13 Moments We Fell In Love With Uncle Jesse

We’re only a little over a month away from the return of (almost) the entire Full House cast to our TV sets in Fuller House. The whole Tanner gang (minus the Olsen twins) will be back to star in the new Netflix series. Very few details about the plot have been released, but one thing is certain, everyone’s favorite uncle, Jesse, will be back making viewers swoon. Although John Stamos is a bit older now (he’ll turn 53 this year) since the show originally aired on ABC in the 90’s, if you’ve been watching him in Grandfathered this season, you know that there isn’t a strand of grey hair in his perfect mane. Have mercy!

Stamos was interviewed on the Howard Stern show in early January, saying that he “thinks they will do another season.” Will our favorite Uncle Jesse memories from the original series be forgotten once Fuller House premieres? This seems impossible, but just in case, let’s review 13 of the times when we fell in love with everyone’s favorite TV uncle.

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13 Jesse Meets Becky

Via: NY Daily News

Uncle Jesse dated several different women during the first couple of seasons of Full House. Rebecca (or Aunt Becky as we would soon call her) was at the Tanner household working with her new co-host, Danny, and about to turn on their first TV show together when Jesse walked through the front door and uttered his signature line, “Have mercy!” It doesn’t take long before he starts flirting with her in that loveable way of his. Even though Jesse is putting the moves on her (Elvis voice included), Becky isn’t fazed, even comparing him to her baby brother! It was easy to tell that they’d end up together because, come on, who does Jesse let rustle his hair like Becky did?

12 Uncle Jesse Is Gonna Be A Daddy

via: TV Guide

Although at first this doesn’t seem like a typical loveable Uncle Jesse moment, it turns into one. Becky prepares a meticulous meal featuring all baby food items (baby carrots, baby corn; you get the idea). Jesse is at the pinnacle of his singing career and he doesn’t even notice the message his wife is trying to send. He’s too excited about having no responsibilities except for his music. Becky must resort to sharing the news with Jesse and the rest of the family via Pictionary. After Jesse guesses some clever cheese-inspired movie titles, Becky desperately reveals that she’s having a baby. The genuine excitement and love in Jesse’s eyes is how any wife would want their husband to react to the same news.

11 I Don’t Need Help!

via: Full House Reviewed

Uncle Jesse showed his stubborn side at times during the series. But this just made him even more adorable! After breaking both of his arms in a motorcycle accident, the simplest tasks, like making cereal become almost impossible; unless you’re Uncle Jesse! DJ tries to help him prepare his breakfast, but he insists on doing it on his own. After knocking the cereal box off the fridge with a broom and carrying the bowl over to the table hat-style, he realizes that he can’t get the spoon to his mouth. Taking a tip from Comet, the family dog, he plops his face into the bowl and chows down.

10 Becky, Is That You?

via: New Now Next

When Danny’s sister visits, she brings her pet monkey along with her. This is kind of insensitive knowing what a clean freak her brother is, but back to Uncle Jesse. You can’t beat the classic comedic bit of characters believing they’re cuddling with their significant other when really it’s an animal that they’re holding. Of course, it’s extra adorable when Uncle Jesse does it. The monkey wanders up to Becky and Jesse’s upstairs apartment, climbs into the bed next to Jesse, and snuggles up. Come on, if you were a monkey, wouldn’t you do the same? The monkey runs its fingers through Jesse’s locks while Becky looks on, giggling.

9 We’re Having Twins!

via: Yahoo

All throughout this episode, Jesse and Becky argue about whether they want to find out the sex of their baby during the doctor’s visit. When the doctor lets the word "babies" slip out, the couple realizes that they’re having twins! The look of pure shock on Jesse’s face during this scene is what makes this a loveable moment. What makes Jesse such a loveable character is that, even though he may initially come off as a leather-wearing, cocky guy, he has a sensitive side, and even though he may act tough, the idea of becoming a daddy scares him a little.

