13 Reasons The World Loves Dr. Mike

Everyone can understand the appeal of a dreamy doctor. I mean, how else do you explain the enormous success of shows like ER, Grey’s Anatomy and more? Sure, a large part of their appeal is the medical dramas and nail-biting cases, but come on – people tune in week after week because they love seeing what all those handsome doctors are getting up to.

Enter Dr. Mike.

Now, when you first check out his Instagram account, you might think that Dr. Mike is involved in some kind of promo for a new medical drama – he’s basically a younger version of Patrick Dempsey’s Dr. Derek Shephard a.k.a. McDreamy. You would, however, be wrong. Dr. Mike is an actual medical doctor – a resident in New York City, to be specific, pursuing a board certification in family medicine. He totally knows how to use that stethoscope, and if you came to him with a medical problem, he’d be able to diagnose you.

We’re not saying that women would very gladly injure themselves in exchange for spending a few minutes with Dr. Mike, but… well, yeah. We’re saying it. He is totally dreamy.

So, why on earth is he so popular? Surely there are countless handsome doctors around the world.

Well, here are 13 reasons that the world seems to love Dr. Mike.

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13 He is literally Dr. McDreamy


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve likely at least heard about the smash hit television drama Grey’s Anatomy. Millions of viewers tuned in to see the adventures of Meredith, Christina, and the rest of the lovable interns turned residents, and while it was exciting to track their professional journeys, half the reason the show was so popular was the eye candy. Eric Dane’s Dr. McSteamy, Justin Chambers’ Dr. Karev, Jesse Williams’ Dr. Avery, and of course, Patrick Dempsey’s Dr. McDreamy. Dr. Mike could easily be another cast member in the stable of handsome, handsome doctors.

12 He saves lives, and loves every second of it


Now, there’s a lot of positives in every profession, and most jobs involve helping someone in some way, whether it be helping them with an ad campaign or helping them with their taxes. However, there’s no doubt about it – people love doctors because they quite literally save lives. Dr. Mike not only seems to be competent at what he does, he also seems to love every second of it. While his feed sometimes includes jokes of him being exhausted after long shifts, it’s obvious that he adores what he does – and we adore him for it.

11 He loves animals


Any man who is an animal lover has our hearts – what’s more perfect than a hot guy holding an adorable animal? I mean, there are Instagram feeds devoted to that alone. Who knows why women love it – perhaps because it shows the guy is compassionate, perhaps because it just combines two things most women love. Well, Dr. Mike is definitely an animal lover – just check out what a proud dog dad he is. He owns a husky, and posts absolutely endless shots of his partner in crime. We imagine the women of NYC are pretty happy whenever Dr. Mike and his husky come walking down the block.

10 He’s a stylish dresser


When it comes to a doctor’s daily attire, the main focus is on the crisp white coat. However, while Dr. Mike’s white coat is always on point, he seemingly never makes a style misstep in any other part of his outfit. From the casual looks that he rocks while off duty, to the perfectly tailored button downs and dress pants that are underneath his white coat when he’s working, to the occasional formal tuxedo, Dr. Mike definitely knows how to dress well. Think about it – you wouldn’t have to worry about Dr. Mike turning up looking like a slob at a formal event, or showing up with a wrinkled, unironed shirt. His style game is on point, always.

9 He’s well travelled


New York City is absolutely full of culture, from world renowned museums to theatre to fashion and more. However, it’s not the center of the world – and no one wants to date one of those New Yorkers who has never left the island of Manhattan (I mean, it was the subject of a Sex and the City episode, for crying out loud). Luckily, while Dr. Mike loves NYC, he’s also a traveller. One of his most recent Instagram shots shares the handsome doctor relaxing in Budapest, Hungary. If you wanted to travel the world and hop from city to city, he would be totally down – and may even share a few travelling tips.

