13 Outfits Kim Dressed Her Kids In That Were Beyond Awkward (+ 7 Straight-Up Perfect)

North West basically became an A-Lister the day she was born. Vogue's headlines are now: "The Pillars Of North West's Capsular Wardrobe." Kim Kardashian might continue to make headlines for spilling out of dresses, but what she's dressing her kids in is right up there with them.

Kim and Kanye West are now parents to three children. North, Saint, and Chicago will be joined by a fourth baby in May 2019. While former years saw the Kardashian households overflowing with designer clothes, they're now also overflowing with kids. Khloe Kardashian is a mother to True. Kylie Jenner has Stormi. Rob Kardashian is raising Dream. There's also Kourtney's three kids.

Stormi may receive the most attention for her cute giggles and wide eyes, but it's Kim's kids who are stealing the spotlight on the style front. In particular, for wearing some pretty questionable outfits.

North was still a baby when she was papped in full leather getups. As a toddler, this Kardashian kid was walking the streets of Los Angeles in custom-made baby Balmain jackets. While the look for the Kardashian kids has shifted more towards athleisurewear in 2019, the uncomfortable-looking outfits are still there.

Chicago West recently turned one. She looked cute as a button in her silk dress and booties, but very few one-year-olds would voluntarily spend all afternoon in that. Saint seems to have it easiest (although that might be because he's a boy).

With the budget to custom-design anything (and the dedication to match), Kim has been dressing her kids in headline-making outfits from day one. Of these 20, 13 erred on the awkward side, but seven were straight-up awesome.

20 (Awkward): Disco-Ball Doubles

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The annual Met Gala is never dull when the Kardashians are involved. Kim has worn curve-hugging dresses appearing to be made of liquid gold (thanks, Donatella Versace). Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott wore jet blacks for the 2018 event. This was 2016, though.

#Matching it was. #Winning? We're not so sure. As Kim stepped out with North in a disco-ball duo look, everyone was kind of squirming inside. North's face also didn't seem to suggest she was enjoying the outfit.

When the glitter is so #Extra, your face is actually reflecting in the outfit, you know you've gone a little too far. Kim remained stylish here, but admit it– North's dress was a bit awkward.

19 (Awesome): 'Early' Yeezy Vibes

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2015 was definitely a cute time for North. The toddler years were also giving Kim the best chance ever to dress up her little girl. Choosing a Yeezy-inspired outfit for North here 100% landed Kim on our "awesome" side of the list for...well, being awesome.

"No daddy its [sic] me [sic] necklace." Kim's tweets from 2015 even reflect the Kanye-style chain.

The style definitely reflects the looks seen from Kanye West's fashion line– the early days. Less about sweats and more about woven fabrics and slight grunge vibes, this outfit won points for being unusual, stylish, and making North look like a total cutie.

18 (Awkward): Chicago's First Birthday Dress & Booties

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It wasn't Alice in Wonderland. It was "Alice in ONEderland," according to Kim's IG caption. In 2019, Chicago West turned one. This little girl got treated to the mother of all parties– Kim's entire house was decked out in themed mazes. The IG video even showed "Queen of Hearts" treats.

The cakes aren't what got everyone, though. While Chicago looked super-stylish in her silk dress and booties, something about the look felt pretty awkward for a kid that age.

Those of you who saw Kim's video will know that "Chi" didn't seem too responsive that day. Kim called her daughter repeatedly, but she got the cold shoulder. Maybe this is why?

17 (Awesome): Custom-Made Baby Balmain, Even North Can't Deal

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Seriously, those ballet outfits from North West basically deserved their own show. As E Online reports, North's baby Balmain jacket (which retails for around $2,000 in adult sizes) didn't come off the rack.

"Custom Balmain!! Thank you so much @olivier_rousteing & @balmainparis for making North these one of a kind jackets!!! I'm so honored that Northie is your little muse! Can't wait for her to wear them!!!"

Kim's social media caption said it all. North West could just about walk, but her wardrobe was light years ahead. The cute tutus she was spotted in made front-page news, and nobody's forgotten them.

16 (Awkward): Birds Of A Feather

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Um, yeah. When something about your gut reaction has you feeling for the kid, you know you've landed on an awkward outfit. Kim was dressing North up from day one. For the most part, the finish was spot on.

Fussy, fur-centric, and all-black isn't immediately what most mothers would dress their toddlers in. Then again, this is no regular mother.

While North's black perfectly contrasted Kim's pastel blues here, there's a side to this mother-and-daughter look that makes you wonder if the "style before comfort" concept has gone a step too far. On the plus side, North didn't seem too fussed.