8 Bun In The Oven

via: Full House Reviewed

Like a lot of men, Jesse doesn’t think that carrying another living person inside of you is that difficult. Well, Becky makes him walk the line by wearing a fake pregnancy belly for a day. They make a bet that Jesse can’t last a day with the strap on belly. Whoever wins gets to pick the wallpaper for the twins’ nursery. It’s no surprise that the big-talking Jesse can’t last a day with the belly on. What really makes this a loveable moment, though, is seeing Jesse prance around the kitchen with a "Bun in the Oven" t-shirt.

7 Meet Uncle Jesse

via: Buzzfeed

We meet Uncle Jesse in the first episode of Full House. Danny’s wife (Jesse’s sister) recently passed away, so Jesse and Joey move in to help. The funniest moment of this episode is when Jesse and Joey change Michelle’s diaper for the first time. They awkwardly carry her into the kitchen, of all places, to do it. They use tongs to remove the stinky diaper, while Michelle waits patiently in a pot on the counter. This is the first taste of physical comedy that John Stamos would grace us with all throughout the series.

6 Dr. Dare

via: Everywhere You Look Podcast

Scott Baio guest stars in this episode to give viewers a taste of what Jesse (or should we say Dr. Dare) was like before he moved into the Tanner household. His Dr. Dare moniker stems from the days when Jesse would never turn down a dare. He and his old buddies (including Baio) take over the living room for an epic jam sesh. Although we all love Uncle Jesse for his sweet side, it’s kind of fun to imagine partying with Dr. Dare in his heyday.

5 Be My Teddy Bear

via: Full House Reviewed

You may notice that common Uncle Jesse loveable moments involve him singing. It’s especially a treat when he sings like his idol, Elvis. In this episode, Jesse, Joey, and Danny team up to sing Michelle to sleep. Jesse, of course, takes the lead in “Teddy Bear”. When he hits those low notes next to Michelle’s ear, he’s never sounded more like the King. If I were Michelle, though, that song would have had me begging for more instead of falling asleep.

4 Three’s Company Too

via: Buzzfeed

In one of the later episodes of Full House, Michelle ends up buying a donkey from a traveling petting zoo (hmm, I seemed to have missed those growing up). Danny gives her permission to keep Shorty the donkey until morning. It ends up being a very long night starring Shorty’s hee-hawing. The only time the donkey stops making noise is when Jesse sings to him. What song is his favorite? The theme from Three’s Company. I have to say, no matter how annoying Shorty’s braying may have been, that donkey’s got some good taste.

3 Good-bye, Uncle Jesse

via: Full House Reviewed

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen this episode, I get teary-eyed every single time. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky just got hitched, so it was time for Uncle Jesse to move out of the Tanner household. Michelle doesn’t quite grasp the concept and is very upset when she realizes that this is good-bye. After Uncle Jesse explains what’s happening, the two exchange mementos to remember each other by. Michelle gives Uncle Jesse her favorite stuffed animal and Uncle Jesse gives her a framed piece of the wallpaper from his former room. If that wasn’t bad enough, Jesse steps out into the hallway holding Michelle’s stuffed pig and sheds a tear.

2 Forever

via: Decider

Aren’t the wedding episodes of TV shows the best? While Jesse did have to overcome some obstacles to meet Becky at the altar (skydiving on your wedding day, really?!), he makes up for that stress by singing “Forever” to his now wife. I’m sure that Becky wasn’t the only one shedding tears during this beautiful song. The choir that gathers behind them to finish out the song in an epic way takes this moment over the top. Oh, and come on, this moment wouldn’t be complete without a Becky/Jesse montage. It was the 90’s, after all! Plus, it’s hard to beat John Stamos in a tux!

1 Sing to Me, Uncle Jesse

via: YouTube

The all-time sweetest Uncle Jesse moments on Full House always involved Michelle. The on-screen chemistry between John Stamos and the Olsen twins seemed so genuine that you could tell how much he enjoyed acting with them. The most loveable Uncle Jesse moment had to involve both of his loves; music and Michelle. Michelle is upset because her friend, Howie, has left. Uncle Jesse will do anything to make her smile, so he grabs his beloved guitar and serenades her with the song he wrote for her, aptly titled “Michelle Smiling.” If the scene itself weren’t touching enough, a montage of Michelle’s cutest moments plays, many featuring her uncle, Jesse.

sources: sheknows.com, fullhouse.wikia.com, thecelebritycafe.com

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