13 Of The Worst Celebrity Flight Stories

Whether on-screen or off-screen, celebs continue to keep us entertained with all their drama. We can blame alcohol for Reese Witherspoon reminding a police officer of her rights to stand on American soil. And when that failed to get her off the hook, she promptly played the 'Do you know who I am' card. Neither worked as she was hauled off to jail for disorderly conduct. In other situations, it's their ego at play; like when Lil' Wayne stormed off an interview because a cameraman bumped into him. Maybe some just can't handle the pressure of being a celebrity.

Life will always have stressful times; deal with it!

A simple thing like going on a holiday can quickly become a nightmare. C'mon, you've seen the videos on Youtube; from people freaking out when they miss flights to stripping in protest to people protesting TSA heavy-handedness. Regular folks just seem to lose their minds at the airport.

Turns out, we're not alone. Celebs get mad too. Some celebs manage to keep it on the ground, like Jonathan Rhys Meyers who was arrested in 2005 and 2007 for being drunk and assaulting bar staff. Or The Hoff, who was barred from a 2006 flight becausee he was deemed unfit to fly (meaning = drunk as a skunk).

While these instances were on the ground, here are 13 celebs who waited till they were airborne before they lost their s*it.

13 Gary Busey

After winning Celebrity Big Brother in 2014, notorious wild man, Busey was on a flight out of the UK. Ever the showman, Busey was walking through the aircraft, taking pictures with fans when they encouraged Busey to make his 'famous' animal calls. When he started his impression of geese, it was so loud, the pilot threatened to arrest him. Turns out he was trying to catch a few Zzz's on the 11-hour flight.

12 Jenny Lauren


Aboard a 2014 transatlantic Delta Airlines flight, Ralph Lauren's niece, Jenny Lauren allegedly got so drunk and disorderly that the flight had to be diverted. Landing in Shannon, Ireland, the New York-based jewelry designer was arrested and charged with breaching the peace.

Though she pled guilty and was fined €2,000, she later blamed the incident on a mix of medication and alcohol.

11 Courtney Love

In 2003, Courtney Love had a huge tantrum on a Virgin Airways LA to London flight. Her crimes included refusing to fasten her seat belt and verbally assaulting the crew. When the plane landed, she was arrested and taken into custody.

After nine hours in custody, Love was released with a caution and she blamed her 'potty' mouth for the incident

10 Conrad Hilton


This incident was described by one witness as '..being stuck in a confined space with a spoiled brat on a drug-fueled meltdown..' On board a 2014 British Airways flight, the Hilton heir allegedly smoked pot in the lavatory, wandered the plane, and threatened to punch a passenger.

Screaming obscenities at the crew members who were trying to talk to him, Hilton even punched the bulkhead. At one pint, he grabbed an attendant, yelling into his face “I could get you fired”. He also offered to fight the co-pilot. Continuing to wander the plane, he made his way to the lower flight deck, and started calling passengers 'peasants'.

The decision was finally taken to restrain him while he slept. Handcuffed to his seat for the rest of the fight, Hilton continued to scream. When the flight landed, he was escorted off the plane by waiting police. He was charged with intimidating the flight crew until he affected their ability to perform their duties.

9 Heather Cho


Nutgate was yet another example of a pampered celeb misbehaving abysmally. In December 2014, Korean Air heiress Heather Cho, was on a plane leaving JFK, when she 'lost the plot'. Before the plane took off, she was served macadamia nuts, but because they came in a closed bag rather than on a plate, Cho lost it.

After she verbally rebuked the flight attendant, she called the chief flight officer to complain. Not content with berating the chap, Cho ordered the pilot to turn the flight around, so she could kick him off the plane. Charged with forcing a flight to change its normal route, a court in Seoul handed her a one-year jail sentence.

8 Amanda Bynes


With multiple DUIs, charges for causing vehicular mayhem, getting dropped by her publicist, agent AND lawyer, things seemed pretty rough for Bynes. So she hopped on a plane out of town; destination: LA.

There were no problems till she was asked to provide ID. The former Nickelodeon star flipped and yelled "I'm Amanda Bynes! Google me!!" Someone should have told her that line never works and she was booted off the flight at Teterboro Airport.

7 Dave Chappelle

Back in 2010, Chappelle was on a private jet to Ohio, when he had the need to use the bathroom. The urge was so pressing that he got out of his seat and marched into the cockpit. Determined not to do a Depardieu, he grabbed the co-pilot's arm and demanded to know the ETA. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Pittsburgh.

The funnyman's rep later reported that the restrooms on the plane were "not the kind he needed”

T.M.I, Dave!

6 Minka Kelly

Charlie's Angel, Minka Kelly, reportedly freaked while boarding a flight from LAX in 2010. The incident happened because a flight attendant told her that she couldn't take her cockapoo into first class. Her love for her cockapoo, Chewie is all over social media, but it is against airline policy to have a dog in first class during takeoff and landing.

Minka reportedly burst into tears and started ranting about how '...it was inhumane to not have the dog out..' When that failed, she called up her management to confirm that it was OK for the dog to fly. They agreed with the airline and she had to sit in coach for the take off and landing.

5 Mo'Nique


Flying to New York from Chicago in 2006, the actress was seated in first class with her crew in economy. When her stylist reportedly tried to stow a hairdryer in Mo'Nique's first class bin, the flight attendants refused. They said they doubted the dryer belonged to the actress. As the exchange became heated, Mo'Nique accused the attendant of comparing her to a terrorist.

When the situation threatened to boil over, the Academy Award winner was escorted off the plane. At Chicago's O'Hare Airport the police were called and after analyzing the situation, decided no charges were warranted.

4 Leisha Hailey


In 2011, Showtime’s The L Word star, Leisha Hailey was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight. Her crime?

Kissing her Uh Huh Her band mate Camila Grey. According to Hailey, they were told the airline is a 'family' airline and kissing was not OK. She said they were escorted off the plane for protesting.

The airline said they simply responded to other passengers complaining about their 'excessive behavior'. When they were confronted, the ladies got upset and started to use profane language, which led to them being escorted off the plane.

3 Kevin Smith

The director and all-round funny man became embroiled in a 'fat shaming' spat after an incident with Southwest Airlines. On a flight in 2010, the actor was 'deemed a safety risk' by an attendant. Their concern was about the arm rest remaining in an upright position. Their policy states that "..if a customer cannot comfortably lower the armrest...a customer seated adjacent would be uncomfortable and a timely exit from the aircraft in the event of an emergency might be compromised...”

He didn't find this rule funny as he was already seated and had his bags stowed away. Smith spent the rest of the flight live-Tweeting his fury, protesting what he called their 'size-ist' policy. The airline apologized and offered a $100 voucher

2 Kelly Osbourne

The Fashion Police co-host was in the news for all the wrong reasons after a flight from to Atlanta in 2012. Reeling from recently learning about her brothers MS diagnosis, Osbourne suffered an emotional meltdown, mid -flight.

Witnesses say she kept crying and drinking throughout the flight. By the time they landed, she needed assistance from a security guard and her assistant to get off the plane.

With the press quick to bring up her history with alcohol, she publicly admitted the incident as a minor blip and totally owned up to the incident.

1 Kate Moss

Super model Moss was quick to remind us how cool super models are. Upon arrival in Luton back in 2015, the leggy blonde was escorted off the plane by the police. The crew claimed she didn't remain in her seat when the seat belt signs were on and was disruptive during the flight.

Other passengers branded the reaction as crew overreacted. Not known to mince words, Moss was heard calling the pilot "a basic b*tch” as she was led off the plane. Bedfordshire police said no arrests were made and no charges made.

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