13 Things That Turn A Guy Off In Bed

Sex is a touchy subject. There are a lot of insecurities, and 'dos' and 'don'ts' that seem to float around on a daily basis, which makes it hard to know what is right or wrong, or if right and wrong even exist. These 15 things are mere suggestions by a selection of men on things that make them uncomfortable, turn them off, or even gross them out in bed. Some are more serious than others, and some may not even bother a guy at all. The key is to be yourself, not do anything you are uncomfortable with, and only take a guy to bed if he likes you for you. That said, there are just a few things that may make your rendezvous more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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13 Lots of stuffed animals

When he goes into your room he does not want to feel like he is in a little girl's room. One or two of your favorite stuffies is perfectly fine and may even be seen as endearing, but more? Men may start to get turned off when they can do a 360 in your room and never lose sight of a stuffed animal. When the stuffies line the bed, the shelves, the floor, and are also stuffed away in the closet, he might just start to wonder if a) you are a little bit crazy or b) you have more secret admirers than Beyoncé.

12 Dolls watching you

Their eyes move. It has not been proven yet, but when there are 10 dolls on a shelf looking down at you two in the throws of passion, it is hard to believe that the eyes are not tracking your every move. Men are generally not big fans of dolls, and when they too are lining the shelves (maybe alternating with the stuffies), things can start feeling a little bit creepy. Doll collections are not a bad thing, but maybe a classy collection dispersed for display rather than jammed into your bedroom with faces all staring onto the bed is best for your romantic life.

11 Prickly leg hair

It doesn't mean you have to shave it if you don't want to. Be your own woman and make your own choices (though most men do prefer clean shaven), just make sure it doesn't hurt! Prickly hair can feel quite unpleasant for him when it is rubbing across his leg or elsewhere. The feeling of little needles gently scratching him into irritation makes it hard to focus on pleasure when there are so many (hundreds even) little distractions.

10 Sharp/long toe nails

Ouch! Nobody wants to get into bed with razor blades. Remember the gentle scratching needles of leg hair? Well this is not so gentle and not so scratchy - this could cause bleeding! Trim your nails and avoid any accidents - unless he likes blood... but that is between you and him. Long toenails are not a trendy thing anyway, so save everyone some pain and make sure those little tasks are taken care of.

9 Early/unexpected period

In a relationship it happens. Most mature humans and adults just accept it as part of life and either work around it or ignore it for the night and let passion overcome them. But when it is unexpected? And if you are only dating? It may be slightly off-putting to spring on someone. Plus, what if he has expensive Egyptian cotton sheets! It's all well and good if both parties are in agreeance, just make sure he knows that aunt flow/the crimson tide/mother nature (however you want to call it) is in town.

8 Excessive sweating

Some people just sweat more than others, and this is not to shame them. But when you feel a droplet or two heading down to the tip of your nose... well that is where sheets come in handy, especially on those hot summer days! A sweaty, steamy throw-of-passion kind of night is actually pretty hot! That is, until the other person's sweat drips into your eye or mouth.

7 Bad body odor

Deodorant is sex's best friend. When you are that close to someone, smells become exaggerated, and any bad ones become quite potent. Not to mention that it is not, or shouldn't be, a low energy activity. Most people work up a sweat during the deed, and you'll want to make sure nothing distracts you from the sweet smell of love in the air - especially during the post-play cuddles.

6 Weird smell

It had to be said. Guys really get down and dirty when they make their way under the sheets - but the only dirty you want them to experience is the talk coming out of your mouth. No major undertaking is necessary, just a good old scrub in the tub before your big date. Basic hygiene is all that is needed to make the experience a positive one for everyone involved.

5 Crumbs in the bed

Everyone has those days where breakfast in bed or eating toast while you read seems like a good idea - and it is! But make sure that after the munch session has ended you grab a handy dandy dust buster or sweeper and clean up your space. Not only will it be extremely uncomfortable to sleep in, but feeling crumbs while you are naked in someone else's bed is a huge turn off, and actually pretty icky.

4 Dirty dishes in the room

via: metro.co.uk

This goes hand in hand with the above mentioned. Even when the crumbs have been cleaned up, having a pile of dirty dishes on your night table or floor can allude to the idea that cleanliness is not a priority. This habit is bad for bugs and bad smells, and can certainly make you sick. Take the initiative to clean up a little before you know someone is coming over so the only thing he will focus on is you.

3 Talks too dirty

Some guys like it, some guys love it, but most say there is a line. They want to know how awesome you feel, and what you want them to do, and what you want to do to them, because that can be hot. But they don't want to know anything about your bum, or smells, or hear you swear every 13 seconds. Keeping dirty talk classy is a strange sounding concept, but an important one! That said, maybe try to stray from the usual "oh baby, oh baby oh baby - yeah right there - you are amazing." Get creative!

2 Being a star-fish

Don't just lie there! Move those hips! Even when he is on top and doing all of the work. It can make a world of difference if you just tilt your hips up a bit and move with him. A big turn off for guys is when they feel like they are doing everything and you are not even into it. Do what you love and don't just focus on being there for him. Make suggestions, take control every once in a while, show him that you are in it and loving it and he will too.

1 Being insecure

This is not your fault. There are so many things in society telling you how to be and not to be. Telling you that you should be embarrassed about things and that certain guidelines must be followed in order to be 'doing it right', this list included! It is hard to be confident and secure when all you hear are what not to do. So close this browser, go look in the mirror, and remind yourself how beautiful you are. Because the more beautiful you see yourself, the more you will exude confidence, and confidence is sexy for a guy! And incase that doesn't help, go find out what men find sexy in bed .

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