13 Pics That Make You Say 'How TF Did It Get There?'

The Internet is full of crazy and mind-boggling pictures that make us crack up on sight. These photos, taken by people all across the globe, leave us perplexed, bewildered and shocked. Some pretty amazing moments have been captured in photographs that have since gone viral, and many of these pics are so wild, they make us scratch our heads, and they leave us with a billion unanswered questions.

We have rounded up some pictures of people and objects in the craziest places. Looking at these pictures will really leave you confused like never before. How did it end up there? What's really going on? Is this real or fake? We don't have the answers, unfortunately, but it's pretty fun to come up with some wacky explanations as to why these people and things ended up in the most unlikely places.

Keep reading to see 13 photos that will make you say, "How did it get there?"

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13 Well, Hello There, Boat


A nice, calm and relaxing day on a boat sounds marvelous, doesn't it? Nothing beats going for a boat ride in the middle of the deep blue sea. But obviously, this guy didn't get the memo, or he was totally unaware that boats aren't meant to be on dry land. To make matters even worse, this boat is parked right on top of a helpless and defenseless car. You know the car's owner had to be ticked off when he stepped outside to witness this scene! A boat...on top of a car? How the heck did this even happen?!

There's absolutely no reasonable explanation as to why this boat completely crushed the car. It's not like the four-door sedan was actually towing the boat to the dock, right? And then there's the man standing in his ponchos with his hands on his hips like, "How the heck am I going to get myself out of this one?" We don't know, buddy, but good luck!

12 Guy in Ceiling


Okay, it really doesn't get any crazier than this. We've all done some questionable things throughout our lives, but this guy takes the cake. We have to admit it, though, this photo is full of LOL's. The fact that there was an actual hole in the ceiling is just part of the hilarity. We're also wondering why there was a hole in the ceiling. Were they doing some construction and stopped mid-way through? Or did this guy literally just carve a hole into the floor of his bedroom for the sake of Internet fame? We're going to go with the latter, how about you?

To top it all off, it's not like he's just lying in the hole and relaxing. He appears to be munching on some snacks, too. We hope he was able to make his way out the hole - either from dropping to his feet or someone pulling him by his arms from the top floor!

11 Ladder Sticking Through Car Window


Have you ever seen someone with a Christmas tree, suitcases or a mattress strapped to the hood of their car? It's actually a pretty normal occurrence. Most people don't even flinch when they see these things pass by. But have you ever seen someone with something strange a peculiar sticking out the windows of their car? Yeah, me neither. That's why this photo is pretty shocking, to say the least.

This driver must have really needed to transport that ladder, and the only way to do so was to shove it inside his car. The resutls are a super long ladder taking up way too much room on the highway. Not only is this an accident waiting to happen, but we wonder what the driver was even thinking when he started to shove this ladder into his vehicle. There are so many other safe ways to transport a ladder, and putting them inside a tiny four-door car isn't one of them!

10 Motorcycle In Bed


You know those movies when the actress wakes up and finds a strange guy lying in her bed? We wonder what would happen if she woke up and found a motorcycle lying next to her instead? This is definitely one of the craziest sights we've ever seen, and it really makes us wonder how did it even get there? To start, this person had to drive the motorcycle into the room, and then lift the heavy piece of metal onto the bed. I don't know much about motorcycles, but I don't think they're that easy to pick up. They have to weigh a few hundred pounds at least, right? There's no way one person was able to maneuver this bike all by themselves. But that's not even the point. The point is, WTF is the motorcycle doing in the bed and underneath the covers?! We feel sorry for whoever had to sleep in that bed that night. The sheets were probably chock full of dirt and grease. Ew, yuck!

9 Planking on the McDonald's Sign


Do you remember when planking was the cool thing to do? People were planking all over the place like their lives depended on it. Most people would plank on low surfaces, like the ground, or a very low wall, or the hood of a car. Other people took their planking adventures to great heights, like this guy who thought it would be a great idea to plank right there on McDonald's golden arches. Now, we've seen a Mickey D's sign or two during our lifetime, and they're usually pretty high off the ground - I'm talking fifteen feet at least! There aren't any stairs leading up to the top of the "M" so this guy must have been a world class scaler to be able to shimmy his way up that high. And then, we're worried about how he was able to get down safely! Hopefully, his planking adventure didn't end with a few broken bones.

8 Stack of Chairs 


Most cities have landfills where all of the town's waste is disposed. But this particular city is obviously not a fan of junkyards and landfills. In between two buildings, they have stacked up a bunch of discarded chairs. There are so many chairs that they're reaching the top levels of these two buildings. Now, we have a few questions because this one really has us perplexed. To start, where the heck did all these chairs come from? What does this city have against sitting down? Are all the inhabitants just standing up all day long until it's time to go to bed? This makes absolutely no sense to us!

It's not like it's a bunch of different items either. It's just chairs. Lots and lots of chairs. So weird. So strange. Very odd indeed. We wonder if around the corner they have a bunch of tables stacked on top of each other, too?

