13 Signs You've Reached Adulthood

You've probably noticed small things you've been doing recently to be all the proof you need that you're adulting. Is it just you or is this an epidemic that every person gets to in their life. Things you never cared about start mattering more to you, and you can't seem to figure out where it all started. Want to know if you're a grown up? Here are 13 signs you've reached adulthood.

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13 Your Thread Count Goes From 80 to 450

When you start investing in some quality linen, you know you're adulting. So far gone are the days where sleeping on rough sheets on your twin size bed are a thing. Now you've acquired quite a taste. You snarl at anything below a 300 thread count, and as far as you're concerned, you're sleeping like a Queen.

12 You're Ordering Extra Espresso

You've had it up to here with all of the busy work your boss has been giving you lately, and you're fueling your smile by way of espresso just to get through the day. Don't worry, you're not alone, and if it takes 5+ shots of espresso in your coffee every morning, afternoon, and night, so be it.

11 You've Got Student Loans

You're avoiding 800 numbers to keep from paying that monthly bill. You've tried everything from blocking their number to ignoring them, but now their after 6 pm calls are getting a little aggressive. You're convinced they should understand you've gotta make a living without being pick-pocketed by "the man."

10 You're Waking Up Early

You are, by choice or not, waking up when the sun starts to rise, and watching the sun go down through your office window. Setting your alarm in the morning is nonessential at this point, since your body knows when it's time to get up and kick the day's ass.

9 You Start Lying About Your Age

Parties were cute a few years ago when you were turning 21, 23, but now you're getting a little sick of how fast time is moving and you want to find the pause button and fast. It may be a week before your birthday and no one knows what you want, where you want to go, if you won't feel like just sleeping through it, and your age is just a mystery at this point.

8 You're Tired After Two Beers

You and your girls are going out to dinner and plan on dancing till the sun is up afterwards at one of your mutually favorite bars since you were 22. Dinner happens and so do a couple of beers a piece, but now you're sitting there in a full frump waiting for the other person to back out of going dancing so you can seem like the more fun of the two.

7 You Start Sounding Like Your Mom

All of that teenage rebellion of yours is long gone and there's a new sheriff in town called rules and standards. Nothing gets past you and if something is bothering you, you make it clear in the most constructive and assertive way possible. If you don't have kids yet, your pets are more than likely getting an earful of your adult rants.

6 You Find Deeper Meaning In Childhood Films

You are picking at every single detail in animated films that once had you captivated because of the adventure, the vibrant colors, and the songs. Now you're noticing sexist and bigoted remarks, subliminal messages, and even convinced that every childhood movie you watched was really for adult viewers only.

5 You're Buying Lambrusco

You've had your share of pricey wines, but an old faithful is a good old jumbo bottle of Lambrusco. It's cheap, tasty, and gets the job done. You know exactly where to get it and that you'll always have plenty if you have a few friends come over to gossip.

4 You're Comparing Prices

You've got something on your list. It's probably a vacuum cleaner. But you're "shopping around" to get the best price. Even though the price hasn't changed in months, you're determined to get that steal of a deal and no one is going to stop you, not even Ms. Impulsive.

3 You're Living Alone

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That college dorm you held down with 3 other roommates is something you can't even fathom these days. How did you ever share a bathroom, a TV, and sometimes even body wash with a complete stranger. You can't even begin to guess how that was even possible. Now everything happens at your pace including the noise and light situation. You wouldn't have it any other way.

2 You Have A New Appreciation For Appliances

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What's a mini-fridge? All you care about now is a stainless steel fridge fully loaded with 2 ice settings and quality is everything to you. You know exactly what an investment is and what's not. Let's not even begin to get started with your washer and dryer preference.

1 You Do Whatever You Want

You come home when you want, go wherever you want and do so with a smile on your face. You get to see places in the world you never even thought about, and take up ballroom dancing because you know what? You can! See, not everything about being an adult is kind of a drag.

sources: elitedaily.com

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