13 Signs He's More Than Just A Crush

So you’ve been hanging out with this guy for some time now. At first, he was just a crush, a fun little fling. But now, he seems to be morphing into something more. You’re feelings are starting to grow and you’re noticing your actions are going along for the ride, too. But what are you to make of it? Is he more than just a crush? A guy you can see yourself with down the road? Here are 13 signs he’s much more than a crush.

13 There’s No Other Dude (Real Life Or Celeb) You’d Prefer To Hang With

You used to have plenty of guys you’d drool over - the computer guy at work, Ryan Gosling in any movie he’s in - but lately, all those other guys seem to fade in the background. The only guy that’s consistently on your mind is your current crush. And when you think about it, he’s really the only guy you want to hang out with.

12 No More Games

Remember in the beginning when you two would play the waiting game? Is he going to text me first? Am I ever going to hear from him again? Should I text him back now or wait until tomorrow so it seems like I’m busy? Yeah, those days are long gone. You get back to him when you get back to him. No waiting. No games.

11 Texts Aren’t All About Flirting

And speaking of your texts, they aren’t all flirty anymore. Sure, there are some snuck in there, but most of your exchanges are now more relaxed, asking about each other’s day and making plans to see each other. There are even those short and sweet texts you send and receive right before bed, just to tell each other goodnight.

10 You Analyze Everything He Says

All of a sudden it seems like you’re listening to everything he says. Like really listening. And you know, analyzing word for word the meaning to everything he says. Did what he just say mean what I think it means? Does he think we are in a relationship? Does he want to be in one? Your head is constantly spinning.

9 You Like Spending Time Together No Matter What You’re Doing

The two of you could be taking out the trash together and it would excite you. Before it used to be all about getting dressed up pretty for a night out with your crush, but now it doesn’t matter what you guys do, you like it all the same.

8 You Wash Your Face When He Sleeps Over

Gone are the days when you keep your makeup on all night long and wake up with a mascara-stained pillowcase. Nowadays, when he sleeps over you are all about working your nightly face washing routine into the mix. You don’t even care that he sees you do it, or - gulp - sees you without wearing any makeup.

7 He Actually Calls You

These days, everyone is texting so it’s kind of a surprise when you actually get a phone call - that isn’t work related. But he does call you and you call him. Crazy, right? Texts are no longer your only form of communication over the phone. You both actually want to hear each other’s voices on the other line.

6 You’re Eager To Tell Him How You Really Feel

When the two of you are together, you have a hard time holding in your feelings. You want to scream to the world how deeply you feel for him, and you’re anxious to let him know, too. You’re afraid to tell him because you don’t know if it will scare him off, but even more afraid of how much stronger your feelings toward him will be.

5 You Can’t Stop Wondering If He Likes You As Much As You Like Him

It’s always on your mind. You’re always questioning whether he likes you as much as you like him. Before when he was only a crush, you didn’t care because it was all in good fun. But now, you can’t stop thinking about it. You want to know how he feels but you’re terrified to ask for fear of rejection.

4 You Don’t Obsess About Not Hearing Back From Him Immediately

Before when you wouldn’t hear from him right away, you’d sort of freak out. You’d ask your friends why you haven’t heard from him and try to busy yourself with just about anything so you weren’t constantly thinking about it. But now, you go on with your day, understanding you’ll hear from him when he’s free. No biggie.

3 The Word “We” Has Much More Meaning

All of a sudden you are slipping the “we” word into your conversations. We like to go to this restaurant, we like to eat this dish. And when he does the same? It’s like you’re on top of the world. You never knew how the word “we” could drastically change your life.

2 You’re Much More Comfortable Around Him

You find that you’re not afraid to be silly when you two are together or to eat a sloppy burger in front of him and not worry about how ridiculous you look eating it. Those days of being on edge around him are long gone. Now you are comfortable and happy.

1 You Can’t Even Think About Not Seeing Him Again

The very thought of never seeing him again actually terrifies you. Your life wouldn’t feel complete without having him by your side or to talk to. Thinking about never seeing him again even keeps you up at night and has you feeling thankful for each and every day you do get to spend with him.

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