13 Shockingly Affordable Celebrity Purses

For many of us who are soaking it up in this very material world, status symbols are practically part and parcel to our existence. This is no thanks to the consumerist mindset we’ve all been brainwashed with, propagated to no end by the media. It’s true. Countless people are falling into debt because we aren’t able to save our money, spending instead on non-essentials that we deem essential, such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, and travel. And not just the run-of-the-mill stuff, mind you. We always want the best that money (and prestige) can buy, even if we wipe out our bank accounts.

The media absolutely loves snapping photos of celebrities touting around the latest fashionable items, which we ordinary folk needlessly aspire to have. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford the stuff the celebrities own. They earn millions of dollars per film and a $6,000 Hermes Birkin bag is a pittance in comparison to their massive bank accounts. Luckily, not all celebrities are that high-flying. Many are also down-to-earth and opt to buy brands that are much more affordable to mere mortals like the rest of us.

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13 Orka Mesica Leslie Bag, $189 (Vanessa Hudgens)


She’s one of today’s hottest stars, thanks to her taking on the lead role in Disney’s massive film franchise of High School Musical. Vanessa Hudgens has been able to cross over to serious adult actress, singer and has even appeared on prominent Broadway musicals. Yes, she has amassed a good amount of wealth and no doubt owns closets-full of brand names, but she also has very affordable brands, such as the Orka Mesica Leslie Bag.

12 Fashionable Mamuye Tote, $178 (Julianne Hough)


Planting her feet firmly in Hollywood by way of professional dancing champion in the reality TV show contest Dancing With The Stars is no mean feat. Needless to say, Julianne Hough is a big name in the entertainment industry these days, as she has an Emmy tucked under her belt for Outstanding Choreography. The blonde beauty has been seen on the streets favoring the Fashionable Mamuye Tote on her shoulder as she runs from one appointment to the next.

11 Milly Bree Python Small Frame Clutch, $244 (Taylor Swift)


Aside from being one of the best selling musicians of all time at the young age of 26, Taylor Swift has also become a fashion icon, perhaps without her meaning to. She’s lucky to have good genes, being tall and slender, making practically any outfit look great on her. Swift is constantly being photographed in the most amazing, yet simple outfits that fit her to a tee whenever she steps out of her home. She has been seen carrying the Milly Bree Python Small Frame Clutch when she was out and about with current boyfriend Calvin Harris.

10 Draper James Vanderbilt Tote, $155 (Reese Witherspoon)


Reese Witherspoon has been regarded by many as a style star, for her simple everyday outfits that the paparazzi have caught her on camera in. The Academy Award winning mother of three is almost never seen looking frumpy. Even when making a quick run to the grocery or to the salon, she’s always very well put together. For all her errands, she undoubtedly sees the Draper James Vanderbilt Tote as one practical accessory to carry all her personal items.

9 Michael Kors Riley Small Leather Satchel, $223 (Alessandra Ambrosio)


Being one of the most successful supermodels in the world, Alessandra Ambrosio can fill her closet with dozens upon dozens of high-end branded clothing, shoes, and accessories. These days, though, the Brazilian beauty has other priorities of which modeling is no longer the top. She’s a loving wife to her husband and doting mother to two wonderful children. Since being a mom renders her always on the go, she opts to carry around the mid-priced Michael Kors brand for her leather satchels.

8 Jack Germain Bow Bag, $295 (Beyonce)


She’s one of the most photographed women in the world and it can be quite overwhelming to have to look good at all times. She may not be the biggest fashion icon, but her outfits and looks are still scrutinized to no end. For sure, Beyonce has had to develop a thick skin so she doesn’t get too conscious of what the public says about her. She doesn’t seem to be too particular about big brand names, as she has been seen toting low-profile brands such as the Jack Germain Bow Bag.

7 Kate Spade New York Lily Avenue Saffiano Leather Clutch, $160 (Anna Kendrick)


She has been nominated for a Tony Award and an Academy Award, among others, and this makes her a truly versatile actress. Anna Kendrick caught the public and Hollywood’s attention when she appeared in The Twilight Saga films and she garnered critical acclaim for her performance in the film Up In the Air. Not very many were aware that she was a hell of a singer as well, until she appeared in the film Pitch Perfect and its sequel. Kendrick has been seen carrying the Kate Spade brand when it comes to her accessories.

6 Madewell The McCarren Tote, $111 (Emma Stone)


Totes are absolutely the most practical types of bags to carry around on a daily basis, especially when running day-to-day errands. Emma Stone has certainly wowed in the red carpet with her amazing haute couture gowns hugging her slender figure and she has tugged at our heartstrings in films such as Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Help, and The Amazing Spiderman film series. But Stone still prefers to dial it down when she’s away from the public eye. She loves the Madewell’s The McCarren Tote.

5 Henri Bendel Fringe Party Starter Box, $228 (Victoria Justice)


Starting off on television at the tender age of 10 could not have been easy for any child star. Victoria Justice can credit her popularity to the two Nickelodeon TV shows Zoey 101 and Victorious, for which she played the lead role. Though she may not be as in-demand or high-profile as her Victorious co-star Ariana Grande, Justice is still a fixture in Hollywood. She has been seen carrying around affordable bags, such as the Henri Bendel Fringe Party Starter Box on the red carpet.

4 Tory Burch Kira Colour Block Bag, $295 (Emmy Rossum)


While it’s true that Tory Burch has been known mainly for its shoes with the very distinctive emblem, the brand has also branched out into other items, such as fashion accessories, watches, and of course, handbags. And best of all, the brand caters to the upper-middle class, so the merchandise can be quite affordable. Even A-listers patronize her products. Actresses like Emmy Rossum have been seen around the streets carrying the Tory Burch brand when it comes to handbags.

3 Diane Von Furstenberg Disco Bucket Bag, $277 (Jennifer Lawrence)


Being one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood today, Jennifer Lawrence has been courted by one designer after another, especially for her appearances on the red carpet. She tends to favor Christian Dior though, and his designs truly suit her, as seen by the many gowns she has worn by the revered designer when she attends awards shows. But when she’s in casual wear, Lawrence doesn’t need to go Dior. She owns a Diane Von Furstenberg bag that she has been spotted with out and about.

2 Modalu Grab Bag, $245 (Pippa Middleton)


She almost upstaged her sister Kate Middleton, now known officially as the Duchess of Cambridge, when the latter married Prince William in a lavish royal wedding. The world took notice of Pippa Middleton, the maid of honor, in her simple white gown that hugged her slender figure to perfection. Since then, Pippa has been paparazzi fodder on an almost fanatic level. Her simple style has also made her a fashion icon and everyone wants to buy what she has. She favors affordable brands like Modalu's Grab Bag.

1 Longchamp Le Pliage, $116 (Kate Middleton)

via: christinafoo.blogspot.com

When Kate Middleton became engaged to Prince William, she took the entire world by storm, her popularity probably even eclipsing the late Princess Diana’s. Here was a commoner, beautiful and educated but still a commoner, set to be the future Queen of England. It didn’t hurt that she had tons of charm and a great sense of style. One of the traits the public loves most about the Duchess of Cambridge is her knack for recycling outfits and not being afraid to be seen with affordable accessories, like her Longchamp Le Pliage tote.


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