13 Things Kylie Won't Let People Do Around Her Daughter (& 8 Things She Encourages)

The world was taken by surprise when the news of Kylie Jenner's pregnancy was revealed just a few months before she actually gave birth. The Kardashian clan definitely looks out for their own and concealed that the youngest Kar-Jenner was preggers at the age of 20.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and now $900 million dollar makeup mogul managed to keep her pregnancy under wraps for as long as she could. Privacy is her number one policy, unlike her sisters who have no problem raising their children in front of the cameras.

In these modern times, having a baby at 20-years-old might sound too young to some. This was definitely not the case in past generations. Her mother, Kris Jenner believes that some people are just born to be mothers, saying, "I think she was just born to have kids. I felt like I was the same way. I wanted to have a baby when I was 16 years old. I thought about how many kids I would have. So I think that some people are just…when you know, you know.”

Since giving birth to Stormi Webster back in February, she has been strict and protective about how her newborn daughter is handled. Just like any first-time mama, she is fierce and ready to protect her young at any given moment.

Here are 13 things Kylie Jenner won't let anyone do around her daughter and 8 she actually encourages.

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21 She Prefers Changing The Diapers Herself

Page Six

In an interview with the Evening Standard with big sister, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner explained all the joys of being a new mom. She revealed all that was surprising about motherhood including having to do the dirty work of changing Stormi's diapers.

“I think more about the future because of her. Every time I leave and I’m stressed about leaving her, I’m like, ‘I’m doing it for you,’” Jenner said. “Everyone says you change completely when you become a mom, but I really feel the same, just better. So I don’t know what really has completely changed my world, besides her, of course.”

She added, “But I feel like it’s only gotten better. You’re less selfish — and I actually enjoy changing diapers. It’s really satisfying. To make her clean again. And I don’t know, the whole thing is really… it’s like such an amazing experience.” (Huffington Post)

20 Surprisingly, She Actually Won't Parade Her Daughter All Over Social Media


In the first few months of Stormi's life, she had strictly forbidden any pictures of her daughter from being revealed on social media. Kylie Jenner was nothing short of secretive when it came to documenting the life of her newborn. At first, she withdrew from the spotlight altogether when she was in the late trimesters of her pregnancy. Kylie even announced back in June that she would no longer be posting photos of Stormi's face and erased existing shots on her Instagram.

However, in true Kar-Jenner style, we can never expect them to stick to their word when they say that they are done with social media. Just one month after that announcement in July, Kylie shared an image of her Stormi resting peacefully in her bed. "My little love," she captioned the shot.

19 Kylie Expects Travis Scott To Be More Of A Hands-On Baby Daddy Than Kanye West


Travis Scott has apparently taken on the role of a new dad incredibly seriously, which is supposedly much to Kylie Jenner's surprise. According to Hollywood Life, he has been overshadowing the likes of Kanye West when it comes to being a hands-on dad. This is only due to the fact that it's been no secret that Kanye has been off on business traveling shortly after the birth of his daughter, Chicago West.

“Since Stormi was born, Travis has been around more than anyone was actually expecting,” a source close to Kylie told HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “So far he’s actually been more hands-on with Stormi than Kanye has been with Chicago. Not that it’s a competition, but it’s kind of ironic considering all the pressure that was being put on him to make his presence felt — Kylie’s made a few comments.”

18 Medical Masks Had To Be Worn When Handling Stormi

Us Weekly

Sure, this fact might seem like somewhat of a shocker but it's actually par for the course while you are around infants in the hospital. If you think about it, everyone in the delivery room has to wear a medical mask because the newborn could be exposed to some bacteria that they were not used to in the womb.

However, in the weeks after taking Stormi home from the hospital, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott insisted that people wear medical masks when they were in the presence of Stormi. According to Hollywood Life, “Travis and Kylie were just goofing around together at home. Kylie got boxes of medical masks for people to wear around Stormi because she doesn’t want her exposed to any germs, she’s still so brand new".

17 $10 Million Confidentiality And Non-Disclosure Agreements Are Required

Daily Express

Ever since the inception of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, people are always required to sign non-disclosure agreements for their own protection. This means that anyone who is in the presence of the Kardashian family on or off camera cannot repeat anything that they see or hear to the public.

Kylie Jenner has even gone above and beyond what her sisters have done when it comes to protecting her daughter Stormi. According to OK! Magazine, she is pushing confidentiality contracts that stop anyone from selling stories about Stormi, and the price if they break this promise — they face a legal fee of $10 million.

She certainly hasn't been messing around when it comes to shielding her daughter. That means that she can sue someone for $10 million if they say anything to the media about little Stormi.

16 Unlike Most Young Moms, Kylie Requires All Kinds Of Help From Nannies

Splash News

As much of a hands-on mom that she really is, she has an incredible amount of free time for a new mom thanks to a team of nannies. Come on now, would you expect anything less? This is the Kar-Jens that we are talking about here. However, she held off on hiring anyone within the first few weeks of giving birth because she was nervous about having new people around her newborn.

