13 Reasons To Give In And Use A Dating App ASAP

If you're single and haven't used a dating app you've probably definitely thought about it. Or maybe your best friends won't stop begging you to finally see what that Tinder thing is all about. I definitely didn't want to try -- I could see the potential, but it seemed kind of depressing and lame. But being totally single without any prospects on the horizon can be kind of lame, too, so I decided to just go for it. It's only been a week but it's been worth it. You're the only who can truly figure out if it's worth your time or not, but here's why I think everyone should try it, even if you don't want to.

12 Because You Want To Meet Someone

If you don't want to meet anyone then who cares? But if you do, why not give yourself as many chances are possible? Sure, you still might lock eyes with your soulmate in the produce aisle of Whole Foods and live happily ever after (plus you've got that amazing meet-cute story). But what if he goes to a different Whole Foods than you? Don't you want to speed things up by finding him on Bumble?

11 It Doesn't Matter How You Meet

A lot of us think that it's too forced or not cute to meet someone online. Not true. If you have a connection with an awesome guy you met online you're going to want to tell everyone how you met, because who cares? The point is that you did meet him. Put yourself in your imaginary future shoes with the perfect guy for a second: would you erase him because you don't like the way you met? Hell no you wouldn't. Plus...

10 In The Future We'll All Meet Online

Okay not everyone, obviously. But can't you tell that we're all getting used to the idea that it's even more normal to meet online than in real life? You have the potential to interact with so many more people that it seems pretty silly to block yourself off entirely. Kids these days are probably getting on dating apps as soon as they're allowed to, even just to make connections and friends (And if everything goes well, boyfriends, of course). So you might as well get used to it because the future will be here sooner than you think.

9 It's Not For Weirdos

It's really not. Sure, certain apps are going to be skewed weirder than others but there are plenty that attract totally normal people. In fact, I've Bumbled through like most of Los Angeles and the weirdos are in the minority. Most of the people have awesome jobs and some of them are CUTE. But let's be honest, we're all a little weird in certain ways and owning that just makes this whole dating thing a lot easier.

8 You'll Know A Lot Of People On Apps

Before I joined I felt a little weird about the possibility of seeing someone I knew on Bumble, but then I got on and pretty much every single guy I know is on there. Plus one who just had a one year anniversary with his girlfriend, ahem... But instead of this being weird, it just pretty much proves how normal the whole concept is. Plus, if you have a secret crush on a friend or acquaintance, it would be a good way to feel things out.

7 You Can Move On

If you're trying to get over someone, you definitely need to get them of your head. Nothing is better than looking at some new men (and meeting them in person too, hopefully). When you're trying to distract yourself after a breakup, the best option used to be going out with the girls. But now you can move on even when you're home alone on Sunday evening, trying not to fall into that end of the weekend anxiety.

6 It's Hilarious

Have you seen the photos that people put on these things? No seriously, the jokes about the cliche photos used on dating apps are beyond accurate. There are an insane amount of men posing with wild animals (generally tigers and elephants), lots of baby holding with the caption "not my baby," and an alarming amount of jumping off rocks and doing handstands in the great outdoors. Oh, and we can't forget the Halloween costumes and the wedding photo booth with props photos.

5 It's Semi Productive

Instead of checking Instagram for the gazilionth time today, you could go on a dating app and have an equally interesting time... but actually look for new cuties as opposed to stalking your exes. Plus, a lot of people put their social media handles on their bio, so you'll end up back on Instagram at some point anyway, but with a new person to stalk. So fun.

4 You'll Realize Who Your Type Is

I've tried to be a little more open about the kind of guys that I'm interested in dating. And of course, I've also accidentally swiped right on people that I do not find attractive at all. But funny enough, most of the people I don't actually find attractive didn't match with me... so they aren't attracted to me either. But don't stress about that in a whole rejection type way, that's not a bad thing. Because the people I did think were cute did match with me. You'll definitely realize who your type is pretty quickly, and that's not a bad thing.

3 There Is Zero Commitment

There is no pressure when it comes to dating via dating apps. You can match with as many people you want and never talk to anyone, or you can talk to everyone and never meet anyone. You can do whatever you want -- this is your dating life, after all. But the truth is that you'll probably want to do all those things with some of the people. Talk, and meet. Even then... still no pressure. There's no harm in going on a date. After all, if you want true love, you kind of have to go on a date.

2 You'll Prove To Yourself That You're Ready

If you're ready to meet someone you might as well walk the talk and prove to yourself that you're actually ready and willing to meet someone. Nothing bad will happen when you put yourself out there, really. While nothing could happen at all, at least you'll know that you're making the effort to be available. Usually when we do that, what we need comes into our life, even if it's totally different than what we expected.

1 You Never Know

Life is bizarre and you just never know when awesome things are going to happen. That's why this whole life thing is fun and exciting. Or it's supposed to be, anyway. Have a little faith and think positively and your days will be a lot more bearable, and sometimes even a little magical. Why not assume that something (or someone) great is waiting for you around every corner -- or waiting for you on your next swipe?

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