13 Signs You're Obsessed With Taking Selfies

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have definitely taken a selfie or two in your lifetime. You may even be known as the selfie queen among your group of friends. You know everything that makes a selfie great. From the lighting to the camera angles. You can even tell which filters will look best on which photos before you even get to the editing process. If there was a selfie 101 class, you would qualify to teach it.

When you see people in public standing around for what seems like forever trying out different poses in order to achieve the perfect selfie to no avail. You have the intense urge to offer them some guidance. You cringe whenever you see terribly lit and badly posed selfies on social media and can’t help yourself but to silently critic them.

There’s a fine line between being a bona fide selfie queen and a selfie addict. Have you crossed it?

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13 You Have Angles Down To A Science


When you bring your phone out to snap your selfie, there’s no guessing games and no need to try multiple angles and heights. You just know on a subconscious level which hand to hold the camera in to get your good side and you bring your phone to the perfect angle every single time without even thinking about it. You never take an unflattering selfie. You slay in all of them. You have paid your dues by taking countless selfies in the past – practice makes perfect - and now you have mastered angles in ways that only Instagram models and geometrist’s have.

12 Your Phone Runs Out Of Space All The Time


You know that little notification that pops up to tell you that your phones memory is full? Of course you do! It’s a common sight for you and you have even come to expect it often. And the frustration of having to clear up space in a hurry just to take a selfie is something you have experienced on more than one occasion. But you’re a smart girl so you know that before going to a party or out with friends that you need to take a few minutes and clear your phone so you can avoid this issue at some seriously inconvenient times. Like when you’re about to get that prized selfie with the hot guy you’re crushing on.

11 You Pride Yourself On Your Selfie Game

When it comes to taking selfies you know that no one compares to you. You slay in every single photo you take. And while most people are combing through the hundreds of photos they snapped trying to find just one good one that is worth sharing. You have the opposite problem. You’re faced with the reality that most of your selfies are share worthy and you struggle with narrowing it down to the best one. In fact, as far as you’re concerned your ability to take great selfies is actually one of your best traits. You’re basically a selfie connoisseur.

10 You Have A Selfie For Every Occasion

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, you can bet you’ve got a selfie to document it. Your little sister's dance recital. Happy selfie with her on stage in the background. Just got hired for a new job. Excited selfie with the hiring manager. Sitting in the salon chair after a new haircut. Mirror Selfie where you channeled your inner Kardashian. The funeral of your beloved grandma. An emotional selfie. You’ve covered it all. Every one of your life’s experiences – both the good and bad - has been documented thoroughly through the eyes of a lens. You even consider your selfies the photo journal of your life. If you don’t have a selfie to show for it, did it even happen? You don’t think so.

9 You’re Often Late

Sure, you show up at least a few minutes late to almost everything. But your friends and family expect it by now. Your life motto is “but first let me take a selfie.” And you know how important it is to search for the right lighting that will illuminate the photo beautifully and capture the essence that is you, all while showing off your flawless contour. It’s important that you keep your loyal fans updated with your most recent selfie even if that means being punctual has to be put on the back burner. After all, how else will they know what you were up to and how incredible you looked?

8 You Have A Signature Pose

Anyone browsing through your photos can see that you have a signature pose. And why shouldn’t you? Everyone who’s anyone has a signature pose. It’s the pose you are naturally good at and you can’t help but rock it in the majority of your selfies. It just makes you look so good! And when you strike it you know you just landed the shot. Because there’s no way you couldn’t have. With this pose, you’ve nailed down the ideal head tilt that thins out your face and jaw line, making you look like the photogenic goddess that you know you are.

7 You Know What Works

When most people take a selfie they don’t care about the logistics behind it. In fact, they don’t even think about it. They simply take the picture and move on. But not you. Because you know what takes a selfie from “Oh, that’s a nice pic.” to “Wow, she’s really killing it!” And being the selfie queen that you are, you would never settle for a mediocre selfie like some novice. You’re probably cringing at the thought of it. Your selfies always have great lighting and perfect poses. When it comes to filters you don’t need to click randomly through them to see what looks best because you instinctively know which works for each photo before you upload it.

6 You Can’t Help But Take A Selfie When You Find Perfect Lighting

Occasionally by sheer luck, you find yourself in a situation that has amazing lighting. When this happens there’s no time to spare. Light changes fast. You jump on it. Yanking out your phone, you turn to your signature pose and you get your shot. It’s almost like winning a race. You feel exhilarated and can’t help but admire the perfection staring back you through the screen. Absolute euphoria. There’s no doubt in your mind that this one might break the record for likes and you get it posted ASAP. For the selfie addict stumbling into perfect lighting is an incredible occurrence and one that should not be taken for granted.

5 You Don't Care How Many People Are Around You

You’ve just found a lovely backdrop paired with the perfect lighting. Are you going to let the fact that you’re surrounded by a ton of people stop you from taking your selfie? Not a chance. It doesn't matter to you if total strangers are watching you. Why would you care what they think anyway? You don’t and you shouldn’t. You know what the outcome will be and by now you’ve taken so many selfies in crowded places that you don’t think twice about it. If people are staring, you don’t notice. Your only concern is on the task at hand and it’s one you take very seriously.

4 You Consider It A Talent

Everyone has a talent. While some people consider theirs to be singing, dancing, juggling, etc. You consider yours to be your ability to take selfies. As far as you’re concerned you have one of the best talents and you make sure utilize it often. Some people may laugh and not consider it a talent but you know better. You are grateful it. Your selfies are always on point. Every single selfie is magic and that is a talent that some would kill for. Not everyone can reach the amount of likes you get and you know it’s because of this talent you can achieve it.

3 Your Friends Come To You For Advice On Taking The Perfect Selfie


You are the selfie guru among your friends. At times, they may feel your love for the selfie is excessive but there’s no doubt who they turn to when they need a few pointers. They can’t help but wonder how you always manage to take the best selfies. It’s everything from the angles and lighting to the poses. They know you just get it and they are dying to learn your secrets. You are able to give them the run down on everything you know including the best editing apps – you’ve tried them all. But of course, you make sure to keep tight lipped on your best kept secrets.

2 You Keep Your Makeup Instagram Worthy

I’m sure some people think you’re just vain because you always have your makeup flawlessly done. But you’ve watched a million YouTube videos in order to perfect your contour and have invested more money than you care to admit on makeup so that you rival those professional Instagram models. Putting those resources to use has to happen at this point. You can’t risk having a friend take a group shot where you aren’t looking your best and the thought of missing an opportunity to take a selfie because you didn’t think you looked up to par makes you want to scream. You think it’s best to avoid that possibility and wake up and start your beauty routine every day, even if it’s a lengthy one. There’s no question that the pro’s out way the cons and its worth it.

1 You Keep Up With The Latest Trends


Duck lips, fish gape and the perfect smile. You’ve perfected them all. You never were one of those girls who overly exaggerated them and looked ridiculous. Meticulously standing in front of a mirror and practicing each pose until you had them down happened before you ever put them into action. You’re fascinated by the latest trends and follow all of the large Instagrammers. Scrolling through blogs and social media is your favorite past time to the point that it’s a hobby. When you stumble upon a new trend that you know is going to take off you can’t help but stop everything you’re doing and try it out for yourself.

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