13 Surprising Details About Jinger Duggar's Life (+ 7 Things We Expected)

Chances are most people have heard of the Duggar family. The clan was initially introduced to audiences in a few documentaries they participated in, and their unique family eventually inspired a network to create a reality show for them.

The show basically just documented their day to day lives and activities, which seems like a pretty boring premise for an average family living in Arkansas. There was one unique thing about them, though—they had a truly impressive amount of children.

In fact, the title of their show actually had to change twice, from 17 Kids and Counting to 18 Kids and Counting before the final 19 Kids and Counting. With the show, fans around the world got to know Michelle and Jim-Bob Duggar and their brood.

While their family's show has now been canceled, several of the older Duggar sisters have stayed in the spotlight through their own reality show, Counting On—including Jinger Duggar.

Many fans are fascinated by Jinger because she's a bit different than the other Duggars and doesn't always follow the family's rules. She's a wife, a new mom, and she's stretching her wings and carving out the life she wants for herself—and we can't help but be fascinated!

Here are 13 surprising details about Jinger Duggar's life, and 7 that we kind of expected.

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20 Total Surprise: She's An Aspiring Photographer (And Took Her Sister's Engagement Photos)

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

We have to imagine there wasn't a ton of room in the budget for fun classes when the Duggars were growing up. After all, there were so many of them! While they definitely did some creative activities at home, we doubt Jinger was heading to photography school. However, she's nurtured her passion for photography in her own way, teaching herself some of the tricks of the trade.

Jinger had no shortage of subjects growing up with so many siblings around, and would often snap shots of her siblings. And, she even took the engagement photos for her older sis Jill! Perhaps Jinger will become the official family wedding photographer in the years to come.

19 Total Surprise: She Breaks The Duggar Dress Code And Wears Pants

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

One of the things that people first identify about the Duggars is the way they dress. They're a conservative family, and it's not just that they're opposed to showing skin—they're opposed to women wearing anything but skirts. The Duggar girls were always in long skirts and modest tops, and Jinger followed those rules when she was under her parents' roof.

When she moved out on her own with her hubby Jeremy, though, she started to experiment a little with her style—and started wearing pants! It doesn't seem like such a big deal to most of us, but from a Duggar, that's a huge statement.

18 Total Surprise: She Listens To Secular Music

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Jinger has never been outspoken about her family's religion or their way of life. However, since becoming an adult and moving out of the family home, she's been spreading her wings a little bit and showing the world that she's an independent woman! That independence extends to her wardrobe as well as the music playing in her car when she's driving around running errands.

Growing up, the Duggar children were not allowed to listen to secular music. However, as an adult, Jinger has shown a few times that she's not afraid to mix up her musical playlists and include a little bit of everything.

17 Total Surprise: Forget Arkansas, She's A City Girl At Heart

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

Jinger Duggar grew up in a fairly rural setting in Arkansas, and many assumed that she would live in a similar place when she got married. However, she and her hubby Jeremy have bucked the family trend a little bit—and it may be because Jinger simply isn't all that drawn to rural life.

As she confessed to HuffPost, "I'd be OK anywhere but the city would be awesome." We never would have guessed that the girl who grew up in such sheltered surroundings would be excited to give city living a try, but obviously she felt she was missing out! Perhaps she'll get the chance to live in a few exciting places as a young wife and mom.

16 Total Surprise: She Married Someone With A Bit Of A Past

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Most of the Duggar sisters marry men who are, well, just regular guys. They may be known in the community they live in, but most people don't really know anything about them in the larger world. Jinger stands apart from her sisters in that way because she married Jeremy Vuolo, a former professional soccer player.

While he wasn't an A-List pro athlete who was known around the world, he had enough eyes on him that a little dirt was dug up about his past when he started dating Jinger. While he's a pastor now and all about religion, back in his younger years, he wasn't afraid to party and consume adult beverages. And, he even got arrested at one point!

15 Total Surprise: She's The Only Sister To Not Immediately Have A Baby After Tying The Knot

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

You might think that growing up in a house packed with so many siblings would make you hesitant to become a parent. After all, why not enjoy a little peace and quiet with your new hubby first? Well, most of the Duggar sisters take a different perspective—all the older Duggars who got married had babies pretty much right away. As in, they were already moms before their 1st wedding anniversary happened.

