13 Of The Biggest Tan Line Fails

Everyone loves some good sunshine. Of course, we're warned about being in the sun safely and in moderation, but we're human and we all have our moments where things maybe get a little out of hand. The following photos demonstrate that for some people the sun can get really out of hand, and we don't envy any one of them. Well, maybe a couple of them, but not because of their sunburns. Enjoy these photos and keep them as a personal reminder about what not to do the next time you head outdoors for any significant amount of time. Don't say we didn't warn you.

13 When Your Snack Attack Haunts You

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Is this even real?? Based on what these horrible burn lines are telling us, this poor girl had a bowl in her lap and set her spoon on her thigh and then got way too much sun. The bowl part is pretty believable, but why on earth was the spoon sitting there for long enough to get these sort of crisp line action? Hard to imagine, but tragic nonetheless. That's never going away.

12 When Your Bathing Suit Is Too Trendy

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We're all about a super cute bathing style, but this girl is a good example of why those overly strappy varieties should be saved for lounging in the shade or pool parties where you are not actually laying down trying to work on your tan. Not only did she end up with a very strong tan long above her boobs where the suit was strapless, but she burned up her stomach in some pretty aggressive looking lines.

11 When You Highlight Your Hoo-Ha

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This girl is really cute, but her casual bikini and racing suit are at odds with one another. This isn't too much of an issue except that the low-cut bikini tan line seems to be pointing directly at her crotch area which is already accented by an extremely high-cut swimsuit. Who knew Speedo was so, well, racy with their race suits. Oh well.

10 When You're Wearing A Cutout Suit

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Again, these cutout swimsuits are great for making a fashion statement, but they aren't so functional for actually swimming or laying out. You know better, ladies. It's similar to those sneakers that have heels in them. You might wear those to your spin class with the rest of your uber trendy workout gear but you can't actually run in them or anything. No one ever said fashion was functional. The result of this one is a little odd because it almost looks like those muscle diagrams in science text books.

9 When Your Friends Hate You

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Not that we have anything against Justin Bieber, but this guy might not be comfortable broadcasting his love for him if he doesn't actually feel that way. If you're going to take a nap in the sun with your friends around, you should probably apply your own sunscreen before you pass out so that you can prevent them from writing on you and doing things like this. The outcome of pranking friends coupled with strong sunscreen is rarely going to be good.

8 When You're Punished For Your Shoe Choice

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This person won't be able to deny their Crocs addiction for years. Those tan lines are too strong. The thing is, Crocs are ridiculous footwear to begin with so it's not too surprising that wearing them in the sun is going to give some ridiculous results as well. Not only is there a strange ankle thing happening that is unique to this shoe style, but there are also polka dots of tan from the sun shining through those rubber holes. Maybe it's time for some sunscreen, or some new shoes.

7 When You Have No Sunscreen Skills

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This woman could have gotten away with garden variety tan lines in her bikini, except that she didn't seem to put on any sunscreen, or least not properly. Whoever got the middle back section should win some sort of award, unless this was some sort of tankini situation. There are a handful of small white sections that were saved from the rays and left the rest of her skin to fry up. That's going to make for an extremely painful shower.

6 When You Try To Go Sunless

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Self-tanner users are not immune to the tan line fail either, although it's a little more confusing. Was this intentional? No one in the history of life has ever tried to tan the bottoms of their feet to my knowledge so it's unclear why this smiling young woman applied self-tanner in that spot. Perhaps she got so crazy with the rest of her body that she spilled the tanning lotion all over the room and then walked in it and bam... tan feet.

5 When Your Legs See The Sun For The First Time

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This guy gets a little bit of credit for being tanned and not burned, he's clearly no sun novice. However, while the top half of his body looks like its never even seen a shirt let alone spent anytime indoors, the bottom half is the exact opposite. How did he make it this far with such a dichotomy happening? We're going to assume there was something happening that made him not want to show his legs and he made up for it by getting all his Vitamin D though his torso. What else could be happening here?

4 When You Miss Your Hair

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People with hair don't really have to think about what happens when their head is out in the sun, same for the scalp if there's a strong partline going on. This guy, however, doesn't have a single hair on his head and while he tried to handle this by covering up with a baseball cap, he forgot to sunscreen the rest of his head area. Now he's left with a remarkably strong burn in the shape of his hat. At least he tried.

3  When Your Face Is Super Sad

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OMG. This is just tragic. This man managed to not only get an extremely strong tan line from wearing some goggles, but he also managed to deeply burn the skin that was being exposed to the sun. It looks dangerous. And on his face? Clearly he missed the sunscreen idea that day, and probably learned his lesson. You just know that this peeled like crazy as it was healing.

2 But Kim K Does It Too

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If Kim Kardashian can accidentally sunburn the crap out of her face and create a goggle tan line then anyone can, because we all know that Kim cares more about her face than the average person. This is the woman who once got a vampire facial using her own blood (whatever that means). Also, she allegedly has some work done and spends more time contouring and highlighting than most people spend putting on makeup at all, so you know she's in touch with her face. Her team must have been pretty horrified.

1 When Your Face Is Just Confused

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At least with the goggle tan lines it's obvious what we're looking at, even when what we're looking at is horrific. But this guy had the opposite thing going on when he was clearly wearing some sort of wrap over his mouth area but not wearing goggles. It's an alarming site to see so much redness around the eyes and nose. Ouch. Again, this probably peeled off something crazy. Let's hope these guys are checking in with a dermatologist every once in awhile.

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