13 Signature Cocktails And What They Say About You

Believe it or not, your signature cocktail can say a lot about your personality. You’re bound to switch up your order from time to time, but there will always be that one you go back to; the one you know you should’ve ordered when you decided to stray and try something new. Our cravings and preferences are tied to our personalities, so your fondness for a particular cocktail says more about you than you may think.

When you picture a champagne cocktail, does a burly motorcycle dude come to mind? Didn’t think so. I mean, it’s totally possibly he’d order one, but you have to admit it, it would be quite the sight. And it would be equally as surprising for a quiet, introvert’s signature drink to be a margarita, would it not? You know what I’m saying. From a simple vodka soda to a loaded long island ice tea, take a look at 13 cocktails and what they say about you.

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13 Bloody Mary

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Oh, the bloody Mary; the quintessential hangover brunch cocktail. If you’re a fan of bloody Marys you’re probably a fan of having a good time, and enjoying a late brunch. You know the good this cocktail can do after a long night and it acts as a side for whatever brunch meal you choose to indulge in. You’re a fan of looking good and taking care of yourself, hence the decision to nurse your hangover with this cocktail.

12 Champagne Cocktail

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Anyone who orders a champagne cocktail is likely to be elegant, classy and sophisticated. Perhaps a young lady wearing a great cocktail dress; visions of Audrey Hepburn come to mind. Dainty and whimsical, this drink says you’re gentle and refined.

11 Vodka Soda

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One of the simplest blends in the game, a vodka soda devotee is a minimalist who prefers to keep things simple. There’s no surprises coming from you; you’re level headed and straightforward. You’re also probably watching your calories and get joy out of doing multiple spin classes a week.

10 Pimms Cup

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With low alcohol content and a refreshing mix of ingredients, if Pimms Cup is your go-to you’re likely a fan of day drinking and are known to be able to hold your liquor. You probably find it completely baffling when others are too drunk. Why can’t everyone be as classy as you?

9 Margarita

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Here comes fun! You’re the life of the party and are always the first one to get up and dance or belt out your favourite tune at karaoke. If margaritas are your drink of choice, you know how to vacation to the fullest, with lots of relaxation and time spent by the ocean or pool. People love to be around you and you’re a people-person, too.

8 Long Island Ice Tea

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A long island ice tea says you’re the type of person who wants it all. Why just have one type of liquor in your drink when you can have five? Why just stick to one flavour? Also, you’re probably the type to get hella drunk, because, well, you can’t not when you order one (or three) of these.

7 Dark N Stormy

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If dark n stormy is your poison, you’re a tough cookie with a soft edge. You’re undoubtedly mysterious and alluring at once, and you enjoy the finer things in life. Chatting with your friends with a drink in hand after a long day is all you really need.

6 Honey Bear Sour

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Sweet and sour. Just like the drink, you’re a sweetheart who has a sting. You’re not afraid to try new things, because you never know what they may lead to. You’re rebellious and adventurous, although you wouldn’t necessarily know that from looking at you. But hey, never judge a book by its cover.

5 Lemon Drop

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If your signature drink is a lemon drop, you’re likely to be the most energetic one at a party. An alcoholic lemonade in a sugar-rimmed glass is sure to get you on the dance floor. You like to party and have a good time, but likely only drink to get drunk and when you’re going all out.

4 Mai Tai

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You’re quite the party animal, and are attracted to exotic places and people. Although, you wouldn’t necessarily travel to these places, you just like the thought of them. You think of yourself as fun and others do, too.

3 Sangria

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Sassy, flirty and sweet, you’re a girly girl who loves a night with your squad. You can’t always find sangria at the bar, but you probably prefer staying in for your night out, anyways. Gabbing and laughing with your gals is all you need; doesn’t matter the location.

2 Mojito

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You’re smart, independent and a little high-maintenance. Mojtos are literally bartenders’ worst nightmare, especially on a busy night. But, you don’t really care.

1 Jack and Coke

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You’re edgy with a hardness to you, and you’re known to do your own thing. It usually takes people a little while to get to know you, but your confident and always yourself, which are great traits. You’re also complex and rebellious; very alluring.

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