13 Signs You Deserve Better Than Him

Dating and relationships can be pretty weird. Sometimes we go through periods of time where there isn't a single person on our radar, but then other times we end up spending too much time with the wrong people. As hard (and confusing) at it can be, moving on from the people who aren't giving us everything we need is really the only way to find the people who can. Of course, that can take some blind leaps of faith. Here are 12 signs that you deserve better, even if the guy you're with seems like the perfect guy on paper.

12 He Won't Commit

This is really a no-brainer, and yet it can be so hard to come to terms with for some reason. If a guy refuses to give you the commitment that you feel you need, then you should wipe the slate clean and make room for someone who can. It's hard to walk away when a guy is totally awesome otherwise, but things will end eventually and only you can determine how much time you should spend with this guy in the meantime.

11 He Stresses You Out

Any relationship will have its share of stressors and worries, but a good relationship will add so much good to your life that you won't feel weighed down from stress and anxiety. Stress can be your body's way of letting you know that something is off, and you should try to figure out what it's trying to tell you. Relationships require compromise and making room for someone else, but you shouldn't be putting yourself too far out to take care of someone that isn't taking care of you.

10 You Don't Want To Be Intimate

One of the differences between a friend and a boyfriend is that you share a mutual attraction, and for most people, this involves doing the deed. If you're not attracted to him you don't have to force yourself into being with him, even if he has everything else going for him. Sometimes this sort of thing is a phase, but if there's no passion in the relationship, you should do both of you a favor and cut it off so you can be open to other people.

9 He Puts You Down

It can get super confusing when a guy acts one way toward you and a different way to everyone else. It may seem personal, or even like you deserve it. But no matter how nice this guy is at the office or to his friends or even to the waitress, if he's not nice to you, then you definitely deserve better. It doesn't matter if he's putting you down in big ways or just subtle dig here and there -- it's not a part of loving and supportive relationships if it hurts.

8 You Don't Feel Like A Better You

The guy you're with shouldn't be forcing you to change. The right person is going to mesh with you so well that you'll feel like a better version of yourself with him in your life. He thinks you're sweet, funny, and attractive, and whatever else you think is special about him. Seeing yourself through his eyes is an interesting experience because it helps you realize that someone sees you as a special person.

7 Everything Is A Fight

Disagreements are normal, and fights can happen in any type of relationship. But not everything should be a fight. If it is, you will most likely find yourself censoring your behavior and find yourself saying things that don't feel like you. Not to mention that you'll be totally miserable in the meantime. When all you do is fight with people, there isn't even the time or space to relax and enjoy the bond that you supposedly share.

6 You Don't Trust Him

Trust isn't just about knowing that he isn't cheating on you, although that should definitely be part of the equation. When you trust someone, your filters and walls go down to a certain extent because this person is consistent in terms of how they respond to and treat you. Trusting someone means that they'll keep your secrets, but also that they will make changes instead of just making empty promises, and that you can count on them to be around when you need them.

5 You Feel Isolated

Maybe you've been spending less time with your friends, or you just feel like your relationship is a little lonely. You're welcome to restructure your life any way you want for a relationship, but however that happens, it should be good for both of you, not just one of you. Even if he isn't explicitly telling you to stay away from certain people or activities, if you're strongly missing your old life more than enjoying your time with him, you could probably find something better.

4 You Feel Unattractive

This has to do with the insides and the outsides and all of what makes you you. You should feel attractive when you're dating someone, because you attracted him. Of course there should already be the part of you that felt attractive before he came along, but his attraction to you should feel like a sweet bonus. If he doesn't make you feel attractive and desirable, that's really not great.

3 You Don't Feel Like Yourself Around Him

If you're not comfortable enough around him to feel like you can be yourself, that's definitely a sign that something is off. Sure, we all have our slightly shy butterfly moments when we're getting to know the hottest guy on the planet, but that's different than carrying around the feeling that he doesn't like something about you and you feeling like you need to hold that part of you in. You might not tell him every detail of your life you would tell your best friend, but you should be able to talk to him without worrying about what you say or do.

2 Something Is Missing

You know how with your best friend there are endless things to talk about, and it's easy and easy going even when things get serious? And then with some of your other friends it's still fun to hang out but that flow just isn't the same? It's fair to think that way about guys that you date too. It might not have to do with conversation per se, but there should be something with the right person that isn't there with the wrong people. You don't even have to know what it is exactly, but if you feel like you're missing something you might be right.

1 Your Gut Says He's Not The One

Everything might be in place: fun times, great guy, good in the bedroom. But if somewhere down in your gut you know that he isn't the guy for you, that is seriously something that you should listen to. It doesn't mean that the relationship has to end right away, since of course we can date guys who aren't "The One" but it does mean that when either of you get to a place in life where seriousness is a priority, you should think about it. Sometimes we just know that there's a better person out there for us, even if this guy does look pretty good with all of his qualities written down on paper.

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