13 Outrageous Ways To Get Toned Right On Your Couch

You’re on the couch waiting for another episode of Modern Family while scrolling your Instagram feed, when you see the preview of KUWTK, and you decide you can’t lose it. But in the meantime, you remember The Bachelor is just on the point of making a dumb mistake with that girl, so there’s no way for you to go to the gym tonight. Nor tomorrow. Right?

Well, the moment has come for lazy girls like us to get a tight butt, and watch our favorite series. At the same time!!! In fact, we stole your gym trainer a typical abs-legs-butt workout routine, and we selected 13 magical muscle-resuscitating exercises you can do while watching TV. You don’t believe what you’re reading yet? Just keep in mind that many of the usual toning exercises have to be executed on the floor or at the bench. We’re talking about a horizontal surface, so your couch is totally ok …and your bed could also make it…!

Anyway, don’t forget to keep an eye on the number of repetitions, usually 15 to 20 per exercise, and instead of eating a bowl of buttered pop corn, remember to have a sip of fresh water within each repetition. Ready to make your butt hard like a rock?

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13 Couch Push-Ups

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Push-ups are a basic exercise to build some muscle around your arms and chest, so they’re also good to make your boobs stay fixed on your torso. To make couch push-ups, you just need to stay a couple of feet away from the armrest, or the back of the couch with your hands shoulder-width apart. Now put your hands on the couch and bend the arms keeping your elbows outwards until your chest reaches the couch. Repeat this exercise for 15 times, and make sure you keep your back straight while executing the workout.

12 Leg Raises

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Leg raises are useful to build up a bit of abs while watching Khloé sweating hard at the gym. While you don’t have a personal trainer like her, you’ll probably get serious results for your six-pack dream. Here’s what to do: lie on your sofa with your face up, and place your hands face down beside or under your hips. Keep your knees slightly bent and raise your legs until they’re vertical and slowly start to exhale. Now start lowering your legs to return at the starting position, and slowly inhale. Make sure you keep your back straight.

11 Bicycles

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Another section of your six-pack abs is going to get built with this exercise, so have a sip of water and sit on the edge of the sofa. Place your hands in front of your chest to get some balance and lean back 45 degrees while also extending your legs towards your hands, off the ground. Bend your knees towards your chest alternating legs and twist your torso while trying to make your knee touch the opposite elbow. In this way you’re working out your abs and your obliques. Also in this case, make sure your back is always straight and count 15 repetitions per leg.

10 Couch Stands

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This is the typical exercise you unconsciously make when the tv show is about to launch the commercial break and you stand up go to the bathroom, but suddenly the preview of what’s going to happen after the break nails you on the couch again. Well, if you do it repeatedly, your butt get toned.Here’s how to execute it the right way: Stand up near your couch with your muscles tight and your back straight, place your hands behind your head or right on front of you, to keep you balanced. Now gently bend your knees as if you’re going to sit on the sofa, and lightly touch it with you butt before slowly standing up again.

9 Side Leg Lifts

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This is one of the exercises you can do wherever you want. Really. Are you at the train station? Just throw yourself on the floor, make sure your far enough from the rail track, and you can do it. You just need an elbow to keep your torso up, but this won’t likely be a problem.

Now here’s what to do: throw yourself on the couch lying on one of your sides and keep you torso up on your elbow. Hips are stacked and your legs are well extended. From this point raise the external leg straight towards the ceiling and bring it back. This is one repetition. Do 15 reps per leg and you’re done.

8 Glutes Bridge Lifts

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Now you should be in the middle of your favorite tv series feeling very satisfied from your genius workout session. Time management is becoming ridiculously simple for you, after all. And this move will make you not only a time genius, but also a marble butt TV-watcher. Isn’t it insane?

Here’s the bridge move: lie on your sofa with your face up, and place your hands face down beside your hips and bend your knees so that your feet face the couch seat. Keep your abs tight and lift your hips squeezing your glutes. Now extend one leg out in line with your body, then return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times per leg.

7 Calf Raises

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This one is simple but it’ll give a spin to your calves if they’re totally flat. And if they’re big? Well the calf muscles work to keep your skeleton well aligned, so don’t skip this simple exercise. While the tension music plays in the background of your favorite reality show, because someone has to go out, stand up in front of the tv and make this move.

With your back straight and your muscles tight, keep your feet flat on the ground, then start lifting your heels keeping the toes flat on the floor and pay attention not to lean forward. Return to the starting position and repeat for 15 times.

6 Knee And Toe Touches

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If you perform this exercise together with the bridge, chances are you can become a candidate for the next season of The Bachelor. So, leave the popcorn in the kitchen and put yourself on the sofa.

Lie on one of your sides and keep you torso up on your elbow with hips stacked and your legs bended at about 45 degrees and toes pointed against each other. From here, raise your external knee towards the ceiling in a rotation keeping the toes pointed, then return to the starting position and do the same opening your toes and keeping the knees together. Alternate this movement for 20 times, then switch sides.

5 Dip And Kicks

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Dips are usually executed with the help of a bench, but you can use your couch, a chair or even the border of your bed. Here’s how to do it: sitting on the edge of the sofa, place your hands palms down on the couch seat and nail the there. Now make a little step outside the sofa, so your butt is suspended on the floor. Bending your elbows and your knees, slowly dip down and find a balanced position, now point your toes and extend one leg straight out. Then slowly return to return to the starting position and repeat with alternate legs.

4 Seated Scissor Legs

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This exercise will also contribute to your six-pack and your stability, so do it when you feel the drama is just too much, make them see your scissor legs. Here’s what to do: place your hands in front of your chest to get balanced and lean back 45 degrees, while also extending your legs towards your hands, off the ground. Now start swinging your legs in a crisscross motion keeping your back straight. Repeat 20 times.

3 Lunge And Twists

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If you’ve ever attended a gym or you’ve just watched any tv show about fitness, then you know there’s a fundamental butt exercise everybody does: the squat. This exercise is a variation of the one leg squat and, yes, you can do it on your couch. Just stand a couple of steps away from the edge of your couch,leaving it behind you, then put one foot on the seat, and while keeping your back straight, start bending the standing knee until you lower your butt at the knee level. Now twist your torso until your elbow touches the opposite knee.

2  Couch Lunges

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If the lunge and twist was a bit too much for you, then you can focus on doing a “simple” one leg squat and start programming the next two days of TV, simply because after you do this, you won’t be able to walk for the next 48 hours. Another good excuse to watch TV!Like before, stand a couple of steps away from the edge of the couch, and leave it behind you. Now, put one foot on the cushion,  and while keeping your back straight, start bending the standing knee until you lower your butt at the knee level. Then return at the starting position and repeat 10/15 times per leg.

1 Captain’s Chair Position For 30 Seconds

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If your abs are still not satisfied with the previous exercises, then it’s the moment to try the captain’s chair. It’s 30 seconds of pure suspense and pain. For what I can remember, only the last episode of the O.C. gave me the same feelings, so you’re brave if you try.

Sit on the couch with your hands behind your head and start tightening your abs, now raise your legs off the ground and bend your knees as if you’re doing a crunch, but don’t do it. Keep the “as if” position for 30 seconds before exhaling your last breath.

sources: cosmopolitain.com, buzzfeed.com

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