That's what happened with Jill, and Jessa, and Joy-Anna. So, most people assumed that Jinger would follow in her sisters' footsteps. However, she surprised everyone by not immediately getting pregnant—she and Jeremy were married for about two years before announcing they were expecting.

14 Total Surprise: She Found Being A New Mom Challenging

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

Jinger definitely has plenty of experience around children. After all, she grew up in a household filled with babies and had to help out with her younger siblings a lot. However, that doesn't mean that becoming a mom was automatically easy. In fact, Jinger has confessed that initially "I was intimidated by 24/7 care of an infant."

We kind of see her point—it's one thing to watch your siblings for an evening while your parents are out, and it's entirely different to be the sole person responsible for a tiny baby. Jinger seems to be loving her role as a mom, though and is constantly posting adorable shots of her and baby Felicity on IG.

13 Total Surprise: She May Not Be As Close To Her Father As She Once Was

via: inquisitr.com

The Duggar family is definitely a lot closer than your average family. Heck, growing up with so many people in the house at all times kind of made that a requirement! However, that doesn't mean that everything is always perfect between every member of the family.

In fact, there are some rumors that Jinger may not be quite as close to dad Jim-Bob now as she was back in her younger years. And, a lot of that is because of her husband. While her hubby is a pastor, he doesn't necessarily follow every single rule her father set out for the family—which is an issue in Jim-Bob's world.

12 Total Surprise: She Met Her Hubby Through Her Sister, Jessa

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

It's always interesting to hear about how the Duggars meet their partners. After all, they grew up in a fairly rural setting and are quite isolated in many ways. How many opportunities do you really have to meet someone like that? It seems to have worked out for a few of them so far, although Jinger and Jeremy are a bit of a different story.

They're from totally different worlds, and many fans wonder where and how they met. It turns out, it was through Jessa! Jinger's sister Jessa and Jessa's hubby Ben Seewald were friends with Jeremy, as they'd done a Bible study together. Jeremy ended up visiting his pals at one point, met Jinger, and the rest is history.

11 Total Surprise: She's Turned Into A Total Bookworm After Marriage

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

Jinger's hubby Jeremy Vuolo is constantly posting shots of his book-filled office and what he's reading. He's always looking to better himself and increase his knowledge about what he teaches, which is definitely admirable. And, it seems that his attitude has rubbed off on Jinger as well!

We're not sure what the Duggars' stance was towards reading growing up, but it never seemed like something Jinger was passionate about. However, having a hubby who is passionate about books has transformed her into a bit of a bookworm as well. She's shared with her fans on social media that she loves reading now. Who knows, maybe she'll start up a book club someday!

10 Total Surprise: She Loves To Flip Cars

via: youtube.com

Back when she was younger, Jinger had a storyline on the family's reality show where she learned how to flip cars. It doesn't seem like something that the Duggar women would really get into—after all, cars are typically a male-dominated field, and the Duggars are very into male/female traditional roles.

However, her parents allowed Jinger to explore her passion, and she's stayed interested in it ever since! She's obviously not flipping cars every week—she's got her hands full with a new baby nowadays. However, it's likely a fun hobby that brings a little extra income into the household, which is always a bonus.

9 Total Surprise: She's Moving To Los Angeles Soon

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

It seems like Jinger's dream of living in a big city will be coming true really soon! She's followed her hubby Jeremy's work since they got married, first moving to Laredo, Texas, where he got a position with a local church. Now, the Vuolo family is packing up their bags again and moving across the country to somewhere much, much different than Arkansas or Texas—sunny Los Angeles, California!

Jeremy made the decision to pursue graduate studies there, and Jinger is obviously following him to keep the family together. We can't wait to see her adventures in L.A.! You know that the Vuolo family will take the opportunity to explore all the fun attractions in the area.

8 Total Surprise: Her Hubby Is A Pastor — But Not In The Same Religion As The Duggars

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

Many people who don't know much about religion might assume that Jinger's hubby Jeremy is the most religious out of all the Duggar husbands. After all, he's a pastor! And while he might be more knowledgeable than Jinger's sisters' hubbies, that doesn't automatically put him at the top of the list in Michelle and Jim-Bob's books.

