13 Outrageous Hidden Menu Items You Need To Try

Ever wonder why some places won't cater to special orders, even if they have all the ingredients you're requesting? Well, most fast food joints understand your plight and have done most of the complicated creating for you. If you're looking to take your fast food experience to the next level, these unique and tasty Secret Menu items are your best bet. They're only available to the lucky few who know about them, and now that's you, too. These aren't your typical eats: a few of the dishes are some of the most monumental meals you could ever hope to see in the flesh. Of course, they are not for the faint of heart – or stomach. If you're brave enough, go ahead and see what you've been missing all your life.

13 Suicide Burger From Burger King

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It doesn't take a genius to figure out why this massive creation is called the Suicide Burger. For only $4, you too can risk clogging your arteries as you attempt to devour this ginormous burger that holds four beef patties, four slices of cheese, a slew of bacon, and Burger King's special sauce packed between two sesame seed buns. If they raise an eyebrow at the name, try asking for the Quad Stacker and if the employees are still confused, they should be able to figure it out if you list off the ingredients. After all, their slogan is: “Have it Your Way."

12 Rodeo Burger From Burger King

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Remember this bad boy? After a brief stint on the “regular” menu, the Rodeo Burger earned itself a spot on Burger King's secret menu. I don't know about you, but I never gave it a try when the masses had access to it, so I had to trot on over to the nearest location and bite in to this deliciously unique creation. You will definitely give your taste buds something totally unexpected with this onion ring burger for only $1.49. Can't get enough crunch? Grab an order of Frings and enjoy both french fries and onion rings to pair with your juicy burger.

11 Chicken Quesadilla From Chick-fil-A

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For those of you who love your chicken with a Mexican twist, head on over to your Chick-fil-A location and ask if they have the ingredients to construct this secret menu favorite. This clandestine quesadilla is packed with tender grilled chicken, a boatload of cheese, and, if requested, spicy peppers for a delectable homemade tasting meal for only $3.99.

10 Quesarito From Chipotle

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This monster of a meal combines one of Chipotle's already massive burritos... wrapped in a warm quesadilla. Most employees know this dish by name but you can ask for your burrito to be wrapped in a quesadilla and you should be able to get your point across. This will add around $3 to your total but once you bite into this treat, you'll see that it's totally worth it. If you're already sold on this creation but are watching your waistline, ask for the Burritodilla, which only includes half the toppings.

9 Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger From Jack In The Box

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Once a beloved member of the regular menu, this delight built up quite the following before transitioning into secrecy. Enjoy all of the perks of a typical bacon cheeseburger but with a bonus classic Ciabatta bun. If you're craving an even larger meal, don't be afraid to ask for an extra patty that's only a dollar. Feeling adventurous? Order a Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake, also a total secret... which is basically adding a slice of blueberry cheesecake to a vanilla milkshake.

8 Poutine From KFC

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This Canadian delicacy has been duplicated by one of America's favorite fast food restaurants. Although the reviews are out of this world, this popular dish is only listed on KFC's secret menu. If your location is stumped by the obscure name, just ask for an order of french fries topped with cheese curds and hot gravy.

7 The Land, Sea, And Air Burger From McDonald's

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If you're super adventurous and want to take your taste buds on a wild ride, consider the Land, Sea, and Air Burger. It's exactly as it sounds: you've got beef from the land, fish from the sea, and chicken from the air. It's just one heap of meat between two buns. You can chose your base burgers -- a big Mac (final cost of $8.49) or a McDouble ($5.49). If you're starving, pack on some fries, too.

6 The Monster Mac From McDonald's

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This chain arguably has the most creative and diverse menu of them all. Fast food chains across the U.S. are scrambling to out-do one another in the size category (what a shocker -- not). Apparently McDonald's is attempting to trump The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas by offering a whopping eight-patty Monster Mac for only $6.49. Unsurprisingly, most Americans are unable to stomach this ginormous creation, landing this bad boy a coveted spot on the secret menu. Alternatively, just say you want a Big Mac with eight patties and your location should be able to whip one up for ya.

5 The MC10:35 From McDonald's

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Yup, McDonald's again. Now that breakfast is served all day at the popular fast food place, the name of this genius creation is certainly outdated, but that doesn't take away from the age old dilemma: breakfast or lunch? For only $3.49, you can have both! Previously only available between 10:30 and 11:00 am, this scrumptious treat combines the best of both worlds: the Egg McMuffin and the McDouble. The unspoken rule? Order each sandwich and combine them yourself. Just put the beef patties inside the McMuffin.

4 The Pie McFlurry Or The McCrepe From McDonald's

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Looking for a unique spin on the same old McFlurry flavors? At just $2.69 for a snack size and $3.39 for a regular, indulge in a Pie McFlurry that blends your favorite McDonald's pie with soft serve ice cream for a supreme hot-cold combination of delicious flavors. Want a classier dessert option (yeah, even at McDonald's)? Create your own McCrepe for $3 and change. Once only served during breakfast, this morning treat is now available all day. This secret menu item has received rave reviews and all you have to do is dump your yogurt parfait into a hotcake and enjoy what is known only to a privileged few as the McCrepe.

3 Frito Pie From Sonic

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Why settle for regular nachos when you can have the deliciously secret Frito Pie? This crave-worthy concoction has a bed of crispy Fritos mixed with melted cheese and a mound of chili. If you're in the mood for a burger instead, you can ask for a special burger with the ingredients of your choice, as long as your location has those of course.

2 The Enchirito From Taco Bell

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Taco Bell's secret menu is mostly famous for it's tasty add-ons like everyone's fave guacamole, but one of my personal favorites is The Enchirito. Ask for an enchilada packed with cheese, beans, and beef covered in red sauce and diced onions. This secret is not so secret anymore and people are actually petitioning for the dish to make it onto the regular menu. For now, we're just grateful that it's available at all. At only $1.99, who could pass up this fantastic deal?

1 Meat Mountain From Arbys

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This epic creation was inspired by the reason behind Arby's is so popular – it's love of meat. For only $10, the Meat Mountain combines every type of meat offered at the fast food chain. You've got a base of chicken tenders, roast turkey, ham, and swiss cheese, followed by brisket, corned beef, Angus steak, cheddar cheese, and topped with crispy Bacon. Since you're already going big, you may as well take advantage of the free add-ons and get your burger topped with some Onion Tanglers, or fried onion ring strips. If you're not a fan of the bun that comes with this monster, simply ask for their “Bread Switch” option and choose any type that tickles your fancy.

sources: secretmenus.com, hackthemenu.com

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