In order for you to train properly you must have proper fueling to go along with your training. Without the proper fuel, your workouts will simply suffer. The fuel comes from what you eat, so be sure to follow a proper diet according to whatever your needs are. Bad nutrition can lead to loss in energy, fatigue, decreased motivation, risk of injury, and burnout. Be sure to follow a diet plan according to whatever end goal you have in mind.

Following your workouts, be sure to fuel yourself properly. Within the hour of your workout, aim for 20-30 grams of protein and 20-25 grams of carbohydrate, this will properly build and repair your efforts from your workout.

3 Respect the Process

Do not neglect the process. A lot of us get very impatient when it comes to this. The process is the route you take towards your goals. Sometimes it may seem like there are many twists and turns. Getting there may seem like it's taking forever, just always keep in mind that the process is what it makes it so much fun. Without battling a little adversity, there would be no satisfaction in anything that we do. Enjoy the process, make it your goal to overcome adversity, and keep going no matter how tough things are. Recognition of the process should be respected and not neglected.

2 Cardio Timing

Keeping track of how much cardio you do is key. Ultimately, doing too much cardio can increase cortisol in the body. This causes the tearing of your muscle tissues, leading to a slower metabolic rate. Keeping cardio to a 3-4 day a week schedule at 20-30 minutes is usually an ideal amount of time for cardio lovers (along with weight training). Doing too much cardio can have numerous negative effects, such as burnout and lack of eating, and it can also burn away the muscle you are developing. If your goal is to build lean muscle, doing too much cardio will not help you. Keep track of how much cardio you’re doing, do not over commit or neglect this.

1 Goal Setting

When it comes to motivation and longevity, goal setting is absolutely crucial and should not be neglected. Building towards a goal aids in keeping you focused, and gives you a purpose to workout. Without a goal and a lack of purpose, your fitness days are numbered. Having a direct plan can help figure out what you want to be and exactly how to get there, leaving you extremely motivated knowing you’re on the right path. The New Year can be a great way to start and set a new goal. This can make all the difference towards your fitness goals.

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