13 Things We Never Want To Hear Him Say

It happens. Things are going great with your new crush or you long time boyfriend. Then, he says something that changes everything. In a simple statement, he destroys months of trust and relationship building which results in you questioning everything the two of you share. Or, maybe he just says something that makes whatever fight or struggle you two are enduring ten times worse than it was before he opened his big mouth. Either way, guys have a knack for saying things that make your skin crawl, your blood curdle, and your anxiety sky rocket. They just can't help themselves. After all, they're only human, just like us. And, while we wish they would, you know, think before they speak or even text us- that's not always the case. Read below to find out thirteen things us girls never want to hear our boyfriends say.

13 You Used To Be More Fun, Outgoing, Exciting, etc.

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Your boyfriend wants to go out but you're tired from a long week of work. He's annoyed because he wants to spend time with you but also wants to let loose. He's not intentionally trying to hurt your feelings but he says something along the lines of, "You used to be more fun," or "You used to want to go out all the time." You cringe. Why? Because they're basically saying, "You know, there used to be this quality about you that I enjoyed more than the quality you have now." We hate it, absolutely hate it when guys compare how we are now to how we used to be- especially if it's in the negative sense.

12 You Remind Me Of My Ex

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You're in an argument with your boyfriend and you're complaining about something he does. Instead of taking responsibility for the said complaint, he instead says, "Just stop. You're reminding me of my ex." As a result, you stop dead in your tracks. Not only is it completely awful to be compared to someone else but really, his ex? That's literally the one person that you've spent so much time trying not to be. All of your insecurities come to a head. You spend the next couple of weeks trying not to complain in fear that you'll become just another ex while resenting him the whole time.

11 We Need To Talk

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You've been dating him for a couple of months and things are going great. Then, one day, he texts you while you're at work and says, "We need to talk." As soon as you read the text, your heart sinks to your stomach and your mind starts racing. What does he want to talk to you about? Did you do something? Did he do something? Are we breaking up? Does he have an STD? You spend the whole day trying to figure out what exactly he could want to talk to you about. You can't focus on anything because you're racking your brain for answers and cursing him for being so vague.

10 You Sound Like My Mom

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You might love and appreciate his mother for making him who he is- but really, no girl wants to "sound like" someone's mom. Why? Because moms are generally known for making their children insane, nagging them, and cleaning up after them. You didn't think you were a pain in the ass until one day you asked him to clean up his dish and he replied, "you sound like my mom." From that day forward, you were stuck between a rock and a hard place: You can't pick up the dish for him because that would make you like his mom as well and you can't just let it sit and wait for him to pick it up because the mess bothers you.

9 I'm In Jail

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He decides he wants to have a wild night out on the town with his boys. You're a cool girlfriend, you don't really care what your boyfriend does.... until you wake up the next morning with a million missed calls from both his friends and the local jail. Apparently he partied a little too hard the night before and ended up getting locked up. When you hear the news, your knees go weak. You're furious. Not only do you have to probably pay for his bail but no girl wants to date a guy that can't handle himself.

8 I'll Do It Later

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You've been on him recently about getting a couple small tasks done around the house. For example, you'd like him to take care of his mounting laundry pile or maybe fix a light that's too high for you to reach. What does he respond, "I'll do it later." How many times has he said he'll do it later? At least eight. He says he's too busy then spends his day playing video games. All you want to do is scream, "no you won't," because you know that the task will never get done unless you scream at him or do it yourself.

7 I Don't Ever Want To Settle Down

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Your boyfriend and you are having a conversation about a couple the both of you know that recently got engaged. While you're happy for them and secretly a bit envious, your boyfriend is bewildered. He says he can't understand how/why they're getting married and bluntly states, "That's never gonna be me. I don't ever want to settle down." You take a deep breath and try to remain calm- but it doesn't work. All you want to do is scream at him- "Then what are we doing? Why am I wasting my time? Since when?"

6 Did You Gain Weight?

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Urg. We all hate this one. Why? Because if we did gain weight, we already know and we're hoping he doesn't notice. You and your man are cuddling in bed and as he pulls you close he says, "Did you gain weight?" He's not trying to be a jerk and probably doesn't even care that you gained weight, but the words alone make you want to hide. "Yeah," you say, in a way that basically lets him know he never should have said anything. End of discussion, buddy, end of discussion.

5 I'm Going To Vegas

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One of his best friends just got engaged and he's having his bachelor party in Vegas. To your boyfriend, Vegas seems like a fun place to let loose with his boys. To you, Vegas basically means he's going to go to strip clubs, get wasted, experiment with drugs, and might even cheat on you. "Oh," you reply when you hear the news. You're trying to be cool, but every part of you is worried. On top of that, you know that the whole time he's in Vegas, you're going to be an anxious mess that constantly wants to call him and check in, but doesn't want to come off as needy.

4 I'll Need A Raincheck

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You haven't been dating him for a long time, maybe a couple of weeks, but you really like him and want to take the relationship forward. For some reason, though, he keeps cancelling plans on you. Because he says he'll need a "raincheck," it means that eventually, he does want to hangout, he's not just blowing you off completely- but you're still confused. You wish he would either just show up or let you know the deal: He either wants to make an effort or he doesn't. You're sick of waiting around for him.

3 Calm Down

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This is perhaps the worst thing that any guy can say to any girl. Ever. You're in a fight and you're getting heated. He puts his hands up, tries to come near you, and says, "Calm down." What do you do? The exact opposite. "Don't tell me to calm down," you scream as you stomp off and slam the door in his face. Telling someone to calm down when they're worked up is like asking an infant child to stop crying when it's hungry, instead of just feeding it. It's pointless and only makes the situation way worse.

2 You Look Fine

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You're going to an important work event and you want to look your best but for some reason, nothing in your closet is fitting you correctly and that new pimple on your chin refuses to be covered up. All you need is a boost of confidence to help you overcome your stressed out state. You ask him, "How do I look?" and without even looking up from his cellphone he says, "you look fine, babe, can we go?" Fine? Really? ONLY FINE? That's all? You run back upstairs to change, cursing him for not telling you how stunning you are.

1 Let's Start Working Out

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It's Sunday and all you want to do is relax on the couch with him all day. However, he has bigger plans. Side note: How annoying is it when you boyfriend wants to be productive and all you want to do is cuddle? Anyway, he says to you, "I thought we could start working out today. We should go on a run." You shake your head in disbelief. Not only is he indirectly telling you that you're in bad shape, but he's also trying to interrupt your day of relaxation. What's worse is that if he works out and you don't, you're going to feel guilty about being so lazy.

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