7 A Pair of Shoes In the Wall


Have you ever carved your name and the date into wet cement? It's the perfect way to have a precious memento that will be there for many years to come. But one thing you don't expect to see inside dried cement is a pair of shoes, and that's why this picture is just so mind-boggling. The shoes are sticking out of a concrete wall, and please, let's hope there isn't a body attached to those shoes!

We're hoping a contractor thought this would be a funny prank, so they stuck the shoes into the wall as the concrete was setting. We have to hand it to them, just looking at this picture makes us burst into tears! Can you imagine walking down the street and seeing a pair of tennis shoes poking out from a wall? You may initially freak out, but you'll probably end up taking a pic and sharing it on your social media pages. You just don't see stuff like this everyday, so it definitely needs to be documented for the world to encounter!

6 This Looks Like an Accident Waiting to Happen


You had one job!

Normally, city contractors make sure that the lines in the road match up and sidewalks are safe and clutter-free, but someone totally failed when it came to planning this road. It's bad enough that the road is so tiny, but what really sets us off is the pole that's sitting right in the middle of the lane. How are you supposed to drive safely when there's a pole right there in your way? And let's hope oncoming traffic isn't in the way as you're trying to maneuver around the pole because that would be a complete disaster!

Hopefully, someone in the city finally complained enough to get this problem fixed becasue a pole in the middle of the road is annoying, dangerous and just weird! We wonder how it even got there? What came first, the pole or the road? We may never know.

5 Um, WTF?


We've seen some pretty strange things tucked inside hair before. Stylists are getting really creative these days, and you can put almost anything in your hair, from a bouquet of flowers to Barbie dolls (hey, we didn't say it made sense, we're just saying it can be done). But this picture right here is like nothing we've ever seen before! We're not even sure what this little animal is that's peeking from underneath this man's curls. It's like a tiny, hairy marsupial, and it's definitely giving us the heebie-jeebies! Does this person even know he has a zoo in his hair? Or are he and his little buddy just out for a little stroll? Either way, we can't co-sign this hairdo at all! What happens when the little animal has to use the restroom? Does he just go right there on the guy's head? Ugh.

Or, perhaps it's a plush toy? Gosh, we sure hope so. Please, let it be plush!

4 Glasses Baked Inside Bread


If you wear glasses, I'm sure you've lost them more times than you can even remember. Glasses have the tendency to grow legs and simply walk away from your glasses case. They end up in the most peculiar places, like underneath the couch and inside your thigh-high boots. But we never thought we'd see the day when a pair of glasses showed up in an item of food...some baked bread to be exact!

This was obviously done intentionally, but we're just not sure why. Bread is pretty delicious on its own, especially with a bit of warm butter on top. MMMMMM...yum. Okay, sorry, I got a little carried away there. But my point is: Adding glasses to bread is a definite no-no! Can you imagine sitting down to eat dinner, taking a bite out of some homemade bread, and then all of a sudden you're munching on a pair of Calvin Klein bifocals? Not cool. Not cool at all!

Way to ruin a perfectly good loaf of bread!

3 Mouth Full of Shoe


This picture gives an entirely new meaning to the saying, "I stuck my foot in my mouth." Okay, it's not actually a foot. It's a shoe, so that's close enough.

This guy was going for a drive and for whatever reason, he started to munch on his sneaker. Okay, I've been out and about and have gotten super hungry at times, but I never resorted to chewing on my shoe. Like ever. This guy must've been desperate for some nourishment, and his shoe was the only thing he had available. Hopefully, the shoe was clean, but we doubt it. Shoes are never really clean. They're in contact with dirt, mud, and sand all day long. There's no way this guy's mouth wasn't full of germs and bacteria the second he pulled his shoe out of his mouth.

We're trying to figure out a reason why his shoe would even be that close to his lips. Does anyone have any ideas because we're totally lost right now?

2 Is That a Body?!


I always get the willies when I'm driving and I pass by a hearse. Just knowing there's a body in there really creeps me out, so I can only imagine what this person was going through when they came across this madness.

It really appears as if there's a body covered in a tarp and strapped to the back of this vehicle. We really hope this isn't the case, but what else could it be? It even has shoes on! There has to be a better way to transport someone around than by strapping them to a car for everyone to gawk at. And what if they aren't on there securely and they go flying onto the road?! Come on, people! Do better!

We hope this is just some joke or a prank, we really do, but something tells us this may actually be real, and that makes us a little sad for that poor man.

1 A Kiss in the Toilet Bowel


After a wild night out, girls are prone to put on some bright red lipstick and kiss the mirror in a public restroom to leave their mark. It's just a fun thing us girls like to do from time to time when we're feeling a little cray cray. But this right here has definitely crossed the line! If you look closely, you can see the imprint of a kiss on the side of the toilet bowl. Um, gross!

Someone literally had to flush the toilet, wait for the water to drain, and then stick their head inside the disgusting bowl in order to plant their kiss right there on the porcelain. I'm just thinking abut all the germs and bacteria that is now on this poor girl's lips. What was she thinking?! Well, she wasn't thinking at all obviously. It makes for a pretty wacky photo, but kissing a lipstick bowl is something that should never ever be done!

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