13 Things All Women Secretly Hate About Their Best Friend

There’s no doubt you love your best friend. She is the one who sticks by your side no matter what, and who is always there to pour a hefty glass when needed (bad breakup, celebratory toast, just because). But you also can’t deny there are some things - secret things you wouldn’t even think about telling your best friend (duh!) - that drive you crazy about her. Whether she shows off too much of her perfectly perky cleavage while in front of your boyfriend or she eats the last piece of chocolate stashed in your cabinet, there are traits in your BFF that irk the crap out of you. Instead of keeping them all to yourself - who are you going to tell if you can’t tell your best friend - embrace these annoying qualities here, right now. Get ready to indulge because here are 13 things all women hate about their best friend.

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13 Take Too Long To Respond To Your Texts

You know that your best friend has her phone on her at all times. If she’s not taking a Kardashian-like selfie, she’s texting her man, her assistant, even her maid. She’s pretty much on that thing 24/7, but when you try to get in touch with her it’s almost impossible to get a response right away. She either doesn’t pick up when you call or she doesn’t respond to your text until hours later when you’re not even interested anymore. So what’s the deal? Granted, you’re her best friend so she knows she can be chill with you, even when it comes to responding to your texts. And sure, that’s great you guys are so tight but when did that mean it's okay to slack?

12 She Can Eat Or Drink Anything

The two of you work out the same amount, eat the same kinds of healthy foods and keep the drinking to the minimum - like happy hour and brunch time. However, she is the one with the banging body and you’re still left with that tummy pouch you can’t seem to get rid of. WTF? Okay, so her body type might be different - she’s tall and lean, while you’re short and athletic - or her metabolism might be rocking while yours could use a few pointers. Whatever it is, you’re totally not a fan.

11 Is More Successful

Of course you’re happy with your friend’s success. Hey, she’s worked her butt off to get there so she totally deserves it, but you can’t deny how it makes you feel about yourself. While she’s climbing the corporate ladder, you’re still playing in the sandbox. It doesn’t seem fair, especially if you’ve been working just as hard as she has. But the worst is when she hasn’t worked hard to get where she is and you have been busting it. How unfair is that? When you’re pulling in 40-50 hours a week making just enough to pay for rent, she’s working maybe 20 and nabbing a new Hermes bag in between.

10 Not Respectful With Your Stuff

She’s super anal about anyone touching her things without asking but when it comes to her manhandling your stuff, she doesn’t give it any thought. She goes through your refrigerator like it’s her own and eats whatever she feels she can - you’re best friends, right? Why wouldn’t she be able to have the leftover Chinese food you were saving for dinner? And your closet? Forget it. She walks in there like she owns it (making it a mess in the process) and isn’t afraid to put something on with or without your permission. Good luck getting any of it back.

9 She Has No Money

Okay, so if you don’t have the overly successful best friend, chances are you have the moocher without any money. Look, you feel bad for her because she is so broke all the time but you don’t feel bad because she isn’t about to do anything about it. She hardly works and always spends her money on going out or expensive clothes that she definitely can’t afford. And in return? She’s looking for a handout or at least for you to pay for drinks, dinner or whatever the two of you do together. Why is it okay for you to work and pay for things, and not her?

8 Never Takes Your Advice (Even When She Asks For It)

How annoying is it when your best friend is constantly complaining about something, asks for your advice but then doesn’t take it? For example, she’s upset about her boyfriend because he did a real bonehead thing - like forgot her birthday or cheated on her with a stripper - and she asks you what you think she should do. When you tell her to confront him or leave him (there’s no way you’d forgive the stripper incident) she gets angry with you because you’re telling her something she doesn’t want to hear. Therefore, doesn’t take your advice. The end result? She’s miserable and you can’t say anything about it.

7 She Leaves You For a New Man

Your best friend is always by your side until a new man walks into her life. When she meets a new dude, gone are the days you two are grabbing coffee in the afternoon or enjoying wine with Netflix on the weekends. Instead, she’s too busy spending all of her time with her new main squeeze - and that ain’t you. And to make matters worse, you probably won’t see her again until you get a guy so the four of you double date, or he breaks up with her and you have to console her.

6 She Talks About Her Man Too Much

If she’s not around her man too much, she’s talking about him constantly. Ugh. There’s only so much you can hear about how sweet he is for taking out the garbage or how cute he is when he snores in her ear. Why can’t you two go out and rip it up without talking about her guy constantly? But if you ask her this she either gets offended or tells you how you won't understand until you meet a guy as amazing as hers. Oh please. Like you need a guy to have a conversation.

5 She’s Still Friends With Your Exes

Isn’t the old saying, chicks before d*cks? So why is your best friend still buddy-buddy with your old flame? You took him off all your social media because you want to start fresh, but she still keeps him on there checking out his status - and pics. Weird! What’s even weirder is when you tell her not to do it. Ya know, maybe you need some space from your ex and don’t want to know he’s already dating someone new. Aren’t friends supposed to have your back and not your ex’s?

4 She Looks Better Than You

You put on this killer outfit for girls night and you’re loving it. Everything is working for you, even your hair and makeup. But once you get to the wine bar to meet your best friend, she walks in with an even better outfit, with much better hair! And the whole bit about loving your makeup? Well, guess what? She’s not even wearing any and she looks better than you. So now, instead of feeling gorgeous you feel anything but, and prefer sitting home with a bottle of wine alone than in public with her - really, how does a person look that good?

3 Men Hit On Her More Than You

Maybe she’s more confident than you, or perhaps a little more flirty, but whatever the reason, men are always hitting on her more than you. The two of you are looking good, feeling great but for some reason the guys are only flocking to her side, leaving you alone in the dust - or worse, with the loser friend that hasn’t been laid in years. Yikes, talk about a shot to the self-esteem. The absolute worst is when she’s not even single and the guys are hitting on her, but steering clear of you. Ya know, the single one that can actually go home with one of them.

2 She’s On Her Phone All The Time

Sure, we live in a digital world where most of us are glued to our phones, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. Your best friend doesn’t seem to understand that because she is on hers all the time, especially when you two are out. She’s snapping selfies (not even including you) and sticking them on Instagram all while checking out other peoples' posts and texting along the way. It’s so annoying to try to talk to her about the things going on in your life -like that terrible date you went on with the guy from Bumble - because, well, she’s just not listening.

1 She Makes Time For Everyone But You

Okay, so she doesn’t completely ignore you - she wouldn’t be your best friend if she did - but it always seems like she’s down to make plans with others before you. Now, this can be because she’s so comfortable with you she doesn’t feel weird about putting you on the back burner now and then, but whatever. It still sucks. You feel completely left out and wonder what’s up. Maybe she has a man, or even a family, but she still needs to show you a little love, too. You are her best bud after all.

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