13 Things To Do With Your Partner In The Morning

Many people start their morning off on the wrong foot. They hit the snooze button far too many times, end up reducing the time they have before they need to leave for the office, and consequently end up rushing around in a panic trying to get everything done. And, if you live with your partner, it can mean saying a cursory hello to one another as you both frantically race around trying to complete everything you respectively need to before leaving. Let’s face it – that kind of stress is no way to start the day.

Sure, it can be tough to wake up early enough to have a bit of time to actually do something you enjoy in the morning, but it can make a world of difference in how your day goes. If you start the day by spending some time with someone you enjoy spending time with, you’ll likely be in a better mood and more prepared to tackle any challenges the day might throw your way.

Here are 13 things you can do with your partner in the morning (maybe after they've had their first cup of coffee, if they're one of those types of reluctant morning people).

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13 Talk

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No, we don’t mean asking them if they’ve seen those shoes you were going to wear, or if they could find time on their lunch break to call the mechanic to ask about that car part. We’re talking about actually engaging in a bit of conversation with your partner. You don’t necessarily need to start your day by talking about advancements in biotechnology or international conflict if that’s not something you’re particularly interested in. Hey, it could even mean just chatting about that episode of your favourite show that you watched together last night, or about an interesting magazine article you flipped through. The idea is simply to engage with your partner a bit in the morning before you both rush off to tackle the day.

12 Have Breakfast Together

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Many busy professionals seem to view breakfast as something that is completely optional, since they simply don’t want the trouble of making time for it. However, having breakfast with your partner can be a nice way to start the day together while also giving your body the nourishment it needs. Not everyone is a fan of a gut-busting breakfast first thing in the morning – many people feel sluggish after eating a huge meal, and that’s not an ideal way to head into work. Breakfast can even simply mean having a cup of coffee together with a bit of fresh fruit, or a piece of toast.

11 Work Out

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Everyone knows the feeling of guilt after a missed evening workout. You promised yourself you would go to the gym, or even just go for a walk/jog, once you got home from the office. Then, you had to stay a bit later, and then you had to make supper, and deal with a few other issues, and before you know it it’s later than you anticipated and the only thing you want to do is collapse on the couch – your workout is the last thing you want to do, so you skip it. One way to combat this issue is by squeezing in a workout first thing in the morning, before anything else has a chance to take over your schedule. And, since working out with a friend has been proven to up your likelihood of actually dragging your butt out of bed, why not try working out with your partner?

10 Hit snooze and cuddle

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Okay, we’re not advocating hitting snooze seven times until you finally need to bolt out of bed in sheer panic because you’ve way overslept. However, many individuals can set a snooze feature to give themselves a few minutes in between reminders to get out of bed – take advantage of that. Allow yourself to hit snooze once – and only once – after you’ve made sure your snooze interval is four or five minutes rather than twenty or thirty. Then, burrow back into your comfy bed and spend that few minutes cuddling with your partner. Don’t wait for the alarm to go back off in dread – enjoy those few minutes, and when it comes around again, you might find that your mood is so much better you don’t even mind hopping out of bed.

9 Tidy up

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There’s nothing that makes your mood plummet quite as much as coming home at the end of a long day, exhausted, and seeing a stack of dishes in the sink, or a pile of laundry that you haven’t yet dealt with. Sure, most people don’t want to wake up early for the sheer purpose of getting some cleaning done – after all, it isn’t the most fun activity on everyone’s to do list. However, taking a few minutes to take care of a few tasks around the house can make your life a lot easier when you get home, and doing it with your partner might even make it more fun. Put away the clothing in that laundry basket that’s been lingering, unload the dishwasher so you can stick the dishes from dinner straight in, give your countertops a quick wipe… whatever small task you spot.

