13 Things It's Normal To Daydream About

If every time you sit down at your desk in the morning your mind starts wandering, or you can’t seem to pay attention during meetings, you’re definitely not alone. We all have a tendency to daydream, especially when it’s the middle of winter and you can’t remember a time when you didn’t have to spend five minutes bundling up before you left the house in the morning. When you were a kid, you definitely spent more time than you’d like to admit daydreaming. You would be super bored in Math class and start wondering what it would be like to live on the moon or if humans ever could learn to fly. When you got a bit older, you spent your high school days daydreaming about the cute guy in your gym class. You may be much older now but that doesn’t mean you’re not still prone to daydreaming sessions. Here are 13 things it’s totally normal to daydream about.

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13 Moving To Paradise

This is probably the most normal daydream of all. Who wouldn’t rather spend their days on a beach instead of walking or trudging through snowy streets? Your definition of Paradise may be totally different depending on the day or season or even your mood that day. Maybe you’re having a rough time at the office this week and the piles of work seem never-ending, so you fantasize about moving to a desert island and never having to deal with bosses or work ever again. Maybe your fantasy involves living in a Tuscan villa and picking your own produce.

12 Quitting Your Job

Another super common daydream. You’ve definitely had your moments when you wanted to throw in the towel and leave your job forever and ever. This daydream is particularly strong on days when your boss is giving you a hard time and when you feel like no one seems to ever recognize how many hours you’re putting in and how hard you’re working. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re giving your all to something and just not getting anything in return. When you daydream about quitting your job, you probably fantasize about jumping on your desk and looking like a total crazy person.

11 Yelling At Your Boss

It’s like some kind of rule that bosses are rarely amazing. No idea why that is. So it’s pretty normal that you often daydream about getting the opportunity to finally yell at your boss. You might have something particular in mind – maybe you’re holding a grudge about some mean comment they made last year and you want to get revenge. Or maybe you just want to tell your boss that your entire office works super long hours and deserves a break and if not a break, then at least some smiles and praise every once in a while. Good luck with this one, though – it’s probably always going to a stay a daydream unless you really do want to be unemployed.

10 Dating Your Best Guy Friend

The classic Nora Ephron romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally set out to prove that men and women could never really be friends. You always think you’re proving that movie wrong, though, because you’ve had a best guy friend for what feels like forever. You two share everything – inside jokes, tons of laughs, the tiny details of each other’s lives. But you’ve never dated. You usually think that’s for the best and you don’t exactly feel attracted to him. But then, sometimes, you find your mind wandering and you wonder what it would it be like to be his girlfriend. You just can’t help it.

9 Your Wedding Day

Since you were a little kid, you’ve probably been daydreaming about the day you finally get hitched. As a young girl, you probably thought it was going to be super romantic and beautiful, full of pink flowers and right out of a storybook. Now you’re much older so you know that not everything is as perfect as you want it to be (okay, most things aren’t) but this is one fantasy you can’t let go of. You might have a boyfriend or you might be single, but either way, you still want your wedding day to be as amazing as it is in your head.

8 Being Famous

Maybe you wanted to be a singer or actress back in high school and then moved on when you realized how super competitive and super tough it would be to actually make that dream come true. That doesn’t mean it’s not something that you still think about though, of course. You’ve spent more afternoons at work than you’d like to admit staring out the window and wondering what it would be like to be famous. You see yourself in a fabulous designer outfit with flawless hair and makeup, unable to even turn the corner without bumping into tons of adoring fans who are just begging for photos and autographs. You would never worry about money and could literally have anything in the world that you wanted.

7 Being A Housewife

Hey, you love your career and you’re a super independent woman who doesn’t need to depend on a man for anything, but sometimes being a housewife seems kind of fun. You would devote your life to taking care of your house, husband, and adorable little kids who would basically provide daily entertainment. You could wear pretty girly dresses and aprons, and bake up a storm every single afternoon. Of course, then you wouldn’t have your awesome job and you might gain way too much weight if you actually ate all of your baked creations. So maybe this is one daydream that’s better left in fantasy land.

6 Having Superpowers

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to read everyone’s mind? Or to be able to fly or, better yet, be totally invisible so you could observe anyone you wanted to? You may no longer be a kid but that doesn’t mean you don’t still wonder what it would be like to have superpowers. Real, adult life is boring sometimes – you seem to always be at the office and you’ve got bills to pay and food to buy and rent to worry about. But if you were some kind of superhero, the world would be your oyster and life would be so much simpler.

5 Eating Donuts And Pizza For Every Meal

Sure, you’ve jumped on the healthy eating and living bandwagon – or at least you’re trying your best. You make it to the gym at least three times a week and eat kale the way society tells you to. And yet, you can’t help but fantasize about eating donuts and pizza. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and maybe even a few snacks in-between? Sure, you would gain about a million pounds superfast, but that’s why this is a daydream and not real life. If you don’t crave a gooey chocolate-filed donut every time you whipped up a green smoothie, you’re totally lying.

4 Traveling The World

Your daily routines can get pretty old after a while and between work and having a social life and buying groceries and all that, sometimes it feels like there’s not much room left for the things you truly want to do. That’s where this particular daydream comes in. You fantasize about saying “whatever” and selling all your possessions and traveling the world. No plans, no time frame, no need to check the time on your iPhone obsessively every five minutes. Just total bliss, relaxation, fun and a sense of adventure. Of course, you would get lonely pretty quickly, jetlag sucks, and eventually you would run out of money.

3 Assuming A New Identity

Wouldn’t it be so amazing to wake up one day and be a totally different person? Maybe you would finally have the red hair that you’ve always dreamed of or have a totally unique style when you struggle to put clothes together on a daily basis. Everyone wants a makeover every once in a while – it’s part of the fantasy perpetuated by so many beloved movies like Clueless and Mean Girls. Of course, if you were a different person then you wouldn’t know the people in your life so that’s why this is best left as a daydream. It’s still fun to think about, though – that’s one reason that everyone loves Halloween (the other reason is the candy, obviously).

2 Meet Cute At Starbucks

In the movies, coffee shops are super romantic, dreamy places where any second, the love of your life could walk in and sweep you off your feet. You’ve been conditioned by rom-coms to think that standing in line for your coffee every morning could lead to true romance. Of course, life is never that much fun or that perfect, and all you get when you stand in line is total and utter aggravation that you’ve already been standing there for ten minutes. That doesn’t stop you from daydreaming about your new boyfriend.

1 Winning The Lottery

You may not even enter the lottery but you still want to win. That’s just how these things work. Winning the lottery and getting millions of dollars is basically the ultimate daydream because nothing would ever be as life-changing as that. You could move anywhere you wanted, buy anything you wanted, and you would never have to work again a day in your life. Of course, people with that much freedom and cash tend to go a little crazy. So maybe it’s not the greatest idea. But every time work gets a little boring, you think about buying a ticket. Just one. You never know.

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