You see, while her hubby is a pastor, it isn't the same religion that Jinger was raised in. It's definitely similar, but there are a lot of differences. We have a feeling that as the children get older and start living their own lives, they may have a few more challenging conversations around the Duggar dinner table during holidays!

7 Totally Expected: She Didn't Have Her First Kiss Until Her Wedding Day

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

The Duggars have very, very strict rules about what couples are allowed to do during the courting process. They aren't even allowed to share private text messages, and they certainly aren't allowed to engage in much physical closeness. However, Jinger took things to an even stricter level than most, along with her other siblings.

She and Jeremy didn't even kiss before their wedding day! She waited until her big day to finally lock lips with her husband, which is definitely a huge rarity in today's day and age. It seems strange to some, but it obviously worked for them—they appear to be as crazy in love now as they were a few years ago when they tied the knot.

6 Totally Expected: Her Relationship With Jeremy Moved Really Quickly

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

Due to their strict courting rules, Duggar relationships tend to move a little bit faster in the commitment sense than other relationships. After all, it's unheard of for any Duggar to move in with a partner before marriage, so you're not going to get a couple living together for a decade before tying the knot, as many non-religious couples do.

However, Jinger and Jeremy definitely moved a little faster than most—hey, when you know you've found the right one, why wait? The two began courting in June of 2016, were engaged about a month later, and were married that very same year in November. Talk about a breakneck romance! It seems insane to most, but to the Duggars, it's actually not all that strange.

5 Totally Expected: Family Is Really Important To Her

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

As you might expect, given that she was raised in such a family-centric way, Jinger places a huge value and priority on her family. She makes sure to foster her relationships and is often seen spending time with her parents, her in-laws, and her sisters.

Jinger hasn't been too outspoken about her plans regarding her own growing family, but we wouldn't be too surprised if she and Jeremy ended up having quite a few kids. She seems to really enjoy being a mom, and after her parents' example, even raising three or four children probably seems like a piece of cake!

4 Totally Expected: She Didn't Think Televising Her Wedding Was A Big Deal

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

Most people would find the idea of having their wedding day televised really anxiety-inducing. After all, what if something goes wrong, or some random viewer judges the things you were so proud of? And, it's a really private thing for most people—it's not something the average person would feel comfortable sharing with the world.

However, Jinger Duggar really didn't think it was a big deal. It makes a lot of sense—she's had cameras in her home ever since she was a child. She grew up with her life on television, so having her wedding captured on camera was no big deal to her.

3 Totally Expected: She's Keeping Her Long Hair

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

Jinger may have swapped out her skirts and dresses for pants some of the time, but there's one part of her personal style that has remained the same—her hair. The Duggar women are all known for their long, flowing locks, and though Jinger has experimented with different styles and slightly different shades, she's kept the length.

You might think that she'd be tempted to go for a shorter cut now that she's a new mom with a baby to take care of, but for now, she's keeping her long hair, as all her sisters have. Who knows, though—maybe Jinger will be the first Duggar woman to rock a pixie cut. How crazy would that be?

2 Totally Expected: She Had Baby Felicity At 24

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

Jinger may have waited a bit longer to have her first child than some of her sisters, but that doesn't mean she was an older mom. In fact, though she waited about two years after tying the knot to have baby Felicity, she was still a mom by the time she was 24.

That might not be super young, especially not in the world where she was raised, but it's still pretty young by the average person's standards. It's probably a blast for her to get the chance to raise her daughter alongside some of her older siblings, like Jessa and Jill.

1 Totally Expected: She Fell For Her Hubby On A Mission Trip

via: instagram.com/jingervuolo

Though they come from different worlds, there's just something about Jinger and Jeremy that makes a lot of sense. The two seem to mesh on so many levels and have a lot of the same core beliefs. That's why it's not all that surprising to hear that they ended up really falling for one another on a mission trip.

As Jinger admitted to People, "it was there [on a mission trip] that I really saw his heart and really admired his character." So cute! Jeremy is obviously busy with his role as a pastor, and Jinger is busy as a new mom, but we're betting these two find plenty of opportunities to give back—that's just who they are!

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