• 13 Of The Worst Wedding Dresses We've Ever Seen

    Ah, weddings, the moment every girl and mother of a daughter dreams of. It all starts with the giant diamond engagement ring from a dreamy husband to be, the big elegant church hall, the beautiful flowers, the special attention, the show stopping wedding dress, the pretty cake, all the gifts and congratulations, the honeymoon. It’s all so dreamy and romantic to think about isn’t it? It all plays up to be a big fantasy world of perfection and enchantment. The day of her wedding is supposedly the happiest moment of any woman’s life.

    Turns out that sometimes weddings can turn up to be a big disaster, at least in the fashion department. Horror stories of terrible bridesmaids’ dresses, bad groomsmen suits, an overdressed guest overshadowing the bride, or even the bride’s dress itself can turn out to be a complete disaster. Some brides decided to go a nontraditional or outright weird route for picking out their perfect wedding dress. You’d think a regular old white gown with some lace or silk detailing would be enough to handle. But these women decided to go a bit, or a lot, over the top with their debut as a new wife. If you’re a soon to be newlywed, or dream to be someday, make sure you don’t look to any of these brides!

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    The Sixers Fan

    We all know sports fans that are so obsessed with their favorite teams that they make it a point to wear their team's merchandise all the time. Some people can get quite fanatic about their fave sports teams and players. This woman here took being a big fan to a REALLY unusual level.

    Is she really that big of a Sixers fan that she wanted to dedicate her big day to the team? I don't know if that's really cute or really cheesy, especially to put it on your wedding dress? Come on girlfriend, really? Besides the huge distracting logo across the chest, the long shoulder-less sleeves and cheaply made train attached to the bottom of this surprisingly short dress didn't help to make the situation any better.

    There are so many other creative ways she could've carried this out. Think about it: Maybe it would've been fun to do a basketball themed wedding party to celebrate your team right? Maybe put the Sixers logos on some cupcakes, or decorate the reception area with the Sixers team decorations? You can love your sports team babe; just try not to display it on your wedding gown pretty please?

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    Unholy Matrimony

    There is no possible way this wedding took place in church. Maybe it was in a church in Las Vegas… or a strip club?

    What on Mother Nature’s green earth was going through this woman’s head when she picked this one out? Seriously, what was she thinking? Did her friends cheer her on? Was her mother and aunts in the room when she picked this "dress"? Is this a wedding or is this  a photoshoot at the Playboy Mansion? This dress is not only shockingly revealing, but shockingly tacky as hell. Even the people in the crowd’s faces are giving off shocked expressions.

    I’m all about a woman’s right to self expression and liberty in wearing what she pleases, but does anyone else think this is very well pushing the boundaries, especially for a sacred occasion like a wedding? I mean even when Ice T and Coco got married she knew how to show off a few of the assets without being nearly naked. Maybe for the bedroom fantasies girl, but certainly not for a wedding.

    MAJORLY epic fail!

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     Two Piece Disaster

    Here we go again with the serious need for the fashion police.

    We've got a two piece "wedding dress" on a woman that probably didn't totally think through how this ensemble would look on the big day. Although not nearly as bold as number 15, we can safely say that the short skirt and exposed midriff is a bit much for the occasion.

    What is this dress even made of anyway?. Are those white  feathers on her? Why is her train so puffy as if there's a cloud coming out of her limo? Is she really wearing a tiara on her head? What's she supposed to be, queen of the palace? Not in that outfit.

    I assume the bridesmaids were made to dress in nearly the same attire due to the other bright blue train of cheap fabric beside her. We can only hope they don't look back on this and regret it too much.

    I'm sure none of us would be caught dead in this thing on our special day.

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     The Wedding Dress That's Not Even A Dress

    So is this supposed to be a wedding dress or a bodysuit with a white veil added to it?

    What kind of outfit for a wedding is this supposed to be? I'm sure that if one of the guests even thought about going to a wedding in an outfit like that, she may had been escorted out, or at the very least given some really dirty looks from the other women in attendance. The bride however, decides that this will be the outfit she will walk down the aisle in. How embarrassing.

    Honestly folks, you're not supposed to look like you're about to go clubbing at a wedding. Again, the bride is free to choose what's fitting for her on her wedding day, but seriously, this is just too much, or too little. There's a time and place for everything, and a wedding isn't the place to wear your lingerie, even if you put on a veil and call it good. It's not.

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    Roses are... Orange?

    Here we've got a sort of matching bride and groom proudly posing together on their happy wedding day. Unlike usual happily married couples, this one's got a big fashion faux pas on their hands that they'll never be able to erase out of the scrapbooks.

    Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you: The groom really is dressed in an all orange tux. While the goal may had been to look dapper, he unfortunately comes off as a giant block of cheddar cheese. Sorry dude, this isn't really your color.

    The bride could've gotten away with her ensemble if it didn't include a gigantic bright orange rose taking up half of the bottom of her dress. Of course if that wasn't enough, she's got a large orange rose on her chest, followed by an orange veil falling behind her head.

    To top it all off, we've got the big crown, because she's queen of the Oompa Loompas!

    Gosh guys, these would've made hilarious prom photos! At least then you could use the "young and dumb" excuse to justify this.

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    Wardrobe Malfunction

    Oh how horrible wardrobe malfunctions can be! We all have been there at some point: ripped jeans in not so stylish places, an overstuffed bra in middle school that gave itself away, a nip slip perhaps. This woman was dangerously close to the latter happening.

