13 Real Duties Of Being The Maid Of Honor

Being chosen to be a maid of honor at a wedding is a pretty big deal. It means someone considers you their best friend/person capable of pulling off all kinds of support and planning throughout the wedding process. There are plenty of official duties that go along with being the maid of honor such as standing closest to your girl on the big day and giving a speech at the reception.

But there are all kinds of official duties that go along with being a maid of honor as well, such as keeping drama in check when two (or more) girls in the wedding party don't exactly get along. Here are some of the real duties that go along with being the maid of honor at a friend's wedding.

13 Running Any Last Minute Errands

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Most brides want their weddings to be totally perfect, and there are always really small details that go into those things that can be a little unexpected. For example, you guys may have just realized that your heels are going to sink into the grass when you walk down the aisle. Naturally they make little plastic things to stick on shoes that prevent this problem, but someone capable is going to have to be the one to go out and buy them for the bridal party. Normally you and your best friend would use this opportunity to break off from the group together and make an errand into a fun run, but today you're all business.

12 Making Sure The Bride Doesn't Get Too Drunk

Many brides start popping the champagne while they get ready for the day with their bridal party, which can help ease the tension and make a relaxing memorable day. However, many bridal parties also start getting ready pretty early in the morning and hours before the actual wedding is set to take place, which means there is plenty of time for the bride to get totally sloshed. As the maid of honor, it is your duty to make sure that the bride is getting enough rose to feel happy, but not so much that she won't be able to walk unassisted down the aisle.

11 Making Sure The Bride Has Plenty To Drink

That being said, you also want to make sure that the bride has everything that she could possibly want on her big day. You guys don't want to get stuck in the bridal suite getting ready without enough to drink, so make sure to stock up on more than you could possibly need. If there's something special that she like to drink get it. And while you're at it, you might as well get some of her favorite snacks, whether she thinks she is going to want them or not. Someone will eat them eventually, even if it's not until the end of the night when the wedding and reception are already done.

10 Making Sure That Other People In The Bridal Party Aren't Being Fussy

You would think that people could pull it together for someone else's wedding day and not act catty, bratty, or bitchy, but it happens. A lot of bridal parties are made up of people close to the bride who may or may not actually be friends with each other. After spending time together at the bachelorette party and countless showers, sometimes the tensions can reach boiling points by the time the big day rolls around. When you're the maid of honor however, it's your duty to be on patrol for any side eye or snide comments and shut that down before it goes any further.

9 Documenting The Day

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As the maid of honor you won't be able to take photos the whole time because you're going to be in the actual wedding, but the rest of the time you should be trying to document the process. After all, you know the bride best and what sort of snaps she really wants to post on her Insta. When the group is getting ready, it's super awesome to be able to step back and take photos that you know she's going to look at for the rest of her life. After the wedding at the dinner portion you'll have a front row seat to take pics of things like the first dance as well. Of course, the professional photog will be there, but we all know those photos can take a while to come in.

8 Being On Undergarment Patrol

There are often some pretty specific things involved in making sure that the bride has her proper undergarments. Obviously she'll buy these ahead of time, but on the day of, things can be scattered and it's imperative that you help her line up what she needs and also get her into them if she needs assistance doing so. (Spanx can be tricky.) Plus, when the bride needs to use the bathroom right before she walks down the aisle, she might need you to help hold her dress up so it doesn't fall in the toilet. What would she do without you.

7 Making Sure That The Bride Eats

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While you're making sure that she doesn't drink too much alcohol, you should also be making sure that she is eating enough food. She's probably going to try and keep it light so that she fits into her dress, but if she doesn't eat enough she's going to get too drunk and tired. Make sure that she gets plenty of protein throughout the day getting ready, and also that she has time to eat at dinner even though everyone will be trying to talk to her throughout the reception. When the nerves and excitement hits it can be hard to remember to eat, because hunger often vanishes, but just make sure that she does.

6 Chatting With Random Relatives

As the maid of honor, you're basically the bride's right hand (wo)man, so it's helpful to handle a lot of the small things that she normally would as a host if she felt like focusing. There are going to be tons of random people at the wedding who want to discuss the plans of the bridal party and she won't have time to sit and chat with all of them. You however, might have some time to chat with her random uncles that she hasn't seen in years. Keep it light and noncommittal while doing your best to be co-host with the most.

5 Making Sure She Doesn't Freak Out

Even the most well intentioned people can freak out at the notion of getting married. Weird things happen when nerves, exhaustion, and alcohol are involved. On the off chance that the bride starts to get cold feet of any kind, whether it's walking down the aisle, freaking out that her dress is wrong, or not wanting to do the first dance...you have to be there to make sure that she finishes what she set out to start. This extends to after the wedding as well, sometimes the reality sets in and she needs some reminders that this is a good thing before she sets sail on her honeymoon.

4 Making Sure That You Don't Freak Out

One of the biggest things that you can do to create a sense of calm throughout the wedding process is to totally remain calm. Even if you're not particularly skilled at creating Pinterest worthy crafty things for the rest of the bridal party and you hate dancing, if you can be a sense of peace for the bride you are going to be doing her a huge favor. Any wedding has the potential to be a little stressful even when things are going right, and they often don't go right. Human error is as likely if not more during a huge event with moving parts, but when she sees you not losing her cool, she will keep hers as well.

3 Making Sure The Party Is Fun

Once the ceremony is done, the whole point of the wedding reception is to celebrate the crap out of the married couple. Some weddings are more fun than others, but there's always the potential to turn things up. This might mean dancing, being charming, or simply making sure that there are plenty of tequila shots going around. No matter how tired you are from the day and everything leading up to it, you should be trying to stay lively at the party. And don't sneak off to make out with your date before the bride retires for the night.

2 Making An Awesome Toast

Some would say that the best man is officially in charge of giving toasts, but we say with time, permitting the maid of honor should be doing it as well. The best toasts always involve both the bride and groom, so even if you don't know her man as well as you know her, it's always a good idea to throw something in about how awesome they are together or something cute about how they met. People love to hear sentimental stuff that they can relate to and how much couples are in love.

1 Being The Best Friend That You Always Are

Duties aside, official or unofficial, the biggest job of a maid of honor is simply to be the best friend that you already are. No one would choose you to be their maid of honor if they didn't trust and adore you, so it's really a sweet honor to be bestowed with even if it can get a little stressful at times. Her wedding will (hopefully) only happen once in her lifetime, so encourage her to slow down in the moment and appreciate everything that's happening...especially if it requires a bit of sense of humor to do so.

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