According to a source as Cosmopolitan UK, it was reported that "With the support and abilities she has to hire nannies and assistants, she’s been a really, really great mum. She’s incredibly doting and hands-on as a mum. She’s always been very maternal."

Another source at US Weekly reported that being a new mom for Kylie was "overwhelming" but she was a "natural at being a mother." If you can afford it, we could all use the help of a nanny (or two or three).

15 Kylie Got Her Body Back Almost Immediately After Giving Birth


It certainly didn't take long for Miss Kylie to get her body back post-pregnancy. She had quite a few factors working for her: first off, she has the money to hire nannies (as previously stated) to take care of Stormi while she worked out, and second is the fact that she still has youth (and a fast metabolism) on her side.

Though she was obsessed with In-N-Out during her pregnancy, she followed big sister Kim's advice to eat clean in order to stay in shape. According to The Independent, Kim advised Kylie to stick to a strict 1,500 calorie-a-day diet and to stay away from carbs and sugar. And just like that, it looks like she was never pregnant, to begin with.

14 Visitors Must Scrub Their Hands Due To Kylie's Germophobia


This shouldn't come as much of a surprise seeing as though Kylie made visitors wear masks in the presence of Stormi. Along with that precaution, she required her people to scrub their hands so that Stormi wouldn't be exposed to any germs. Just like most new mothers, Kylie is a bit paranoid when it came to the safety of her newborn. In this case, it manifested into a serious case of germophobia.

A source told US Weekly, "She is devoted to keeping her little girl safe and happy in her private space. She's never seemed happier. She's a really natural mom. You can tell she feels complete now that she has a baby."

13 Long Nails? No Problem.


The general rule of thumb for new moms is that having long nails is a big no-no when handling newborns. The reasoning being is that infants have tender little bodies and having cat claws could scratch them. Well, for Kylie Jenner this one is a big exception.

According to Marie Claire online, "following the first full photo of Stormi Webster being posted on Instagram, Kylie Jenner has been receiving backlash over something completely unexpected—the length of her fingernails In the mother-daughter photo, Jenner has visibly long, manicured nails". Apparently, Kylie has received a lot of flack for this on the Internet as well as social media.

Talk about getting dirt under your fingernails after changing diapers, yikes.

12 Kylie Got A Blonde Makeover Immediately After Giving Birth


There are many health reports that say pregnant moms-to-be should not dye their hair when they are pregnant. This because the chemicals could potentially harm the baby. Kylie Jenner actually waited until after her baby was born before dying her hair platinum blonde.

After a long 9-month hiatus of social media during her pregnancy, she came back with a bang with newly bleached hair. After she posted the new pic of her new hairdo, she captioned: "I think I was meant to be blonde" on her Instagram account.

Someone even commented on it saying “It’s good to see that she’s focusing on motherhood instead of being a complete narcissist who’s obsessing over what her body and hair look like.”

11 Kylie Had No Problem Attending Coachella Shortly After Giving Birth


This one is what made a lot of heads spin, around the world. Just two months after giving birth to Stormi, Kylie Jenner attended the Coachella music festival. According to Entertainment Tonight, Jenner was at the first weekend of the desert festival in Indio, California to host an event promoting her Kylie cosmetics line.

New moms are often criticized for leaving their babies at home immediately following the birth of their child. However, no one ever gives dads any flack for doing the same thing. Kylie even posted a photo of her in a hot pink wig on Instagram saying "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom." After that, the harsh comments and criticism just started rolling in like there was no tomorrow.

10 Stormi Can Only Be Visited Inside The Mansion Confined Within The Gates

Radar Online

Talk about a sheltered upbringing right from the start. After Kylie Jenner completely went MIA after getting pregnant, she then confined her newborn inside her mansion gates after she brought her home from the hospital. She secluded little Stormi deep into her nest forbidding her to go anywhere outside her home.

A source told US Weekly, "You have to go to her house to visit. She’s being very careful about keeping the baby healthy and indoors.”

Many other sources said that she was so finicky about leaving the house that she even avoided date nights with baby daddy Travis Scott. An insider told Hollywood Life, "Travis has been trying really hard to persuade Kylie to take a night off so they can enjoy a date night out together, but she’s just not ready to leave Stormi just yet." Something must be able to get her out the house soon.

9 Getting A Brand New Car As A "Push Present" From Travis Scott

Auto Influence

Yet again, Kylie Jenner is making it seem like her entourage must abide by a strict set of rules for Stormi, yet she might not be following them herself.

She received yet again some harsh criticism on social media for referring to her new lift as her "main girl" over her daughter. According to BabyGaga, The reality TV star took to Instagram to post an image of the luxury sports car, which was gifted to her by boyfriend Travis Scott as 'push present' following the birth of their baby.

Baby daddy Travis Scott gave Kylie a $1.4 million Ferrari LaFerrari. Yep, you heard that right. As per highsnobiety.com, the limited edition car (only 500 all over the world), can achieve a speed of 60mph from zero within three seconds. Let the barrage of angry followers commence.