15 (Awkward): Voice Of A Yeller

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What, you thought that Kim Kardashian's daughter isn't up there with her mother? In 2018, Kim called her own sister "the least exciting to look at" on Season 15 of KUWTK. It was the story of the year (well, until Tristan Thompson and Khloe took over).

North's crushed velvet dress here wins points for the spaghetti straps we eye up for ourselves. For our own daughters who are under five? Perhaps not.

Quite what North was yelling here may never be known. We'll put $50 on it not being: "My outfit is comfortable, age-appropriate, and here's me sending that message out to the world!"

14 (Awkward): But You Can't Yell When You're Asleep

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Babies and leather. It's really a matter of taste. When they're fast asleep, they're unlikely to complain. The cameras weren't around for North waking up to: "Hold on, I'm in leather," but we wonder what the reaction was.

It's a little bit awkward. It also doesn't come across as the most practical. Babies that age will need a diaper change. Quite how that works in head-to-toe leather, we aren't sure.

The style will never be criticized with Kim. That said, when the baby comes in an outfit that's on the awkward side, it will get noticed. Also, what is it with this family and the world's cutest babies?

13 (Awesome): Athleisurewear We Want To Steal

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Hello, athleisurewear. Comfort has taken over fashion in 2019. Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Jordyn Woods, and Hailey Baldwin are all embracing the trend. So too, apparently, is Kim. Saint and Chicago joined her here in the fall of 2018 for a New York City trip.

It's like looking at Ariana Grande, right? Well, if Ariana was 38 and a mother of three.

There is literally nothing to fault with this look. Admittedly, Kim's hot pink outfit is making sure our eyes are glued to her, but we're ultra digging what she picked for Saint and Chicago. Finally, the Kardashian kids look comfy.

12 (Awkward): Athleisurewear We Don't Want To Steal

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We spoke too soon. Kim's 2018 outings mostly threw us awesome looks from the kids. We're on the fence with this neon yellow dress from North, though. On the one hand, it looks comfortable. On the other hand, it is just a touch in-your-face.

With a matching neon purse (that we can only imagine was custom-made), North stood out here for not looking like your average five-year-old girl. Then again, she isn't.

In 2019, Fox News reported Kim gifting $9,000 of Louis Vuitton to her girly family members. Stormi was even filmed holding a $1,100 Nano Speedy. This look? We'll pass and give it an #Awkward.

11 (Awkward): 'Balenciaga Mama'

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If Cardi B were Blac Chyna, she'd probably be suing over this. When Kim chose to dress her daughter in thigh-high Balenciaga boots for an IG snap, it got covered by Capital Xtra. Indeed, there was a caption:

"Didn't think it would happen this soon...my baby girl stealing my shoes. At least she has good taste."

Cardi B has made the lyric "Balenciaga mama" into a phrase. The luxury Spanish fashion brand is loved by the likes of Kim K and Rihanna, but something about seeing a five year old in that level of glam feels a touch awkward. On the plus side, North seemed to be enjoying herself.

10 (Awkward): That Much Pleather At Five Years Old

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It was only a matter of time. North was going to make her runway debut. Make it, she did, in 2018 (and nobody's forgotten it). Gaining coverage from Harper's Bazaar, this stylish (but pretty awkward) outfit might have had our chins wagging, but Kim was proud.

"North is completely obsessed with L.O.L. Surprise already, so when we found out there was going to be an L.O.L. Surprise BIGGER Surprise Fashion show, she absolutely had to be involved..."

The magazine quoted Kim gushing, but that much pleather on a five-year-old kid comes with too much #Extra to handle. Still, the shades and bag earn this kid an #Envy.

9 (Awesome): Halloween, 'Kanye Style'

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The Kardashian-Jenners take Halloween by storm every year. In 2018, Kourtney Kardashian dressed as Ariana Grande. In 2016, Kylie Jenner went as Christina Aguilera.

Halloween 2018 brought us this from Saint as he joined Reign Disick. The Kanye-inspired outfits came with a "Ye & Lil Pump" social media caption from Kim.

It's creative. It's age-appropriate. With Saint grinning from ear to ear, it was clearly also much-enjoyed. Kanye's "I Love It" music video was the inspiration here, and we've got to say, this mom absolutely nailed it. The sisters themselves took on Victoria's Secret outfits for their own, grown-up celebration. Yeah, oversized wings and all.

8 (Awkward): When Flower Just Isn't Power

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Flower power needs to be done right. While floral prints look great on the likes of Priyanka Chopra or Selena Gomez, that's likely because these ladies are nailing the style.

