13 Pride Beauty Looks That Will Blow You Away

The US's pride month may be over but there are still plenty of pride festivals to come this year! The celebrations in many European cities, for instance, haven't even begun yet. It's going to be so much fun, girl!

We've brought you some inspired lewks that you can wear to a pride event near you. Or you can simply admire them. They're stunning. How do people even come up with this stuff? I envy their talents and creative brains. There are some seriously talented bloggers and vloggers for you to look out for on this list.

Anyway, the LGBTQ community has always supported the idea of self-expression in terms of appearance. So, it's no surprise that the makeup and beauty looks are seriously turned out for pride. It's an opportunity for everyone to feel comfortable and free to be as extravagant as they please.

We have some looks here that are a little more advanced, and the results are insanely beautiful. But we also have some looks that are really simple to re-create and don't require any mad makeup skills. So whatever your level of artistry, you're going to find something on this list.

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13 Festival Chic

via kristenleannestyle.com

Kristen Leanne's entire look was inspired by the headband she's wearing. Not only is it really pretty, it also lights up, which would look awesome as you move towards the nighttime and the pride partying really starts to happen. She said she couldn't decide on one color for her look so ended up with the whole damn rainbow. I'm glad, because now we have a really cool look to be inspired by for pride. It kind of has a tribal vibe to it too, don't you think? I really like the brows in particular. You could go even more out there and add more colors from the rainbow flag to your brows. She simply applies the color straight to her brows and it works, so you don't necessarily need to paint them white or block them out first.

12 Rainbow Lids

via xoxokaymo.com
via xoxokaymo.com

This look from beauty blogger KayMo is sooo pretty and I'm definitely going to be wearing something similar for pride in my city. I like that the rainbow colors go all around the eye, instead of just on the lids. The pop of color is striking, but doesn't require too much to achieve. She did it all with drugstore makeup which is rather impressive, so if you're on a budget this is the pride makeup look for you. And all it takes to create this pride look is to blend a bunch of the most colorful eye shadows that you can find. You don't need to be an expert makeup artist for this one. She was inspired to create this look by the tragic events that took place at Pulse, Orlando last year. Through makeup she's expressing her support for the LGBTQ community. Get it, girl!

11 Rainbow Drip Nails

via chalkboardnails.com

Sarah Waite, the nail technician behind these "trippy drippy" nails is all for drip nail art as she thinks it's fun and not so difficult to achieve. In all honesty though, I would think you'd have to have a certain level of nail art skill if you wanted your nails to look as good as hers. Rather than having each nail a single rainbow color, she's gone for a gradient on each nail which makes the nails look even more interesting. To achieve the look she made custom mixes of the colors she was using and then applied them with a light brush stroke so that the transition from one color to the next was smooth. I really like these nails because they're unique and they look so artistic. If you decide to emulate this look you're sure to get lots of compliments from whoever sees them.

10 Rainbow Scale Lips

via youtube.com - Eyedolize Makeup

Lip art is unbelievably cool. This look from Eyedolize Makeup certainly shows that. To achieve the look you first need to line your lips in white and apply white, creamy eye primer all over. Then you have to hold some mesh material over your lips, this might be a piece cut off some fishnet tights, for instance. Keep it steady and don't move it so that you don't alter the pattern. Then add the color with different eye shadows, which will stick onto the primer. As much as I love this lip art, the only thing that concerns me is whether it's practical for pride. Would you smudge it all as soon as you have a drink? And what if you want to share a cheeky kiss with someone? Then your lip art would be ruined.

9 Rainbow Glitter Lips

via popsugar.com

These glittery lips were created by Jazmina Daniel and you can see her other work on Instagram, @missjazminad. As you can see, she doesn't do things simply, she creates entire masterpieces on her lips. Some of her recent works include painting scenes from Harry Potter and Finding Dory on her lips, which is amazing. There is a YouTube tutorial up for these glittery rainbow lips, the name of her channel is Miss Jazmina. She uses liquid lipsticks for the base colors. She then puts eyelash glue on her lips to stick the glitter on. The really cool part of the lips is obviously the drip at the bottom. Jazmina does this by mixing clear lip gloss with glitter and applying it to her lower lip. It doesn't stay there though, it's an effect for a quick drippy photo.

8 Goth Glam

via youtube.com - Wesley Benjamin Carter

This pride makeup look comes from Wesley Benjamin Carter and the reason I like it so much is that it's really glam and different. Your makeup doesn't have to be all soft and femme-y. It can be super bold and fierce like this look. Those shiny, black lips are everything and the eye shadow looks like an actual rainbow, like he has grabbed it right from the sky and put it on his face. Let's not forget the red smudge under the eye, so pretty. I suppose you could choose any color you want for the smudge. This look is for you if you want to go for an alternative look, one that not everybody would immediately think of doing for pride. I wonder what outfit you would opt for with this makeup. Perhaps something plain, to just let your face stand out.