    We all know that before we select our gown for the bog day, of course we've got to make sure it fits correctly and flatters whatever we want to be flattered. This looks like whoever fit her for her wedding dress did it very carelessly, or it may just be the fact that this bride for some reason chose to go without a bra. There's nothing wrong with going bra-less, no matter what size your bust is. However, wouldn't it be smart to find other ways to make sure they stay in place, and inside your outfit?

    This probably could've easily been avoided. Embarrassingly, it wasn't.

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     Grandma's Table

    Ok, I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a wedding dress or somebody just took the table cloth off their grandmother's dining table and sewn it up into this thing. I can think of so many things this dress can be besides a dress: table cloth, bed sheets, curtains, bath towels. The lesson we can learn here is that home decor and fashion just were not meant to mix.

    She didn't stop here at the dish cloth folks: she got a matching hat to go with it, because why should the dress look terribly tacky all by itself? It needs a companion to share the embarrassment.

    We're curious to know girlfriend, who put you on to this one? Or is this just your style? Either way, we wish you had a better experience with wearing a better wedding dress, because this one's just an awful fail in our book.

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    What Even Is This?

    What is this woman wearing? I mean that literally, because I truly don't know how this can be called a wedding dress. Oddly it was a wedding dress in her eyes. Perhaps it's time for them to get checked?

    Firstly the clash of materials are super nauseating: the camouflage, the denim, the strings, it's all coming together as a really, really hot mess.  The bouquet of flowers is honestly the prettiest thing about this outfit.

    Speaking of the bouquet, what else is she holding in her hand? At first, it looks like it's a camera. The next moment as you look closer, it stops looking like a camera and more like a rifle??? Looks like this chick took the phrase "point and shoot camera" quite literally. Besides that really, really weird whatever that thing is she's holding, this wedding dress could use a serious do-over.

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    Here Comes The Honey Boo Boo Bride

    Everyone knows Honey Boo Boo and her family for their wild and crazy antics, and larger than life personalities. When her mother got married, they saw it as no reason to tone down their over the top nature. The blushing bride and her groom chose to sport matching ensembles featuring an offensive combination of camouflage green and orange. Can someone say atrociousness?

    These get-ups have to go down in history as some of the worst wedding outfits of all time. For anyone that's a fan of Honey Boo Boo and family, you may not be as shocked. For the rest of us, we can't decide whether to scratch our heads or reach for a doggy bag. The clash of colors aren't only harsh on the eyes but those rainbow sherbet colored roses in her flower bouquet don't add anything of value either. She even has shoes to match, which probably isn't a good thing at all in this situation.

    At least her daughter's looking pretty in pink.

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    Royal Peacock

    The color scheme of this wedding dress would have been so beautiful and elegant if it weren't on such a hideous outfit like this.

    We seem to be having a thing going on with brides wearing crowns and tiaras and things with their dresses. Sure, it's great to feel important, especially on your big day. But seriously guys, doesn't this just look a bot much? A classic wedding veil doesn't suffice anymore? Unless your name is Queen Elizabeth, there's no need for a crown on your head. And no girl, the wand in your hand doesn't make it better; it's just making it worse.

    This dress has the resemblance of a very rich, very royal peacock. On a human, it's not very flattering. This would be fun to wear at a big carnival or festival, but a wedding? I'm not sure where in the world this kind of idea was thought to be amazing, but hey, everyone's got different taste right?

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     Feel The Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow... Wear the Rainbow?

    The classic Skittles tag line seems perfect for this colorful wedding dress, because it really looks like someone vomited some Skittles all over her to make this crazy colorful wedding dress. I'll admit, I honestly think this is very pretty to look at, therefore it probably belongs in an art gallery somewhere, and not on a bride.

    From head to toe she's got all colors of the rainbow ( hey, that rhymed! Moving on...) From red to green to blue to yellow, to pink, she didn't leave anything out, except maybe some fashion sense. This would've been cute for a six year old's birthday party, or  a stunner for prom night ensemble, since prom's really all about who can wear the most obnoxious attention grabbing dress, right? We get that all eyes should be on the bride during the wedding, but for goodness sake: was it ever this serious?

    As I said, this will be great for an art gallery, but absolutely terrible for your wedding.

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    Party Dress to the MAX

    Whether you're a kid or an adult, we can all agree that balloons are definitely our favorite festive decorations for big parties. This bride obviously loves them so much so that she decided to have her entire wedding dress made of them! Big and small, and so many different colors! As if the rainbow dress wasn't enough, this dress also looks like someone vomited candy all over her. Anyone else wondering how in the heck did she get into that dress without popping a single one? That's serious work right there.

    I've never seen a more ridiculous mixture of balloons in my life! She's really got pink balloons, that honestly look like a collection of bubble gum, wrapped around her torso abruptly stopping at a huge mass of multicolored balloons. There are even polka dotted balloons in there! At least she didn't mix her polka dots with stripes, otherwise that would've been a huge fashion faux pas, right?

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    Bride or Flower Girl?

    Looks like they decided for the flower girl to just throw all the petals on her dress instead of on the floor. From the blue highlights to the overdose of lillies, this looks as if it was handmade by an employee in the crafts and home goods shop.

    This wedding dress is the resemblance of a DIY home decor project, instead of a wedding gown. The flowers look terribly cheap and unreal while the blue material looks just as cheap, and tacky. She's even got on a flower crown to match. Did she get this dress from a shop or the garden in her backyard?

    This dress probably would've looked better if it looked less like a DIY project gone wrong. If you want flowers incorporated into your wedding dress, at least make them look believable. Maybe she tried, but sadly this goes down as an awful wedding dress fail.

    Hopefully you aren't inspired by or considering any of these wedding dresses for when the big day comes for you.

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