13 Signs You're Obsessed With 'The Bachelor/Bachelorette'

The Bachelor franchise has brought up a whole new set of super fans. 'Bachelor Nation' was born and there is absolutely no need to be ashamed of being a part of it. Dedicating your Monday nights to watching shirtless men, awkward dates, women in tears and people with the strangest jobs (a "chicken enthusiast?"). There is also something so addicting about watching girls that are so much crazier than you are. And the drama. We gotta love the drama.

'Bachelor Nation' fans take it to the next level with their fandom. We have been dedicated and loyal fans for 20 seasons and have no plans of stopping. From the live-tweeting and the viewing parties. Here are a few signs that when it comes to The Bachelor/Bachelorette you are more than just a fan. You’re OBSESSED.

13  Your Monday Nights Are Booked

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Monday nights are solely reserved for the show. No romantic dates are planned, no Zumba class, and just simply no distractions at all. DVR-ing the show is just not an option either. Watching The Bachelor in real-time is the only way to go. If someone wants to hang out with you, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or any other day will work but Monday is a no-go. Your mom wants to plan a movie night with you on Monday? No, sorry mom. I have a date with The Bachelor.

12  You Roll Your Eyes When People Tell You It's Fake

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So you're saying that the 2-on-1 dates are planned by the producers because they pick one girl he likes and one girl he doesn't like just so the girl he doesn't like (or the producer's don't like) goes home? No way...Of course we know that! Yeah there are moments that just don't make sense to us and have us going "hmmm," but it doesn't make us want to stop watching it. Sorry, but you're going to have to pick a better reason for us not to watch it. Next!

11 You "Hulk" Out When Someone Tries To Talk To You During The Show

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Oh so you want to talk to me about how I don't wash the dishes, leave my paperwork everywhere, need to pick up some toilet paper from Walgreens and mow the lawn all while I'm watching Ben give out roses to the girls he totally shouldn't give them to?! I DON'T THINK SO. The only people who should be talking between 8pm and 10pm are the one's on the television screen. Talk to me tomorrow when I have more time and I'm not watching Ben's cute face. K thanks!

10 You Go To Chris Harrison For Relationship Advice

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Chris Harrison. What would The Bachelor be without Chris Harrison? Our Monday nights just would not be the same without good ole Chris. You can't help but think that while he was giving Kaitlyn or Andi some relationship advice, he was giving you some advice too. And when Chris wrote his romance novel The Perfect Letter, you were pretty sure that he wrote it specifically for you. Nicholas Sparks who? Okay, okay we won't go that far, but we still love him.

9  If Someone Deletes The New Episode From The DVR, They're Dead Meat

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Okay so you couldn't watch the latest episode of The Bachelor right at 8pm because you're boss gave you a deadline, but as soon as you get home and have some time you go to your DVR and watch it. But wait. Where is it? Why can't you find it? Someone deleted it. OH HECK NO. All hell breaks loose if someone deletes the new episode you've been dying to watch all night and you accuse every single person in your household until they admit it. Yeah, it's that important to you.

8 You're Part Of A Bachelor Fantasy League

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Fantasy football leagues ain't got nothing on your Bachelor Fantasy League! "Become Commissioner, invite friends to play, and move to the mansion." Those are the words of just one of many fantasy leagues that are out there for those die-hard Bachelor fans. You finally get to show all your friends how good you are at predicting which ladies will stay the longest and those who won't last one second in the mansion. Whoever thought about starting this league was genius.

7 You Compare Your Real Life Dates To "The Bachelor" Dates

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The poor men of the world now have to live up to so many things. No helicopter rides over The Grand Canyon?! No personal Josh Krajcik concert?! No free-falling over a Los Angeles skyscraper?! Please tell me you at least planned for us to climb the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Ugh, fine. Going to the wine and paint night in Santa Monica will do...for now. Well a girl can dream right?

6 You Became Depressed After Bachelor Pad Was Cancelled

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Bachelor Pad was a reality show gift sent to all Bachelor super fans. Putting together some of the notorious and craziest contestants eliminated from previous seasons to compete for love (a rose) or money ($250,000) definitely made for great television. When you got the news that the show wasn't coming back for the next season, your heart broke. What were you supposed to do now that The Bachelor/Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad were not on?!

5 Bachelor In Paradise Is Your Guilty Pleasure

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Who cares that Bachelor Pad was cancelled! Now you have Bachelor In Paradise, which is ten times better. Again, placing previously eliminated and very good-looking contestants on an island to find love with one another was brilliant. And not only are you excited that it replaced your lonely Monday nights, it is also on Sunday night, which is a double dose of fun. From Ashley Iaconetti's horrific crying to the manipulative Samantha Steffen, you have to admit this is one of your guilty pleasures.

4 You Have A 'Bachelor Nation' Group Text With Your Friends

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Okay so you don't really want to speak with your roommates or anyone during The Bachelor, but texting your 'Bachelor Nation' group message is totally fine. I mean, there are commercials during the show. Yes, it is a group chat on your iPhone discussing nothing but the interesting women chosen to be Ben's soulmates, the extremely awkward group dates and to talk about how good Mr. Higgins looks in a suit. This might be your favorite group text of them all.

3 You Host Or Attend Viewing Parties

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You are the hostess with mostest every Monday night as you host your "Bachelor" viewing parties at your pad. Again, you don't like speaking to anyone during the show but if they love The Bachelor/Bachelorette just as much as you do that is totally one exception to the rule. All your favorite wines, snacks and best friends all in one room while watching your favorite show of all time makes for the best night ever.

2 Roses Are Your Favorite Flower

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"Kaitlyn, will you accept this rose?" Rose after rose after rose. The beautiful red flower that symbolizes love (and heartbreak for those ex-contestants on the show that didn't receive one their last night in the mansion). How can a rose not become your favorite flower after 20 seasons of watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette? Your current or future boyfriend better know what flowers to get you on Valentine's day.

1 Life Without The Bachelor Wouldn't Be The Same

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"What is life without The Bachelor?" is one question you never want to ask yourself. Ever. No roses, no tears, no love? Your Monday nights would never be the same. When the series isn't on television, you just aren't sure what to do with yourself. Maybe you'll make up for that time you denied your mom a movie night? Plan that romantic date night with your boyfriend? Maybe even mow that lawn that has been neglected for three months? Nah, you'll just patiently wait til next season.

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