7 Rainbow Eyeliner

via beautylish.com

Here we have a look that's simple yet effective. It's something that most people could achieve without having to try too hard. The only thing that might seem difficult to achieve is the straight line. But if you have the right makeup brush, in this case, an angle liner brush, you can apply the makeup with precision. Plus, you can hold a piece of card against your eyelid, to get a neat, straight line at the top. So many girls do that now to get the perfect winged eyeliner. All you really need then is a steady hand. So just relax and get to it. If your style is understated then this look is definitely for you. If you prefer to be more bold in your makeup looks then match the rainbow liner with rainbow lips.

6 Snapchat Rainbow Filter

via brit.co
via glamour.com

How fun is this look? It's not necessarily a pretty style of makeup but if you'd rather not take yourself seriously then this look is for you. Everyone will recognize what you're doing, it's a really good laugh. The look was created by vlogger Brittany of GettingPretty and was initially intended as Halloween inspiration. But you can't say that this wouldn't be perfect for pride. As well as the rainbow puke, she adds details like the stars and the white eyeliner under the eyes to make them appear bigger as in the original Snapchat filter. What will the makeup vloggers do next? I imagine that for Halloween this year we'll have a lot of people imitating the other cute Snapchat filters. It's all good fun, don't you think?

5 DIY Rainbow Hair

via youtube.com - LaurDIY

This look from vlogger Lauren of LaurDIY is so cute! Pastel colored hair is always going to look great, even better is a rainbow of pastel colors. Here, Lauren uses dyed extensions to get the look. So if you're not brave enough to go the whole hog and actually dye your hair then this is a good idea. Other people have achieved a very similar look using hair chalk. That's another way to color your hair for pride without making it permanent. There are some hair chalks you can get that look like a single eye shadow palette. You put in a strand of hair at the top, clip the case closed and pull it down the length of your hair to get the colorful look. It's super easy. I think this is a great idea for a pride look that isn't difficult or too expensive.

4 No H8 Nails

via nailsbyjema.com

We have a little twist here. These nails show you how you can even get political with your beauty looks. You might have heard of NOH8 before, it's an LGBT charitable campaign which promotes marriage, gender and human equality. They're known for getting celebrities and prominent figures to pose for photos with NOH8 written on their faces. You can get involved too by painting it on your nails. Jema of the Nails By Jema blog admits that this is a little more advanced than other nail art styles. But by no means is it impossible. She gets those straight lines on the rainbow nails by using tiny pieces of tape to separate the colors. She also uses a tiny brush instead of the brush that comes with the polish to make it neater. You might need to get a friend's help on this one, it's not always easy to paint both sets of nails when you're not ambidextrous.

3 Flourescent Lips

via youtube.com - Monique Matos

OMG, how pretty does this look? Because the colors are fluorescent they really pop a lot more. This is definitely a look that you would be wearing at the pride parties during the night to make you stand out in the dark. Vlogger Monique Matos starts with a white base before packing on the fluorescent colors and blending. She admits herself that it's pretty self-explanatory. So this is definitely a look you can achieve at home. You just need to make sure you get your hands on some really bright, beautiful makeup. Matos is lucky to have such a beautiful pout to work with. On top of the rainbow colors she applies a clear lip gloss that makes her rainbow lips look all shiny and juicy. It also helps with the blending of the colors.

2 Rainbow Glitter Roots

via Instagram - bleached.vogue

The look you can see here from Instagrammer @bleached.vogue combines two interesting beauty trends: rainbow roots and glitter roots. Some people are getting hidden rainbow roots. On the surface, you can't really notice them but if you tie your hair up or run your hands through your hair you can see those hidden rainbow roots underneath. In this pic it looks like the Instagrammer has used various hair color sprays which the glitter then sticks to. If you just want glitter in your hair and not the colors (I don't know why you would want that, but hey), then you add a hairspray base to stick the glitter to. Overall, I think this look is really cool and it's certainly going to give you a unique look that will have all the queens gagging at pride.

1 Rainbow Highlighter

via youtube.com - Jeffree Star

Rainbow highlighters went viral last year, everybody wanted in. Originally it was made by somebody on Etsy but there are lots of rainbow highlighters out there these days. If you got caught up in the trend originally, now you can whip out your rainbow highlighter again because it makes for a perfect, understated pride look. Above you can see Jeffree Star modeling the highlighter and it looks very pretty. Jeffree Star uses a flat brush on the palette in order to get the full rainbow effect, when you apply it to your cheek bones. A few layers of the highlighter make it really stand out. This is 100%, without a doubt, the easiest look to achieve at home that's on this list. Go check out Jeffree Star's video and see just how ridiculously easy it is.

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