13 Things You Deal With When Your BF Is A Cancer

Born between June 22 and July 22, the Cancer is a unique type of guy. Dating a Cancer is unlike dating any other type of guy because they tend to be driven by and even consumed with feelings and emotion. In fact, they may even be more sensitive to the world than you are. While they are bold and protective, they also need to be held and reassured. He'll never leave you wondering if he cares about you and needs to feel the same way in return. He can be selfless, yet self-involved- but would never intentionally try to hurt you. Cancers are mates for life. Once you hook them, they're loyal to you forever. Sure, they can be highly demanding, but they give what they take. If you've ever dated a Cancer, you know what we mean. Read below to find out 13 signs you're dating a Cancer.

13 They Want To Talk About Everything

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There's never a dull moment when it comes to Cancers. And by that, we mean they can spend hours talking about everything. They never hesitate to share every aspect of their life with you. If you ask them how they're doing or how their day was, they give you a complete play by play. No detail is too small to leave out, including what they had for breakfast or how their co-worker greeted them when they got to work. They're an open book and love to be read.

12 They Don't Make The First Move

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Sure, they're pretty vulnerable and in touch with their emotions and most likely were that way in other relationships. While that's great, it most likely means they've been hurt before. This is why it's sometimes hard for Cancers to make the first move. They have a deep fear of being rejected so if you want to start a relationship with a Cancer, you have to earn their trust. It's important that they feel safe with you, otherwise, they act irrationally and may even pull away. If they think you don't like them, they'll distance themselves to try and avoid feeling unwanted, not because they don't like you.

11 They're Highly Emotional

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Cancers feel everything. When they watch a sad movie, they cry. If they're happy, they celebrate. Their emotions don't scare them, they drive them. They believe that emotions should be showed and embraced, not hidden. This is why it's so hard for them to try and mask whatever they're feeling. If they're in a bad mood, they certainly let you know. If they love you, they tell you. There's never a wrong time to be emotional if you're a Cancer. In fact, you can expect them to get sad, angry, or even start crying in public places or at the most inappropriate times.

10 They Always Remember Important Events

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Cancers make friendship and family a priority in their lives. Therefore, if you're dating a Cancer, chances are he or she will always be there for you when you have something important going on. They'll never miss a birthday, a graduation, or an anniversary. They show up for everyone- even people they don't know very well. It's important to them that they make people feel cared about and celebrated so they go out of their way to do just that. While some people think they tend to go overboard when it comes to gift buying, they believe there's no such thing as "too much."

9 ... But They Can Be Self- Involved

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Because they're so emotionally driven, often times, they may spend too much time focusing on what's going on with them. Now, this doesn't mean they don't care about you, it just means that sometimes they're distracted by their own feelings. They love to talk and get what's going on in their heads and hearts out. It's important to them that they feel heard and understood. Therefore, it may seem as though they monopolize every single conversation you have with them and it might be hard to get a word in.

8 They Can Be Clingy

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If you gain their trust, you have it forever. If they know you love them, they expect that you love them unconditionally. Why? Because that's how they love you. They'll ask for favors, chat your ear off, and believe you should always be there. Since they're highly emotional people, they constantly need to be feeling in the relationships. They might start fights or arguments if they think you don't care about them in an attempt to ignite some passion. If they're feeling insecure, they may become needy and require the bulk of you attention. If they want to spend all of their time with you, they need you to want the same thing.

7 He Has A Hard Time In Crowded Places

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Because he's not the most self-confident person, he sometimes has a hard time mingling with new groups of people. It takes time for him to feel comfortable around strangers and he may be unintentionally defensive to help guard himself. In crowded places, he gets uneasy because he feels judged or claustrophobic. Cancers are prone to having social anxiety, therefore, they may be hesitant when you introduce him to your friends or take him to a loud concert.

6 They're Competitive

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They like to win in every different aspect of their lives. While that can be great (who doesn't want a boyfriend that excels in the workplace or at the gym?), it can sometimes be frustrating. Why? Because they also have to win petty arguments or even big fights. They're the type of people who will get heated during a friendly dinner debate because they need everyone to hear their point and agree with them or the people who will refuse to apologize in an argument because they always have to "win."

5 They're Protective

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Because they love the people closest to them so deeply and unconditionally, they'll never hesitate to protect them. If someone talks poorly about you, they have your back. If they think you're in danger, they run to your rescue. If you get in a fight with someone else, they're on your side. They can't stand the thought of someone hurting you and almost take it personally if someone does. You know you can always count on them to be there for you at the end of the day.

4 He Needs Reassurance

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Like everyone else, he needs constant reassurance. However, Cancers sometimes demand more validation than the average person because they're so in touch with their own insecurities. They may assume people are out to get them or don't love them for who they are. Additionally, they may face feelings of not being good enough or that they don't belong. They get anxious before important meetings and may require frequent pep talks or confidence boosters. He'll need to be reminded that you love him and appreciate him for who he is more than most because he's quick to re-examine his self-worth.

3 They're Selfless In The Sack

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They want you to get as much pleasure from the deed as they do. They're caring lovers. If they sleep with you, it's because they thought about it before and understand the emotional connection that comes along with it. They're not afraid of becoming truly intimate with you if they trust you feel the same way. If you sleep with a Cancer, you probably won't end up feeling taken advantage of or used. Why? Because the whole time, his focus will be on you.

2 He Can't Take A Joke

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He'll try, but he can't. He's sensitive so when it comes to being teased, he often gets offended. His sense of humor is rarely sarcastic or bitter. He doesn't say mean things to other people just to be funny. Therefore, if someone is joking with him, he won't understand why or where they're coming from. To him, a simple joke feels a lot like he's being bullied or made fun of causing him to react in a defensive manner. The sense of humor of a Cancer is typically light-hearted and never at the expense of someone else's well-being.

1 They're Unpredictable

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As I said before, they're highly emotional beings. Therefore, they feel everything deeply. In turn, their moods are constantly changing. One dirty look from a stranger can turn a great day into a terrible day. This is why it's sometimes hard to know what to expect when you date a Cancer. He could be extremely happy one minute and then the next minute, he could be angry or depressed with very little warning. He's prone to mood swings because his heart is always open.

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