We'll admit, a huge part of the #Awkward here comes from North's face. When this little girl is feeling grumpy, she shows it. Then again, being up past your bedtime for premieres and traipsing around Calabasas for "family promotion" can't be too fun.

Overly fussy, overly floral, and with whatever that bizarre fuzzy jacket is supposed to achieve, we aren't ranking this look from North West as one of Kim's wisest choices.

7 (Awesome): Move Over, Mila Kunis, There's A New 'Black Swan'

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And we're back to tutus. The early years for North West were basically the biggest endorsement the ballet world has ever had. Black Swan may have seen Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman make ballerinas glamorous, but they've got nothing on this kid.

Tutus and biker jackets. Why did no-one think of this earlier? If you're thinking that Kim is the one hogging the biker jacket, think again. Similar pics have surfaced of North in a tutu with a tiny leather jacket.

Head-to-toe leather while she was sleeping? It was too much. With this tutu though, the all-black look 100% worked.

6 (Awkward): Mismatched Beyond Belief

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We're as stumped as you are. With one caveat. It's called Kim Kardashian being the only celebrity in Hollywood who can look mismatched beyond belief and still pull it off. Kim has always experimented with style. Where she goes, so too does North.

Animal-print fur coats aren't your standard getup for a small child. You might see the odd faux fur hood on a winter jacket, but this isn't what you'll find in the baby section at Walmart.

With Kim's baseball cap and clear plastic boots only making it more awkward, we couldn't help but put this North look on, yes, the "awkward" side of the list.

5 (Awesome): Possibly At Kim's Request?

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"What would North do?" So awesome, we have no words. When Kourtney Kardashian and her daughter Penelope stepped out into the Calabasas sunshine, all eyes were on this kid's tee. No, it isn't one of Kim's kids. Yes, it's awesome enough for us to list it.

Also, we can't help but wonder if this tee came at the request of Kim. Bear in mind that no matter how tongue-in-cheek, everything this family does is in the greater effort of the family. It's called good promo.

There's no way on earth we could ever call this awkward. If anything, this tee is making us wish that Googling it would bring up a shopping option.

4 (Awkward): Baby, It's Cold Outside

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NYC gets cold in winter. In February 2017, Kim left her sunny Californian base and hit The Big Apple. The apple of her eye went with her. Spotted leaving her hotel, Kim was papped (and she was prepared).

Twinning is something that Kim seems to adore doing. She does it with her sisters, and it's no different with her kids. While Fashion Style Mag reports this occasion to have been a "dinner date" with "Food God" Jonathan Cheban, Kim seemed very keen to make the night all about herself and North.

It's a little too much fur. It's a little too black. While we'd wear this ourselves, we probably wouldn't pick it as a matching outfit for our daughters.

3 (Awesome): Most Of Chicago's Super-Casual Wardrobe

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Watch out, Stormi. You're not the only cute kid in town. Chicago receives slightly less social media exposure than her cousin, but she's just as adorable. She also happens to rock some awesome outfits.

Super-casual, super-comfy, and in light colors, this baby outfit was beyond awesome. It's what we'd want to be wearing all day long, but in a mini size.

With a ribbed-come-woven feel, this slouchy look smartened itself up with its crisp notes and clean lines. At the same time, Chicago could totally roll around on the sofa in this. We'll assume that mud isn't allowed (or the kid gets a new outfit after).

2 (Awkward): Maybe When You're Sixteen...

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That's the great thing about North West. No matter how awkward the outfit, she still manages to pull off looking sensational. An oversized leather jacket paired with a lace-trim dress isn't what most mothers would choose.

Teaming North's all-black "grown-up" look with Yeezy sneakers, Kim likely had her eye on both style and business here. The entire family is regularly papped in Kanye West's footwear line.

While North's top-bun hairstyle and facial expression here are on point, the jacket's fringes and rather adult lace aren't quite doing it for us. We prefer this girl in age-appropriate colors and styles. Still, it wasn't bad.

1 (Awkward): Layering Kind Of Needs To Be Done Right

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The Kardashians only need to grab McDonald's and it's an event. When they go out to eat as a family, the entire neighborhood turns into a feeding ground for the paparazzi.

Look carefully at North's dress here. On first impressions, totally cool. It's when you start to look at the layers that the #Awkward hits you. It just doesn't look all that comfortable. Add on the collar neckline and fur slides, and you've got yourself one questionable outfit.

Kim's kids don't always get it wrong. When they do, though, it's the great Kim K we're looking at. This style queen rarely misses the mark, but when it's with her kids, the world notices.

Sources: Harper's Bazaar, Fashion Style Mag, Capital Xtra, Fox News

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