13 Reasons Why Women Never Want To See A Pic Of Your Member

Men, don’t get us wrong. We ladies have a keen appreciation of your almighty organ, but we’re just not as obsessed with looking at it as you are. While men are all about measuring it and marveling at how big it can grow, we ladies are happy if we can feel it between our legs and that’s about it. No need to ogle it. And yet, men still believe we actually want to see it up-close and personal on our smartphones. But here’s the thing boys: we don’t. Receiving a penis pic is like getting fruitcake for Christmas. It’s awkward, perturbing, and just plain unwanted. So guys, before taking that creepy pic of your junk and sending it to a girl you’re interested in, take a moment to think: is this something she’d really want to see? And if you’re still thinking about sending it, here are 13 reasons why you shouldn't.

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13 Less Is More

Unlike men, woman don’t need to see all the goods right away in order to get heated in the panties. Woman actually like not knowing everything right off the bat because sometimes the fantasy makes it that much more exciting. Sure, women are visual but not always to the extent as men are. While men need to see it in order to believe it, women don’t. We can fantasize the you know what out of a particular sexy scenario and get amped up in our own dirty mind without seeing anything. Kind of cool, right? So sending the package right away sort of takes the fun out of not knowing.

12 We Want To See Other Body Parts First

Guys, if you’re going to send a sexy pic to a woman, shoot for one with your shirt off and guns blazin’. Women like seeing muscular shoulders, strong arms, and sculptured torsos way before they want to see the prized possession. A man who looks like he works out and takes care of his body is super hot in our books, so feel free to keep those pics coming. Normally, when a woman is asked by her girlfriend what feature she likes best in the latest guy of the week, she isn’t going to answer: his penis. It’s usually his chest, his arms, or his stomach that gets a gal going gaga.

11 It’s Awkward

Chances are a woman didn’t ask for a penis pic and when she gets it, she’s completely taken off guard. And not in a good way. It’s awkward and can even be traumatizing to some women (“It just keeps staring at me like I’ve done something wrong!”). Many women think it’s crude and simply don’t want to see a guy in that light yet. Instead, they want to savor that time when they are between the sheets, not while out shopping with mom or sitting at their desk in the office. Nothing is more awkward than receiving an unsolicited dick pic from a new guy while trying to break up with your old one.

10 Can’t Get It Out Of Our Heads

If a man sends a woman a penis pic, it's pretty much all she'll ever think about. A guy can have the dreamiest eyes a girl has ever seen, but once that groin shot comes in, she'll never be thinking about his eyes again. Or anything else for that matter, except for what's between his legs. And while that might sound good to a guy, this doesn't mean she's happy with the constant image. Every time she goes out with him, she’ll think about how he was manhandling his member for the photo and how bizarre and vulgar it was. Soooo not a turn on. 

9 Size Does Matter

Sure, it’s to be said that size doesn’t always matter, and in many circumstances that is true, but not in this case. Here's why: a man sends a photo of his member and it looks like a decent size in the photo (thank you, Photoshop!) but isn’t sizable in real life. Way to let us down, dude. Or a guy takes a pic of his mini me and well, it really is mini. Yikes. Why put that on display unless you want to send the woman running? Of course, one that is too big is equally frightening and might send a gal sprinting, too.

8 Bad Perception Of Guy

If a girl meets a guy she really likes and then he randomly sends her a crotch shot, she’s going to look at him completely different. Gone are the days she thought he was sweet and one to bring home to meet the parents. Instead, she sees him for what he truly is: a one night stand that’s out for only one thing. Damn. Oh well, that just means she’ll delete that photo (and his number) and move onto the next guy (fingers crossed he won’t be as stupid). This doesn't play out well for the guy who’s trying to get laid now does it?

7 Not Cute

Here’s the thing: while a woman might have a sweet spot for a penis (like between her legs), that doesn’t mean she thinks it’s cute enough to look at. Because let’s be honest, dicks are not cute. And besides coming in different sizes, they all look the same - if you don’t count that weird pimple on the last one you saw. Women do not drool over these organs or sit alone in their bedrooms staring at them until they get off. Ew. Women actually don’t even need to see a penis to get turned on. She knows it’s there and that’s all that really matters.

6 Makes A Girl Feel Dirty

Yes, a penis pic can totally give the wrong perception of a guy, but it has the same affect on a woman too. If a woman receives a photo like that, she instantly feels like this guy (the sweet, innocent one from the bookstore who asked her for coffee) is only out to get laid and apparently believes she is only out for that too. Curse, that v-neck sweater you wore  while sucking down your mocha. Unless a girl is looking for a one time thing, she doesn’t normally want to feel trashy, and getting a raunchy photo like this will indeed make her feel just like that.

5 Can Get A Guy In Trouble

Remember that skeevy congressman who sent a pic of his wiener and got in some hot water for it? Well, the average guy might not make the nighttime news or have issues with the law if he sends a photo like that, but it still can get him in trouble. The girl can instantly make a complaint on the guy or better yet, post it online for others to get grossed out too. And what if the guy who sent the pic still has a girlfriend? Well, he might find himself having a lot of explaining to do once that photo makes it back to her.

4 It’s Not A Keeper

Now, if a guy were to send a sexy face shot showing off his chiseled jawline like David Beckham, a woman will probably store that in her phone for all eternity. But if a guy were to send a photo of his member there’s a good chance that one will go straight to the trash. A photo like this is not a keeper, especially for a woman. She doesn’t want to go back to that and look at it before she goes to bed. No, she wants something sexy like a muscular back shot or an arm flexing. Hell, even a shot of the cutie holding a puppy will have a better chance at staying put in her photo library than a nasty groin photo.

3 It’s Creepy

When a woman turns on her phone and is bombarded by a magnified shot of a penis, it’s downright disturbing. Like, why is it there? We know what it wants but don’t understand why it has to be right there in the open begging to be looked at. Regardless of what porn stars seem to enjoy (it’s fantasy, remember?), us everyday gals don’t want to be stared down by the one-eyed monster. It creeps us out and might possibly give us nightmares. How does a lurking penis put a woman in the mood for sex? Oh right, it doesn’t.

2 Women Don’t Want To See Bad Manscaping

Seriously, if you’re a guy who is aching to send a dick pic, have the decency to clean up down there. No woman wants to see an overgrown mess with hedges that need pruning. It’s bad enough that there is an enlarged penis on our screen, but to have it creeping out of the bushes makes it so much worse. By seeing that, it puts a sour taste in a girl’s mouth (no pun intended) because she now knows what she's in store for - and from the looks of it, something too hairy for comfort. Women have to clean themselves up, why on earth wouldn't a man?

1 There’s No Good Reason To Send A Photo Like This

Unless a woman specifically asked for a penis pic (which she probably won’t), there’s no valid reason to send one to her. Just because the guy is horny and lonely doesn’t give him the right to bombard a woman’s phone with a groin shot. She doesn’t want to see it. End of story. Men are not going to win a woman over with a photo-edited dick. There is no logical motive to send a photo like this unless a man wants to truly embarrass himself, and in that case, thank you. Us gals have something fun to show our friends during our next girls night in.

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