13 Things Guys Really Think About Hair Down There

Are there guys that like us to have hair down there or do they all prefer us to be as bald as the day we were born? What goes through a guy's head when he discovers that we don't shave it all off? Is he turned off? Does he think it is gross or is he okay with it?

We women have enough decisions to make in our day to day lives, but here we are, strapped with the awkward question of whether or not to shave off all the hair between our legs. Is it worth the effort? Well, that depends on how you feel about body hair. After you make up your own mind about whether or not to shave, you have to find the right man to accept your decision. And if he doesn't like your choice, are you willing to make the change for him or will you wait to find the right man who will accept your fur bunny?

Honestly, it is all about preference. Fortunately for us all, there are men who like a lot of hair, a bit of hair, and no hair at all. Here is what guys think about women who decide to go all natural in the bikini department.

13 Keep It Kept


According to YourTango, guys don't mind it if there is hair down there as long as we keep it need. If you are going to let it grow in, keep it trimmed and the bikini sides shaved so that it all stays tucked in your underwear. If your hairs are getting too long and all over the place, trim them back with the scissors. Guys are saying that they don't want to see a wild forest growing between our legs and a neat bush tells them that you are taking care of the region.

12 Skip All Natural


AskMen surveyed over 5,000 men and discovered that only 5 percent of men like the all natural look when it comes to pubic hair. Meanwhile, 41 percent of men say they prefer women to be either all bare or Brazilian between the legs. In other words, only five men out of a hundred like the all natural look. If you are choosing to go all natural, you may have to hunt around for a guy that likes the look. On the other hand, it is more likely you will run into one of the guys that prefers the bare look.

11 Hair Is Not A Deal Breaker In The Bedroom

While most men prefer a woman who is either bare or well groomed down there, when the guys actually get us into the bedroom and discover that we don't groom the way he likes, it is highly unlikely that he will end the action. In fact, according to a survey done by AskMen, 91 percent of men will continue to have sex with us even if we have a hairy bush. The other nine percent of men say they will end the date right away if our grooming choice is not up to their standards. That is his loss, not ours.

10 Want A Woman

To add to all the confusion as to what men want, there are many men who say they want a woman to look like a woman and not a girl down there. These men want some hair in that region, but they also want that hair groomed. While we women will always do whatever the hum we want, we are pretty much left with the decision of which is easier for us individually: shaving it all off or shaving the sides and trimming the rest.

9 A Bit Of Hair Adds Mystery (landing strip)

Men love unwrapping us just like a present. They take off our outer clothes and then begin working on getting off our bras and panties. If there is a little tuft of hair down there, it seems to add to the mystery. It is just one more layer for them to open up and explore. Some men describe the little hair tufts as mischievous or naughty.

8 Terrible For Oral

According to the men, when they see a big glob of hair down there, oral sex is more than likely off the table. Nobody likes getting hair in their mouth. If you are going to keep the hair on, keep it trimmed down. Otherwise, if your guy is totally into the oral stuff, consider keeping it bare.

7 I'll Shave Mine If You Shave Yours

Turnabout is fair game in the ritual of love. If he keeps his bare or well trimmed, he more than likely expects you to do the same for him. On the flip side, if you keep yours trimmed or bare, you have every right to expect a return from him. If he refuses to keep his area neat, you can go ahead and let yours turn into a wild jungle.

6 No Preference

According to the AskMen survey on pubic hair, 15 percent of men had no opinion on whether they prefer if a woman goes bare, trims, or goes all natural. These are the guys that feel that it is the woman's business as to whether she does any landscape down below or not. They are also the guys that are happy enough that a woman wants to share herself with them, making them the most obvious keepers in the land of males.

5 It Shows What We Think Of Ourselves

Apparently, whether we choose to trim, go natural, or all bare says something about the woman. This is, of course, guy logic. A woman who goes bare is sexy, but might also be insecure about her womanhood. A woman who leaves on a bit of hair is naughty, but also accepts that she is an adult woman. A woman who goes all natural is either a slob and doesn't care about her appearance or she has no problems with being a total woman, in charge of her own life. In other words, we are doomed if we do and doomed if we don't. And men say we are confusing?

4 Waxing Signals Income

Guys aren't completely stupid all of the time. Like women, they do want to know a bit about their date's finances. It just so happens that they do know that waxing and maintaining a well manicured pubic region costs money. When a guy sees a Brazilian, he knows right off the bat that she had to pay someone to perfect her bikini area and that signals money. Now, whether she is paying for this herself or having someone else pay for it is a whole other story, but on the first undressing, the guy knows that someone has a disposable income.

3 Pheromones

Some guys go about attraction in a scientific manner and they already know all about the body's natural pheromones. It just so happens that pubic hair, even a little bit of it, can capture and hold onto the body's pheromones. This makes women and men more attractive to the opposite sex, whether that other person likes pubic hair or not.

2 The Bareness Makes Them Uncomfortable

Some guys are uncomfortable with the bareness. In fact, 38 percent of men in the AskMen survey think that a woman should have some hair down there that is well groomed. These guys believe that a woman should be a woman and not try to look like a prepubescent girl. In fact, these guys are very uncomfortable with the bald look.

1 Like The Feel Of It


In spite of the AskMen survey that shows most college age men preferring a bald or well trimmed vajayjay, Men's Health counters that many men actually do love the feel of hair down there. This is particularly true of the older men who have more than likely stopped the manscaping routine and have settled into leaving their own bodies natural.


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