13 Raunchy Movies For The Ultimate Girls' Night In

Every epic girls' night has certain mandatory elements, like popcorn dripping with butter, pore-purifying face masks, candy that takes you back to elementary school, and wine by the gallon. After the basics are gathered, however, the key factor to taking a gal-centric night to the next level is the movie selection. Sure, you’ll find plenty of ladies night chick flick suggestions starring Nicholas Sparks novels or high school cliques, but we have a sneaking suspicion that your squad might have different needs. Sometimes you just want a little less rom-com and little more raunchy-com, am I right? When your night needs nothing more than some chiseled abs, awkward nudity, and straight-up vagina talk to go with that sauvignon blanc, we’ve got the only list you need to consult. From old school comedies to ridiculously sexy dramas, here are 13 of the raunchiest movies you could ever hope to view at your next girls' night in.

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13 'The Sweetest Thing' 

via: Sony Movie Channel

Just feasting your eyes upon the 2002 versions of Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate is reason enough to choose The Sweetest Thing for your movie night, but add a hilarious sing-along about penis size and you’ve got yourself a winner (seriously, just wait until “too big to fit in here” is permanently stuck in your head). This filthy comedy about three single ladies playing it up in San Francisco has so many memorable scenes, even the prude in your group will be snot-laughing throughout. Watch as the ladies battle a glory hole, do a classic movie montage--including Dumb and Dumber--and manage to pull off the most non-traditional romantic comedy ever.

12 'Magic Mike'

via: imdb

If plot lines aren’t really your thing, but crazy ripped dudes, including Channing Tatum, gyrating in thongs is (I mean, is this not everyone’s thing?!), then Magic Mike is the perfect choice for your estrogen-filled night of shenanigans. Watch as this sexy man-beast and his motley crew of stripper bros heat up the screen. There’s a story in there somewhere about romance, I guess, but your ladies will be too busy cat-calling to notice. The best part? Once you’re done, you can pop in 'Magic Mike XXL' for a little double feature action -- Matthew McConaughey may not be in it, but it’s still pretty fantastic. Win-win.

11 'Bridesmaids'

via: Pluggedin

Kristen Wiig is pretty much the funniest chick ever, so you can only imagine what happens when you let her write and star in a comedy featuring Saturday Night Live’s Maya Rudolph and Gilmore Girls actress Melissa McCarthy. Wiig’s character is having a rough time with the whole #adulting thing, and when she’s asked to be the maid of honor of her best friend’s wedding, shit gets cray. Too relatable, right? Be prepared for gross (think straight up diarrhea gross) humor and swooning over the adorable, accented Chris O’Dowd. Fave scene? When a drugged up Wiig starts talking smack mid-flight.

10 'Trainwreck'

via: Oh That Film Blog

Speaking of funny chicks having a weird adult experience, Amy Schumer stars in this appropriately named comedy alongside Bill Hader and surprise: it’s directed by Bridesmaids’ very own Judd Apatow. Schumer’s character is a journalist for a women’s magazine, where she’s assigned ridiculous stories like testing the way certain foods change the taste of semen (yep, they went there), and she rides the struggle bus as she dates losers and cracks everyone up with her signature NGAF humor. Perhaps the best part of the movie, however, is a rather unexpected character played by LeBron James -- um, why wasn’t he the love interest?!

9 'Bachelorette'

via: Cosmopolitan

This movie starring Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher is like the female equivalent of The Hangover except, naturally, cattier. Three high school friends are asked to be bridesmaids for the wedding of Rebel Wilson’s character, who they used to make fun of back in the day. As these fundamentally effed up ladies take in the reality that the bride now has her shit together and they most definitely do not, they take their partying up, wild on out, and find themselves in some rather unfortunate situations. This one’s great for the single ladies who have been best friends for literally ever.

8 'Cruel Intentions'

via: Vix

Take it back to an older, wiser time with the almost too-creepy-young versions of Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Ryan Phillipe - meow. This one has all the elements of a girls' night in: the sweet innocent virgin, inappropriate sex scenes, the ever manipulative and hot-as-hell "vampire slayer," a very detailed diary, and a perverted bet that ends in a tragic funeral. Cruel Intentions is a great selection for the millennials who never got to experience this weird classic back in its 1999 release date, as well as the crowd who needs a good boost of nostalgia. Best part? 1990s fashion-spiration.

