13 Sexist Comments Made By Donald Trump

Donald Trump needs no introduction but how much do we really know about the snarky billionaire-turned-Republican candidate? Based on the following statements, it's fair to gage his personality and call him a bit of a misogynist with no filter. He has so much to say  about women, whether he's talking to the press or tweeting while sitting on the toilet. We've been bombarded with Trump comments for a while now and it's only fair to list the top 13 sexist comments made by him, in no particular order.

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13 That Sexual Assault Is Bound To Occur In The Military

Trump stated sexual assault is bound to occur in the military when men are in the majority and women are in the minority. This is like saying that women should expect to be raped or taken advantage of -- yet another reason to blame women and not the aggressor. One wonders how these ideas can even cross Trump's mind since he has a daughter. This leads us to the next bizarre, sexist and outlandish statement we've heard from Trump.

12 Trump Would Date His Daughter

This one came as real shock for people, even on Trump's level. Trump didn't allude to his daughter's wonderful personality and would make a great wife to someone one day but simply stated that his daughter had a nice figure and that she would be datable if he wasn't married. Um, how about the fact that you are her father? Did that even register? Maybe things like that don't matter for Trump but this had the whole country asking questions.

11 Hillary Couldn't Please Her Husband

Trump told his Twitter followers that if Hillary Clinton couldn't please her husband, how could anyone expect her to please America? Trump may have tried to hit a soft spot with this one. Just when Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky's scandal seems to have been a thing of the past, Trump decides he wants to open a can of worms by aiming for Clinton's sex life and reducing her entire worth. Female politicians in the past have been crucified for what they wear or their sex life and it's safe to say Trump is on board with it.

10 Women Swoon Over His Riches

Women find his power as much of a turn-on as his money, Trump said. We can't be sure where Trump gets this sweeping generalization from. What Trump is really saying here is that as long as we live in a patriarchal society and he is a man of economical and societal privilege, women will swoon over him. He's also said that women on The Celebrity Apprentice flirted with him consciously or unconsciously. Our guess is it didn't matter to him, just as long as all eyes were on him.

9 Women Have To Be Hot

Trump actually told a journalist to her face that the major reason she got her job was because of her beauty. Trump is good at one thing: objectifying women and reducing them to their appearance. Many professional women were very displeased and offended by his remark. Does Trump really care, though? Not so much. He does his absolute best to ensure every woman knows they must be beautiful in order to get ahead in any field, and in this case, in journalism.

8 Trump Makes Women Successful

Trump alludes to his God complex most of the time but when he told America he's put women in charge of big construction jobs with zero regard for their own merit, he sounded like a complete douche. Honestly, though -- does Trump really think that he can play women like they are his pawns? He made this statement when he was challenged for being a sexist. His tone alone should tell women to stay far, far away from the Trump hand that feeds you.

7 It Would Be A Pretty Picture To See A Woman On Her Knees

Yep, you heard it. Trump wants to see a Celebrity Apprentice contestant on her knees. Did everyone forget the point of the show for just a split second while he was saving a breath to spew disparaging comments to women about their bodies and or potential sexual mannerisms? But hey, this is Trump, the man who cares solely about a woman's good or bad looks and her sexual practices.

6 Megyn Kelly Is A Bimbo

Trump sat down with Megyn Kelly, who wanted to talk about some of his most recent allegations and his temperament toward women. After the interview, Trump tweeted that she's a bimbo and even alluded to the fact that she was menstruating. This is such a cop out for men so it plays especially well for Trump as you could imagine. Trumр later claimed he wаѕ referring tо blооd соmіng оut оf hеr nose. Nice save, Trump.

5 Rosie Is A Pig

Trump is never short of insults, especially when he's disparaging women and their appearance. He called Rosie O'Donnell a pig and an animal. He even volunteered to look her in her "fat, ugly face" just to fire her if he had the opportunity. This has got to be one of the most blunt statements Trump has made and yet everyone is still not surprised that any of this and more continues to come out of Trump's mouth while he's running to be the next POTUS. My head is spinning.

4 He Gets Why Huffington's Husband Left Her

Trump had a few words for Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post. He stated that Huffington is ugly inside and out and that he understands why her husband left her for a man. Society has told women they must be feminine to keep up with their aesthetic and stay poised and beautiful by society's standards. Trump is telling women everywhere that you have to be beautiful in order to make something of yourself as a woman.

3 He's Tired Of The "Woman" Card

Does Trump mean that he's tired of hearing about women claiming to be people with real concerns? He is telling Americans that women are less than men. He's got misogyny down like it's a blood relative and we still can't seem to be surprised with what comes out of his mouth. He states that Clinton calls everyone "a sexist and that's just not fair game." Our guess is that anyone who mentions women aside from them not being animals or sex objects is deviant and likely accusing someone of being a sexist. Go figure.

2 Women Who Breastfeed Are Disgusting

Trump made a "disgusting" comment of his own regarding women who wanted to breastfeed while in court. He objected to a woman of a 3-month old needing to breastfeed her child and when she pulled out a breast pump he called her disgusting. We're guessing Trump isn't a #freethenipple supporter. How do his wife and daughter feel about this? We have to wonder when they are actually going to speak up for themselves and make a rebuttal to these horrible comments.

1 All You Need Is A "Young And Beautiful Piece Of A$$"

Trump said in an interview back in 1991 that bad press means nothing to him as long as he's got a young and beautiful piece of a$$ by his side. Trump seems to be telling people that a trophy wife, money, and power is all that someone needs. What we see are some of Trump's core values. Do we really want this guy to be the next President of the United States? Yikes!

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