8 He’s physically fit


Given the amount they know about the human body, it only makes sense that a doctor would take good care of their body, and Dr. Mike is no different. He’s not one to share pictures of his food, so we don’t have a lot of insight into what Dr. Mike’s meals are like, but his Instagram contains shots of him running, playing tennis, workout out, and more. It’s obvious that he lives a healthy, active lifestyle, and it’s obvious from that killer body that he’s physically fit. If you’re a die-hard dad bad devotee, it might not do much for you, but we feel like most women would be pretty happy if their partner had a six pack like Dr. Mike’s.

7 He works hard


Don’t worry – Dr. Mike’s Instagram success hasn’t led to him slacking off at work in order to take more selfies and get more followers. He routinely references early morning call times, 24 hour shifts, and all those exhausting tasks that make being a doctor so difficult. However, he always does it with a smile, and seems grateful to have a job that he’s so passionate about. Part of the reason that so many people seem to love the handsome doctor is because, despite his enormous number of followers, he keeps the focus on his actual job.

6 His co-workers love him


A guy who is so successful and simultaneously so gorgeous must be a total jerk, right? Well, in some cases, maybe – but not in Dr. Mike’s case. Lest you think he’s one of those doctors with a huge ego who is completely insufferable to anyone he works with who he deems beneath him, just take a look at some of the shots on his Instagram feed. He poses with co-workers regularly, including one memorable shot of a nurse who he calls the toughest nurse in the ICU. She calls him smalls, he calls her biggie – it’s totally adorable. He obviously is just a fun guy to be around, as his selfies with co-workers proves.

5 He’s down for anything


Part of the reason that Dr. Mike’s Instagram feed is so popular has nothing to do with his good looks – it’s because his feed is really diverse. From paint night to a hospital edition of Top Chef, from red carpet events to helicopter rides in Monte Carlo, there seems to be nothing that Dr. Mike wouldn’t try at least once. He’s the type of guy you could call up for anything and he’d be more than happy to go along. It’s just fun to check out what types of things he’s up to, and what adventure he’s planning to embark on next.

4 He has a great sense of humor


When you’re a handsome, young guy with a successful career and likely your pick of any woman in the world, it would be easy to get full of yourself. However, Dr. Mike manages to keep a great sense of humor – and everyone knows that a funny guy is definitely a sexy guy. He has posted a few self-deprecating selfies, but to be honest, the thing that we love the most is his weird affinity for expressing things through monkey pictures. Just take a peek at his feed – every couple of weeks, he’ll post a monkey picture; we’re not sure why, but it’s totally endearing.

3 He’s not camera shy


Despite his countless followers, Dr. Mike isn’t yet a household name; however, his feed includes a few shots of him being interviewed on the red carpet, or doing small segments for television. We suspect that someday, if it’s what he wants, Dr. Mike could very easily have his own television show. He’s intelligent, he’s handsome, and he seems to be really comfortable in front of the camera – whether he ends up getting his own show, or simply being a frequent guest on somebody else’s, we have a feeling that Dr. Mike could soon be coming to a television screen near you.

2 He’s driven


Everyone works at a different pace, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s definitely something to be said for ambition and a strong drive to succeed. While some people manage to drag out their undergraduate degree for years, Dr. Mike managed to power through school and, in his mid 20s, is a resident in a major metropolitan city. One particular Instagram shot shows that he’s involved in contributing to written discourse in his field, as well, so he’s definitely not just resting on his laurels and doing the absolute minimum during his residency. He seems to be constantly pushing himself to be better, and there’s something totally sexy about that.

1 Numbers don’t lie – he has nearly 1 million followers


Okay, we can speculate about the millions of reasons that the internet seems to be obsessed with Dr. Mike, but there’s one stat that the world needs to know – the humble doctor from the Big Apple has nearly 1 million followers, and we have no doubt that within the next few months he’ll likely surpass that number. Whether it’s women around the world obsessed with the handsome doctor, or men who want to emulate his style, there’s no denying that the world definitely loves Dr. Mike.

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