7 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno'

via: 8weekly

Some people start driving Uber or get a second job to earn some extra cash, but leave it to Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks, aka Zack and Miri, to turn to adult films instead. That’s how most friends get closer, right? After a traumatizing high school reunion, the unlikely pair of roommates come to this brilliant idea of a fundraiser. You can expect nothing less than the nastiest and greatest of nerdy humor with director Kevin Smith, of Jay and Silent Bob fame, and it certainly delivers with its *spoiler alerts* Star Wars-themed porno grand finale. It’s even kind of sweet. Who knew?

6 'Girl Next Door'

via: Kino.de

Back in 2004, Elisha Cuthbert was every adolescent boy’s dream girl, all because of this love story about a teenage boy and his next-door neighbor, who just so happens to be an ex-porn star. Cuthbert’s character, Danielle, tries to escape her past in the adult film industry, but it doesn’t quite work out that way as the high school students (yea, it’s pretty creepy) pay off debts accrued throughout their adventures, by creating their very own film with Danielle and her squad of sex workers. Yay for films teaching their audiences that having sex on film will solve all your problems! But really, it is a good laugh.

5 'Friends with Benefits'

via: Amazon

It’s time to bring sexy back, ladies. Justin Timberlake goes straight for the friends with benefits role with his equally steamy co-star, Mila Kunis, in this classic romantic comedy plot. Successful boy meets successful girl, girl and boy have bad luck with relationships, they’re just friends, but they also just happen to be really, really ridiculously good looking. Boom, cue the sexy time! But wait - plot twist - maybe they can’t actually be JUST friends! Are you shocked? Predictable as it may be, it’s definitely a good laugh and, seriously, every girls' night should include a Timberlake/Kunis bang sesh. Daa-yum.

4 'Easy A'

via: Amazon

This one is a little more PG-rated than the rest, but it’s definitely worthy of a mention since it’s hilarious. Everyone’s favorite ginger, Emma Stone, stars in this modern take on Nathaniel Hawthorn’s "The Scarlet Letter." A high school senior, she leads a pretty vanilla life preferring to dance around to “Pocket Full of Sunshine” in her room rather than go out with her token slutty BFF, but when she makes up a lie about losing her v-card things start spiraling out of control. Soon she becomes the go-to girl for made up trysts in exchange for cash (or occasionally Home Depot gift cards) all around school and somehow every line of the film is packed with quote-worthy material. The best part? The bible-thumping, Goody Two-Shoes character is played by the one and only Amanda Bynes.

3 'Juno'

via: YouTube

Here’s another option for when that one friend who gets uncomfortable easily is attending your ladies' night. This cute indie-style film features an awkwardly awesome high school girl, Juno (played by Ellen Page), who accidentally gets knocked up by her kind-of boyfriend, played by Michael Cera. Juno decides to carry to term, and the film documents her quirky, hilarious and far less tragic than most take on being preggos around a bunch of mean 17-year-olds. This one is full of memorable quotes you’ll be laughing about later, and the soundtrack is definitely on point. Bonus points for the badass screenwriter, Diablo Cody, who first became known for her documentation of her brief career as a stripper, first in a successful blog and then in a film entitled Candy Girl.

2 'Unfaithful'

via: Radiator Heaven

This hot dramatic thriller is so bad that it’s good. Richard Gere plays a loving husband who, amid a busy schedule, doesn’t give his wife the intimacy she craves, leading her to be, you guessed it, unfaithful to her husband. A seriously sexy affair goes on between his wife, Diane Lane, and hot, young and foreign book salesman, Olivier Martinez throughout most of the movie, until shit hits the fan. You’re definitely not watching this one for the happy ending, but if drama and steamy sex scenes make your toes tingle, try this one on for size -- Martinez will leave your group drooling, trust.

1 'Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion'

via: Brunch News

This is your classic best friend movie with a dash of growing pains, as Michele, Lisa Kudrow’s character, and Romy, played by Mira Sorvino, prepare to attend their 10-year high school reunion. The air-headed duo love their lives, until they start to recognize that they’re not as far along in their careers or personal lives as they’d like to be, in order to impress the bullies they went to school with 10 years prior. They develop an elaborate lie to seem more impressive in front of their classmates and, of course, get into some sticky situations along the way. This one is perfect for giggles, old friends and binge eating Twizzlers.

sources: imdb.com, today.com

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