13 Signs You're Going To Be Successful

Being successful is the ultimate goal for us millennials. Since we know the incredible journeys of the likes of Steve Jobs, Sir. Richard Branson and of course Oprah, we're pretty inspired. We feel completely motivated to find a way to make our dreams come true. But what do successful people have in common? Maybe if we can figure out what lead them to where they are now, we can match their success. Here are 13 traits that you should have if you're going to be as successful as you're dreaming of.

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13 You Light Up Rooms

And it’s not because you love to turn on chandeliers! It’s your positivity, your inner glow that converts every issue in a new exciting challenge. Being positive is a surefire way to success, and I’m not talking about some new age philosophy forcing you to smile even if you’re breaking down. Successful people have a peculiar positive attitude that requires a deep connection with themselves, and a strong belief that their future hasn’t been written yet. If you live with purpose and positivity, building your future one day at a time, that’s a sign you’re going to be successful!

12 Harsh Words Won’t Bring You Down

A characteristic of successful people is that they understand they’re not the center of the world. They know what kind of criticism they should consider and what they should let go. Understanding how to constructively deal with criticism and negative feedback tells a story about who you are. Because, obviously, how can you improve your skills and your personality if you’re not ready to fix your mistakes?

11 You Can Give Feedback To Others

In the same way that you work on criticism to improve your weaknesses, you know how to give honest feedback. Nobody likes hearing how bad they are at something, but if you know how to give a negative feedback without getting overly personal, you’re en route to success. Because leaders are there to lead the way, they won’t put anybody in the doghouse. They will give suggestions and encouragement instead.

10 Your Fave Hashtag Is #WorkHardPlayHarder

If you’re a woman, I don’t need to remind you about the glass ceiling your face is going to hit at some point in your career. But if you’re looking for a sign you’re going to be successful, here it is: you’re ready to make pretty little sequins out of that glass. You know you have to work hard... possibly harder than your male colleagues. But being a woman, you’re so determined that every encouraging hashtag is going to push you through.

9 Money Motivates You

A distinctive feature of really successful people is how they see money. They typically view their salaries as a reward, and who can deny that? Successful people who have built their fortune from scratch also see money as a big responsibility. Thoughtful leaders don't just want to make some quick dough, they want to leave their mark, help their employees and improve the lives of others. If you find yourself making plans to grow your business and help your community, that's an awesome sign of the success that is sure to come.

8 You Listen

One of the most popular books about success is Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The message? Always listen to others. The secret behind every successful person is listening to your fiends, partner, and customers. They'll tell you what you need. You can't please everyone, of course, but the key to success is definitely empathy. When people feel you're willing to listen to them, they feel pretty important, and nothing is more valuable than that.

7 You Don’t Believe In Fairy Tales

A clear sign you’re going to be successful is that you truly believe that things happen for a reason. So, you firmly think that hope is not a strategy, and when you want something you set clear steps to get your final goal. If you’re a goal-setter, you’re surely a go-getter, and once you define what you want, nobody will have the guts stop you!

6 You Value Relationships

Besides being empathetic, thoughtful, and positive, successful people live by their relationships. They value their connections and their friends and they network as easily as breathing. If you've ever watched a leader be interviewed, then chances are you've heard about their attitude towards networking and how much they stress its importance. In order for people to know your value, they have to, well, know you. If you're the kind of person who loves to openly give advice, offer help and build relationships, you're strongly oriented towards success.

5 You Have Chutzpah

Successful people don't always get the job, let alone the job interview. From Flashdance to Anna Wintour's success story (she was harshly rejected by Harper's Bazaar), you have to have the guts to push past doors that have been closed in your face. According to research, if you have the courage to force situations that are supposedly already defined, you'll be just positively aggressive enough to go far in life.

4 You Trust Yourself

If you trust yourself, people will trust you, too. Confidence and success are tied to each other and without being confident, you won't find success. As Beryl Markham said, “success breeds confidence” and she was confident enough to be the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic back in 1936.

3 You Know Being Icy Is Not A Thing

Do you know what separates women from men when it comes to being a leader? Research says women tend to value reciprocal relations more than men do. Thanks to our empathy and collaborative work style, we approach our leading roles with an extra oomph. It's a sad truth for all the icy bosses out there.

2 You Can Destress

Successful people seem to be so balanced even when they have months of work ahead. The ability to unplug from stress and avoid feeling overwhelmed is something you can learn. But one of the signs that tell you’re going to succeed in your life is the willingness to find time to cultivate yourself. This means you really believe you have room for your personal growth and that you care about your well-being before anything else, and you don't feel guilty about taking much-needed time off.

1 You’re Hungry And Foolish

One of the most thoughtful speeches ever heard by the millennial generation was the 2005 commencement speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford University. The last four words he said -- "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." -- should be your gospel and basically the quote that you live by. It's the final synthesis of how successful people lead their lives and will lead the way for years to come. If you're always hungry to know how things work and you always want to try new experiences without being afraid of losing your status, chances are you're hungry and foolish... and also going to be wildly successful.

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