8 Watch a few minutes of something together (a television show you both love, the news, etc.)

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Unless you wake up way, way earlier than you need to leave in the morning, chances are you won’t be able to squeeze in a full length feature film before heading to the office. However, you can easily squeeze in a few minutes of a show that you enjoy. Sure, many people advocate reading in the morning – and that’s also a great way to start your day – but watching a bit of television with your partner might give you the burst of relaxation you need to feel good about tackling your day. Perhaps you laugh together over a few minutes of your favourite sitcom, or spend a few minutes watching your favourite morning news program – either way, it can be a nice way to start the day.

7 Discuss your goals for the day

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Most people don’t work with their partners, and most people don’t exactly want to step into the office and immediately unload all their plans and concerns on their fellow co-workers. So, a nice way to ensure your day goes as you want it to and your productivity remains high is by taking a few minutes to chat with your partner about your goals for the day. Maybe you have a big presentation in the afternoon, maybe you need to finally finish that project that’s been lingering on your desk for weeks. Verbally brainstorm ways to complete your tasks and you’ll go into the day feeling energized rather than downtrodden and anxious.

6 Get It On

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When you’re rushing around, there’s a very small chance you’d actually feel relaxed enough to want to spend a little extra time with your partner. However, if you know you have a couple minutes before you need to leave, and your partner was looking particularly drool-worthy after stepping out of the shower, why not take a bit of time to appreciate that? Getting it on in the morning isn’t just for the weekend – if you can fit it into your schedule in the morning every now and then, it can be a great way to start the day (obviously).

5 Shower together

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You both need to shower in the morning – why not turn it into something you can do together? You may not want to include your partner in your weekly pampering sessions where you slather on that deep conditioning hair mask and read magazines for an hour in a bubble bath – that’s just for you. However, hopping in together on a quick morning shower can be fun. Help each other soap up, judge whose shower vocals are better when that Adele tune comes on, and spend a few minutes being goofy. You have to shower anyway – why not make it fun?

4 Have an impromptu dance party

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Many people incorporate music into their morning routine, but it’s generally something you put on in the background while you’re trying to make your hair look presentable or prepping your thermos of coffee for the road. When one of your absolute jams comes on your playlist, take a minute or two to dance it out with your partner. Hey, the girls on Grey’s Anatomy proved that dancing can help boost your mood no matter how bad it is, and for people who don’t exactly relish waking up early, busting out a little Beyoncé could be just what you need.

3 Get ready together

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Not everyone is blessed with enough space for two people to get ready comfortably – many couples find themselves low on counter space, or with bathrooms so small two people can barely squeeze in together, let alone do their hair at the same time. However, getting at least partially ready together can be a great way to squeeze some quality time together in the morning. Maybe it means asking him to button that impossible to button closure on your favourite dress so you don’t have to strain and stretch to get it done, or just helping him pick out a tie to go with his shirt that day.

2 Laugh

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Let’s face it – if you start your day miserable and gloomy, constantly thinking that everything is going wrong, chances are you’re going to have a pretty awful day. It’s all about attitude! Sure, unexpected things happen throughout anyone’s day, but it’s all about how you deal with those things. A great way to start your day off on a positive note is simply by laughing. Maybe this means making your favourite in-joke to your partner while you’re packing up your lunches, or busting out a funny impression while you’re doing your hair. Maybe it means watching a few minutes of a sitcom that always tickles your funnybone, or a few minutes of a stand-up comic’s set on their Netflix special (if y’all haven’t watched Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra yet, you need to). Whatever it takes, starting the day by laughing with your partner will brighten your whole day, guaranteed.

1 Compliment one another

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You think your partner is basically the best thing since sliced bread, and they return the feeling. However, on a normal day, it can be tough to remember to deliver a little compliment. Sure, you might tell them they look really good when they’re all cleaned up for a date night – but what about when they’re putting on their trusty outfit or uniform for another day at the office? Take literally a few seconds and compliment your partner in the morning – it can be something as simple as telling them you love their tie, or that their hair looks really good, or that you really appreciate them preparing your coffee for you. It’ll give both of you a little extra bounce in your steps, and what’s not to love about that?

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