13 People Share Their SO's Worst Trait (Reddit Confessions)

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall in another couple's apartment sometimes? The couple that seems so perfect, doting on each other in public, no doubt still have their quarrels when they get home. Nobody's perfect, after all. Even when you're in a happy relationship, there can be tough times. When you spend a lot of time with somebody, they will start to annoy you at some point

The people of Reddit were asked what annoys them about their SO, more specifically what their SO's worst trait is, and boy did they dish! They give us an insight into the private sphere of their relationships. You never know what's going on behind closed doors, so it's pretty fascinating! A couple might be happy and stable, but no relationship is ever perfect.

You might be able to guess what annoys most people about their SO. Things like communication, jealousy and tidiness do come up. If these issues have an effect on your relationship, you're not alone! But some of the other pet peeves that people have might surprise you.

13 He Forgets To Share MAJOR Information

"He doesn't tell me everything that I would tell if I were him.

For example, once we were talking about our days and he said "and then I came home early after the funeral."


"Yknow, for Bob."

"Who is Bob?!"

"My coworker, the one who died last week of cancer."

He had been working with this guy for a year. In an office of maybe 20 people. He had never once mentioned a coworker named Bob who had cancer and died.

Meanwhile I tend to chatter every thought that passes my brain. At first I thought he might be hiding something, but nope. He just genuinely thinks of different things to talk about than I do."

Men are known to share their feelings less and it's a shame. It's not the guy's fault, he probably thinks that's just how it's supposed to be. I imagine this kind of thing is an issue in a fair few relationships.

12 When Hair Is The Cause Of It All


"Pulling random strands of hair from her head in our bed. One day I swear I will be strangled to death by an entanglement of them."

This is so funny because we know it's true. Our hair gets absolutely everywhere, doesn't it girls? All over the house, but particularly in our bedrooms and bathrooms. We even find a few strands in our butt cracks from time to time. And the amount that gets stuck in the plughole is just ridiculous. There's not a lot we can do about it. Probably because most of us are pretty lazy. There's no way we're getting out of bed to take stray hairs to the trash every night. If we were more into cleaning and tidying up after ourselves this would certainly be less of a problem for most of us.

11 What Are You Talking About?


"When I ask her to repeat herself (because I didn't hear what she said) she just repeats one word, making it even more difficult to understand.

SO: Did you hear the Queen was too sick to attend church at Christmas?

Me: Sorry?

SO: The Queen...

Me: Huh?

SO: The Queen!


SO: At Christmas.

Me: What the hell are you talking about?

SO: Oh forget it..."

People have their quirks and if you want to be in a relationship with someone you just have to get used to their unique ways. This person's gf has a habit of not repeating the full story. But there's a simple solution that they haven't worked out yet. Instead of saying"Sorry?" they can say "I didn't hear you, what was that?" and hope for the best. It could be that easy.

10 That's Quite Alarming

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"She sets the alarm for an hour and a half before she needs to be up and just keeps hitting the snooze button. I might have to leave her over this (not really)."

Obviously, lots of us set several alarms because it's so bloody difficult to drag our asses out of bed in the morning. You hit snooze the first time and maybe sleep a little more or lie there half awake until the next alarm that wakes you up properly. It's normal to have a couple of alarms set maybe fifteen minutes before you have to get up, but an hour and a half before you have to get up is excessive, girl. That can't be good for you either, disrupting your sleep like that. Surely, it's better to have an uninterrupted sleep for as long as possible.

9 Forgetting The Little Things

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"He is absent minded when it comes to obvious "tidying up" things that most people do - so forgets to push in chairs, close doors, close cabinets and drawers, put his dishes in the sink, etc. Drives me insane."

People have different views on what level of tidy is acceptable. Some people just aren't used to picking up after themselves because they don't really care if their apartment resembles a landfill. Will they ever change? Maybe, maybe not. Your nagging will no doubt get on their nerves though. It depends on how important a clean and tidy house is to you. If it's not that important in the big scheme of things, you might just have to let it go for the sake of avoiding petty arguments. If it is important, then you have to come up with a plan together to work on their messy habits.

8 When He's Hot Stuff

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"He's like a human heater and likes cuddling too much, so I end up waking up in the middle of the night literally sweating as he constantly rolls over to spoon me, which is really sweet until I almost get heat stroke."

Lots of ladies have this problem. Their partners simply run hot and there's nothing anybody can do about that. Maybe this chick should work on a hug and roll technique like Ross did in Friends in order to get a better night's sleep. You know she just wants to push him all the way to the other side of the bed anyway. But is this something to complain about? Would you rather have somebody who gets hot in bed or somebody who sticks their cold hands and feet on you? I'm not sure what's worse actually.

