13 Places To Find Unique Pet Names

Congratulations, you've decided to commit to getting a pet. You're ready to take care of them, love them, and give them a safe and happy home. You're going to be a pet parent! Or if you're already a pet parent, a parent to one more "kid." It's a love like no other, and a bond that you can only share with your special furry someone. But once you're on that exciting journey of buying new toys and stocking up on special foods, it's also important to make sure your new pet has a name. Rather than sticking with the basics like "Spot" or "Fluffy," take a little extra time to come up with something fitting and unique for your new boo. Check out these comprehensive spots that can offer some much-needed naming advice and plenty of suggestions to get those creative juices flowing.

13 Facebook (And All Social Media)

You know some people have some crazy names for their pets … or for their kids. Head online to your Facebook or other social media accounts and that will be the perfect place to find some good pet name ideas. Strangers are never going to know that you took their pet's name. Be on the look-out for some posts or shares that incorporate a name you find interesting. Straight up steal it for yourself, or use it as a jumping off point. This is a way to find a great name but still find something that is meaningful to you.

12 A Baby Or Pet Name Book

Call us old-fashioned, but this is one of the best places to find a name. Why not go straight to the source: an entire book full of names? These books were entirely created for this very purpose – what could be better? If you don't want to drop the dough on a book (that you may or may not use more than one time), you can borrow one from a friend or head to a local library. Take notes on as many names as you find interesting, then narrow them down until you've found the perfect moniker.

11 An App

Turns out, there's an app for that, which is not that surprising really. Finding a pet name app will help you name your pet in style. Choose a platform that best meets your needs and let it get to work for you. Each app will be different but they might ask you questions like how you rate certain names, so you can narrow down your choices and get the best outcome possible. Download an app (or several of them) and start your naming process ASAP.

10 Your Favorite Characters

Whether you're a bookworm or an avid TV watcher (or movies), chances are you have heard some names over the years. Names that made you say, "Hmm." Some of those, for all of the wrong reasons, and with others, you just wanted to scream, "Yes, that's the one!" Character names are one of the perfect forms of flattery, and an interesting way to show off your fandom. The more unique you go, the less of a chance that anyone else will have nabbed the name for themselves, giving your pet a serious edge above all others.

9 Check Out Pet-Centric Websites

There are thousands of proud pet owners out there, many of whom are out there sharing their good advice. Everything from how to potty train a puppy to  the best tips for allowing cats to dull their claws to some of the best pet names around can be found on pet-based websites. Look to them for sure-fire ideas for the best name around, but also ongoing tips and tricks when it comes to actually raising your pet. Get the best tips from those who've been there first.

8 Google

Search engine suggestions can be a powerful thing. Have you tried them recently? Take a look at what pops when you type in a specific name or phrase. Where does Google take you? What secondary words pop up after you've half-typed in your search? Are you inspired? Appalled? No matter the outcome, or how you feel about the suggestions, they offer an easy way to point your search in a new direction. Go ahead, get inspired now and start typing in some words and see what info is headed your way.

7 Pinterest

Maybe it wasn't the intention, but Pinterest may just be our number one search engine. It's visual, the posts are super well-rounded and you can find anything that you could possibly be looking for. You get the info from folks who have helpful websites, not folks looking to cheat search engines and put keywords all over their sites. You will find sites with genuine suggestions aimed at normal people like you. Remember to check out Pinterest for its off-the-beaten-path suggestions.

6 The Back Of Your Mind

You know that one name you thought of years ago? Or the list of names you've been hypothetically collecting... just in case you might need them in the future? Well, now an actual need has come along, and it's time to put that list to good use. You just have to find it first. Dig deep into the back of your brain and grab on tight. Find these names you've had your eye on and locate your number one. This will allow you to find a name you've always liked, and narrow down your entire searching process.

5 Celebrity Names

Sometimes their monikers are crazy, sometimes they're fairly normal. No matter what name you choose, or the personality behind it, you can get a great name by following your fave celeb parents. Go full-on fan and name a pet after your hero. It's quirky and it's fun, and it's an easy way to choose your name. Take your choice another step further and pick the first and last name for an even more thorough effect. Better still, is you have a huge population to choose from, simply pick the star who suits you and your pet's personalities best.

4 Famous Historical Pets

Do you keep up with past presidents' pets? What about famous pets that earned a reward for saving a life? Guide dogs? Animals that made it to TV or are involved in some type of sport? What they did doesn't matter, it's just another great way to choose your next pet's name. Get online and search for popular pet names and find monikers of those who were famous way back when. Look up a particular event, or search by accomplishment. Any route along this path is sure to land you with a pet name you'll be proud to call loud and clear.

3 Use A Name Generator

If you want zero control – or can handle the idea of having zero control – go with a name generator. It's a free online tool that will come up with your next pet name for you. It takes out the guesswork and eliminates you having a slanted opinion. Or, if you feel like you can't quite let go with such a permanent feature, use the generator as a hypothetical game changer. See if you like its suggestion (even if it's not the first), and keep generating until you find a name you can fully get behind using every single day.

2 Use A Customized Service

If you can't come up with a name on your own, consider getting some help. Whether you go personal or use a static service, you can actually request a list of pet names. Then use them toward consideration of use. While they might not nail it with THE final name, it's a great step toward finding options that are unique (and also fitting) toward your pet and your lifestyle. You might even find the diamond in the rough that you have been looking for all along.

1 Let The Kids Decide

You might not end up with the best name … but then again, you just might. Kids are creative, and yet they don't have the same hesitations as adults. They go for it and let their creative flag fly. Let them come up with a name or two for the next family pet and see just how crazy their suggestion might me. You might land a pet sounding frilly or cartoon-like, or you might end up with an 800-year-old banker. Every option is available and you never know what you're going to get. But that's also the fun of it, right? If you don't have kids of your own yet, you probably know someone with an adorable child, so go ahead and ask your favorite coworker to ask their kid if they can come up with a name.

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