13 Things To Never Put Near Your Who-Ha

Your vagina brings you pleasure and is part of your reproductive system. What you put on it, near it, or in it matters. Thanks to the internet, women are finally learning more about the health and care of their lady parts, but they are also exposed to more unhealthy vajayjay trends and fads than ever before. Bad advice is everywhere and some body care suggestions are dangerous, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

Allergic reactions are also a very real possibility with all the chemical products available on the shelves. Even if you don't normally get allergic reactions on your skin from scented products, remember that your skin down below is highly sensitive. A product you can safely use on your face may not be safe for your bikini area. Trial and error is not the way to go. Instead, be safe rather than sorry, and avoid a painful reaction that could lead to days of discomfort, itching, and even the introduction of bacteria in a sensitive area.

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13 Hair Dye

Yeah, it might seem like a good idea at the time, but don’t give in to the temptation. Your vajayjay hair does not need to be the same color as the hair you dyed on top of your head. It doesn’t need to be pink or purple, either. Hair dye is solely meant for the hair on top of your head. The skin between your legs is highly sensitive and if you get hair dye or bleach on that skin, you could get a serious reaction. Goodness forbid, if any of the harsh chemicals used in hair dyes get into your vagina, your sex life will be on hold for many painful days as your body tries to recover from chemical burns.

12 Baby Oil and Petroleum Jelly

Oil based lubrications, such as baby oil and petroleum jelly, can give you all sorts of trouble if you use them down there. These heavy, oil based lubes can break down latex condoms, increasing the risk of pregnancy and transmitting an STD. Oil based lubes are also harder to wash off of your skin and out from between your legs.What isn’t washed out can grab hold of bacteria down there, trapping it, and cause a yeast infection. Instead, use water based or silicone based lubes and clean up afterwards.

11 Steam

You can steam clean your face or head into the sauna to open up your pores. You can also steam clean your carpet and furniture, but for all things good and pure, don’t steam your hoo-ha. When Gwyneth Paltrow talked about steaming her vagina and uterus, the internet blew up in disbelief. Steaming down there is not only unnecessary, it can also cause burns and discomfort. The vagina already is a self cleaning mechanism and does not need to get a steam bath.

10 Hair Removal Creams and Lotions


Hair removal creams and lotions may seem like a quick fix to all your hairy troubles, but the experts advise against using them between your legs. Hair removal products are loaded with harsh chemicals that can cause redness and discomfort when used on the face, so imagine what they can do to the most sensitive part of your body. An allergic reaction can leave you extremely uncomfortable down below and can cause an ugly rash. There is also the risk of chemicals getting into the vaginal canal and causing severe pain. The best bet is to stick with using a razor to remove bikini line hair.

9 Old Rubber and Soft Toys

Over time and use, some of your toys can become too unsafe to get near your lady parts. Soft, rubber like toys and soft jelly toys can get nicks and tears in them. Bacteria can get trapped in these areas and can cause an infection the next time you use the toy. Besides keeping your toy washed before and after each use, you can also cover it with a condom that is discarded after each use. Another option is to switch over to new toys that are made of stainless steel, hard plastic, or even silicone. Keep the toys clean and give them regular inspections to make sure they haven’t developed any areas where germs can hide.

8 Wet Bathing Suit

Bacteria loves moisture and darkness, and that is exactly what it gets inside your wet bathing suit. While swimming is great exercise for your entire body, when you are finished and get out of the pool remember to dry off and change into dry, comfortable clothing. Hand wash your bathing suit after each use, as well, and never put a damp bathing suit back on to go swimming or sun tanning. Bacteria can get on your bathing suit and onto your body where it will multiply and increase your risk of getting an ugly infection.

7 Douche and Sprays

In recent years there has been an increase in personal feminine hygiene products. It is not because we are dirtier than ever before, but because companies have convinced women that floral scents down there are somehow natural and pretty. Do yourself and your vajayjay a favor and avoid using these products. Your vagina is self cleansing and you don’t need special vaginal wipes, intimate sprays, or douches to clean yourself out. In fact, using these products can introduce bacteria into the canal and cause infections. Play it safe and real. Use gentle, fragrance free soap down there and, if there is a problem, see your doctor.

6 Permanent and Temporary Tattoos

Keep all permanent and temporary tattoos away from your hoo-ha. The most sensitive skin on your body is between your legs and, if getting a permanent tattoo can cause redness on your arms and legs, imagine what sort of pain you are in for if you get one down there. The same can be said for temporary tattoos and even body art. The chemicals used in these products can cause skin irritation and if the dyes get into the vagina, you could be in for a world of hurt.

5 Fragrant Soap

Too much soap used between your legs can be a bad thing and can cause skin irritation. Instead, it is recommended that we use a small amount of fragrance free soap for cleaning our lady parts. Soaps loaded with heavy fragrances, including bath lotions, can cause itching and burning. The chemicals used in some soaps can cause allergic reactions that will leave you feeling very uncomfortable. If you are bathing in heavily scented products, such as scented bath salts, you should rinse your lower area after bathing to help remove any soap residue.

4 Chocolate Syrup and Whipped Cream

There is nothing wrong with using food to spice up your sex life, just keep the stuff away from your lady parts. A diet rich in sugar can increase a woman’s chances of developing a yeast infection. If that sugar gets into the vagina, it can also easily change the pH levels in there and cause - you guessed it - a yeast infection. That is not how any of us want to remember that hot night with the chocolate syrup and can of whipped cream from the fridge.

3 Dirty Workout Clothes

When you work out your body sweats, including your vajayjay which, by the way, contains sweat glands. After your workout, as you kick back in your sweaty clothes, your lady bits turn into a breeding ground for bacteria. Moisture is trapped next your your delicate skin and if the bacteria enters into your body, you could easily develop a yeast infection. Instead of risking an infection, remove your sweaty clothes immediately after a workout and take a quick rinse off. Put on fresh, dry clothes and get on with your day.

2 Fruits and Veggies

We should all be eating more fruits and veggies for a healthy lifestyle, but keep them away from your hoo-ha. Fruits and vegetables can carry bacteria and be covered in pesticides that can cause infections and even allergic reactions in a place where you don’t want that sort of trouble. This includes scrubbed vegetables and organic produce. There are no safe fruits and vegetables that you can use safely down there.

1 Hard Bike Seats

Have you ever worked out on a stationary bike and found yourself a bit numb between your legs after the workout? Hard bike seats can put too much pressure on your parts and cause it to feel numb. While the numbness is only temporary, if you continue to harm the circulation to your vagina you may also wind up reducing your overall sensitivity permanently. To avoid this, make sure your bike seat is cushioned. You will also want to adjust the seating and handles on your bike so that your hands are higher than your seat and less pressure is being placed on your labia.


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