8 Visitors Must Hand Over Mobile Phones When They Enter The House

Teen Vogue

Along with expensive, $10 million non-disclosure agreements, Kylie has also forced people to hand over their mobile phones before entering the premise. Her secret pregnancy came super close to being leaked by a rogue employee (who probably never saw the light of day after the fact). It was revealed during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that the member of staff tried to secretly take snaps of a heavily pregnant Kylie.

After that, you can't really blame Kylie for enforcing this rule to new visitors in the house after having her privacy violated like that. After all, a picture says a thousand words. A photo of a leaked pregnancy would have done more damage than someone telling the press about it.

7 Taking Her Exercise Routine To The Extreme

Hourglass Love

There is an immense amount of pressure on women to immediately get back into shape after giving birth. Hollywood has done everything in its power to perpetuate that need by glamorizing celebrity moms who immediately bounce back. Kylie Jenner is absolutely no exception to this phenomenon.

According to Life & Style Magazine, after giving birth, Kylie started working out with a team of trainers and eating clean, which included, “organic fish and chicken — nothing fried, no carbs,” a source told the mag. “She’s also drinking detox tea and wearing her waist trainer.”

6 No Photos Can Be Taken Unless They're Approved By Kylie Herself


In accordance with her $10 million non-disclosure agreements, photos or snaps of the baby are strictly forbidden unless they are approved by Kylie Jenner herself. OK! magazine reported, "Anyone that is there to visit with her must check their cell phones with security guards. She just really wants to make sure that there are no secret cameras being smuggled in."

There are so many untrustworthy people out there that are just looking to leak photos like vultures. This is because that would equal big money to magazines and any other media outlet.

After the first photo of Kylie holding Stormi's hand was leaked on Instagram, it gained up more than 13 million likes in less than 24 hours. If this isn't a true testament to the Kar-Jen's popularity, then we don't know what else is.

5 Only Close Family Members And Friends Get To See Stormi


Yes, even with all the other rules Kylie Jenner has for guests who want to see Stormi, you have to be on a select list just to see her in the first place. If you think about it, Kylie doesn't seem to trust even those people on the list given the fact that they have jump through so many hoops just to see her in the first place.

Even at 7 weeks old, Stormi Webster already had a VIP list of people who wanted to meet her. Forget Lady Gaga, this is really what it means when they say that a star is born. This infant was born into fame, just like her mama.

US Weekly reported that Kylie "maintains a very strict guest list" and so far only Kendall Jenner, BFF Jordyn Woods, and great-grandmother MJ have been snapped holding the baby.

4 Kylie Has Shielded Her Daughter From Reality TV, Up Until Recently


The Kardashians are extremely careful about exposing their children to reality TV. Kanye West doesn't want his kids on KUWTK and originally, Kylie Jenner wanted to shield her daughter away from the spotlight as well.

However, Stormi made her debut on Keeping Up with the Kardashians back in September on an emotional episode where Khloe's dog Gabbana passes away. Though Kylie has been incredibly protective of her newborn, she is slowly working her way into putting Stormi on TV, but with moderation.

According to Hollywood Life, Travis Scott wasn't too happy with the fact that his daughter was on KUWTK. “Its something that is not causing friction with Kylie yet, but it’s definitely been conversed about on many occasions because they both have different ideas of how they want to parent" according to the website.

3 She Had Forbidden Anyone From Publicizing Her Pregnancy For The First 2 Trimesters

Just Jared

Kylie Jenner was pretty sneaky about hiding the fact that she was pregnant for a long time. The only time that it was actually revealed was when she simply couldn't hide it anymore because it was too obvious. At a certain point, there is just no hiding the fact that you are pregnant for better or for worse.

According to Cosmopolitan online, she had stopped leaving her house altogether — which is definitely one (drastic) way to hide a pregnancy. From the oversized T-shirts to the carefully-staged camera angles, she managed to keep it all under wraps. Not to mention that there were punitive punishments for those who revealed her pregnancy.

2 There Is A Final Body Check And Pat Down By Security Guards


There was one final checkpoint that guests had to pass before entering Kylie Jenner's mansion in order to see Stormi Webster. OK! magazine reported, "After signing the papers, there is one more checkpoint, which is the metal detector and pat down." Reportedly, security was so incredibly tight that one guard even failed to recognize her and didn't even let Kylie herself through the gates (of course, this was shortly after she dyed her hair blonde).

There were even rumors swirling around that Tim Chung, Kylie Jenner's security guard was the real father of Stormi Webster. However, she quickly shut down those rumors in an instant. "Stormi’s parents," she captioned a photo of herself and boyfriend Travis Scott at the Met Gala, according to In Touch Weekly.

1 Stormi Is All-Vegan


Oddly enough, Kylie wants her daughter Stormi to follow a strict vegan diet even though she pretty much ate whatever she wanted during her pregnancy. After following in big sister Kourtney's footsteps, Kylie decided to turn to an all vegan lifestyle that set the standard for her family home.

Prior to the announcement of her pregnancy, she posted vegan tacos to her Instagram account captioning "trying this whole vegan thing." Just like Kourtney, she is going to try to feed Stormi at least a dairy-free and gluten-free diet which studies show will give you an extended life.

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