7 The Snoring!


"He snores. And I'm not talking "roll him over and he stops" snores. It's more a "consider building a sound-proof tiny house in the backyard and flipping a coin to see whose new bedroom it will be" kind of snoring. No matter what doors are closed in our house, I hear it."

Here's another common problem for lots of relationships. Snoring is such a problem that a massive range of snoring products have been created to deal with it. There are all sorts of scary-looking nasal contraptions and headgear you can buy to stop snoring. It's important because we all need a good night's sleep every night. It sounds obvious but sleep really can affect your mood and even your mental health. And it's not just a male problem, women can snore pretty heavily too.

6 Green Eyed Monster

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"If the voice of another female is nearby while I'm on the phone she assumes women are fanning me in a harem."

This is a comical way to talk about the level of jealousy that can exist in relationships. It's true though, some people really get that jealous and it can have a negative effect on a relationship. Robert L. Leahy Ph.D. explains in Psychology Today that, "Jealousy is angry agitated worry." It's our way of dealing with a threat to our relationships. According to Leahy, jealousy is a normal emotion and we should see it as that- it doesn't reflect poor self-esteem. So if you think that you might be neurotic or simply in the wrong for being jealous, don't worry about it because it's a normal feeling to have. Though Leahy does emphasize that jealous feelings are different to jealous behaviors, so you might feel jealous and that's okay but you don't have to act on it.

5 Playing Games

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"SO: Babe don't play on your phone while we're watching a movie, its rude.

Me: ok babe.

SO: starts playing on his phone


This has got to be one of the biggest problems in modern relationships - how much people are addicted to their phones. When you're on a date or spending quality time with someone you don't want them to be on their phones, ignoring you. When you're watching a movie or a TV show it's actually the worst because you can see them out of the corner of your eye, their phone screen lit up and their thumbs swiping and tapping away. It's super annoying. I bet phones have been a source of contention in many a relationship. If your other half is a phone addict, they're going to have to learn to put it down and pay attention.

4 Honesty Isn't Always The Best Policy

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"He is SO blunt. He does not know how to word advice/criticism in a nice way, ever. I'm getting used to it and I certainly appreciate that he's always honest, but sometimes it's like "Can't you tell me a sweet white lie for once?""

This is a tough one. You would think that most people would value honesty in a relationship. But some of us are sensitive souls and we don't respond well to tough love. We'd like to have a thicker skin but we just don't, so maybe we aren't suited to partners who are blunt. I seriously hope that this confession is a case of mismatched personalities, because if not, there could be a problem with bullying or verbal abuse here, which is obviously never okay. Criticism all of the time without reason could be a sign of this.

3 Messy Man

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"He opens cabinets and leaves them open. Also, he leaves clothes on the floor or on the bed. When I ask if he would like me to hang them up or wash them the answer is "oh, um, I'm gonna wear that." Well duh, but let's put it away for now, you're not about to wear all three pairs of pants here!"

Here's another case of messy man syndrome. Perhaps this guy was used to his mom picking up his stuff and cleaning up after him. Then when he didn't have his mom anymore, there was no one to clean up for him so all of his crap just stayed on the floor. You shouldn't have to take on the role of cleaner girl. Tell him to grow up and look after himself.

2 Short Attention Span

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"He starts a sentence and then halfway through stops talking and does something else. So I'm still sitting there like "you were saying??" And then he's like " oh yeah!"

Like, how do you forget what you were saying in the middle of what you were saying? More than once??

But I love that man."

This isn't so bad. It's quite endearing actually. Again people simply have quirks and idiosyncrasies that make them who they are. It sounds like this girl's boyfriend has an active mind, which is a good thing. He might be a creative type, which is always attractive. Or he might be interested in lots of things and enthusiastic, which is also cool. Lots of people would rather that be the case than be with someone who is boring and has nothing to say.

1 Memories

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"He remembers EVERYTHING I ever say. Every preference, every off-the-cuff whim, every mood, analysis, passing thought.... He memorizes it because he cares so goddamn much about making me happy. Most of the time, awesome. But it also leads to situations where I say I want a black dinnerware set and he says "But I thought you think those are super tacky," and I have to try to remember saying that ten years ago. It's endearing/annoying :)"

It's not surprising that this girl has mixed feelings about her boyfriend's adept memory. On the one hand, it's sweet, and it's not likely that he would forget special occasions which would be a massive plus for most women. On the other hand, it would be annoying if he remembered the not so nice things you said or did to bring up in arguments. That's no fun.

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