13 Male Celebs We Crushed On In 2018 + 7 Who Will Steal Our Hearts Next Year

We had all kinds of eye candy this year when it came to male celebrities. We now have 2019 to look forward to as well as some handsome up-and-coming famous men on the scene. Whether it’s an old crush or a new one, there is just something about daydreaming over the celeb of our dreams, right?

A new year always means a fresh start for people and we could definitely go for some new crushes. We have been crushing hard in 2018 and don’t think for a minute that we are going to stop next year!

Whether or not you're single, there's no harm in having a celebrity crush (or two). The more the merrier! Check out these 13 male celebs we crushed on in 2018 and seven who will steal our hearts next year.

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20 Ryan Gosling Is Leading Man Material

via Cosmopolitan

What a career this guy has built over the years! The fact that he is rarely seen with his girlfriend, Eva Mendes, means that we can almost pretend he’s single. He’s likely on the top of most women’s Dream Guy lists because he’s so lovely. But not only that, he’s an incredible actor. With those blue eyes, Gosling is the perfect package. If you needed one more reason to love him, this is it:

“Sometimes I think that the one thing I love most about being an adult is the right to buy candy whenever and wherever I want,”

Gosling said, as Bustle reports. We love a man who isn't afraid to be a kid every once in awhile.

19 Watch Out For: Doua Moua Is In Mulan

via Instagram

This Thai star has just been cast in the live action retelling of the movie, Mulan. We have already seen him in Clint Eastwood’s movie, Gran Torino, and he certainly left his mark. Moua is an up-and-coming star and definitely one guy that we are going to be crushing on in 2019. He’s not only a talented actor but he’s also a screenwriter. He wrote a script called The Harvest that got critical acclaim and was an Academy Nicholl Semi-Finalist. We are definitely going to keep our eye out for this cutie in the new year!

18 Robert Pattinson Is A Forever Crush

Via Lainey Gossip

We will always be crushing on Robert Pattinson, whether he’s got long and loose hair or it's all shaved off. We can barely stand the cuteness of this photo of Pattinson at the premiere of High Life with his tiny co-star. We will take Pattinson holding babies any day! We think that he’s getting a little bit better at being in the public eye nowadays and his father likes to take advantage of his fame.

“My dad says he likes to bask in my glow,”

Pattinson told Harper's Bazaar. Don't we all!

17 Watch Out For: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Is An Underwater Hunk

Via Twitter

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is starting to make a name for himself in Hollywood and we are loving it. We have seen him star in Baywatch this year as well as The Greatest Showman, both of which starred Zac Efron. He also got cast in the superhero flick Aquaman. 

With that gorgeous smile, he's going to continue melting our hearts in a big way.

16 Chris Pratt Is Huge Right Now

via Instagram

We’re not just talking about his muscles either! He is slaying in Hollywood right now. He might be off the market, but Pratt is one of the hottest leading men in the industry. Women are never going to stop crushing over him. And there are good reasons for that. He’s hilarious, an all-around good guy and likes to dress up as Star-Lord before visiting sick kids in the hospital. Swoon!

15 Zac Efron Is Going Dark

via instagram

We were surprised to hear that Zac Efron was cast as Ted Bundy in the upcoming movie, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. He usually doesn’t play roles that would be considered “dark,” so it should be interesting to see how well he does in the movie. He certainly has come a long way from High School Musical. Efron is not only sexy but he’s becoming a powerhouse in Hollywood. He’s definitely someone that we can crush on for a while.

14 Watch Out For: Henry Zaga Is Our New Favourite Mutant

Via Instagram

His breakout role came in the form of 13 Reasons Why and with over a hundred thousand followers, he is sure to go big. He’s handsome and young and we will see him again in the new X-Men movie, X-Men: New Mutants. He’s definitely an actor to watch out for and we look forward to not only crushing on him in 2019 but seeing how his career plays out in the next year. If you want to see more of him, make sure to follow him on social media.

13 Ryan Reynolds Is The Whole Package

via 1st seek

One thing that we love about Ryan Reynolds is that not only is he hilarious but he’s gorgeous, too. What more could you want from a crush? His wife, Blake Lively, is one lucky woman and he feels the same way about her. He has a family now and when he shares something sweet about his wife, we can't help but have serious relationship goals.

“I’m not one for vomiting declarations of sentiment out across the airwaves, but when we had that baby, I fell more in love with my wife than I’d ever been in my entire life,” he said, as Cosmopolitan reports. “I couldn’t even believe it.”

12 Cole Sprouse Really Grew On Us

via Pinterest

Even though Cole Sprouse has been in the industry since he was a child, he really didn’t get his big break until he starred in the TV series Riverdale. But keep your hands off ladies, he’s spoken for! He is dating his co-star Lili Reinhart and the two couldn’t be cuter. We love the fact that he has that brooding, mysterious vibe to him. He also has a twin brother but he hasn’t done as well as Cole in the industry. At some point, the twins had to break up as they spent most of their career working together. They starred together in The Suit Life Of Zack & Cody, as CapitalFM reports.

11 Watch Out For: Alden Ehrenreich Is A Heartbreaker

via South China Morning Post

Playing Han Solo can certainly make someone’s career as Harrison Ford knows very well. Alden's been on the scene since 2005 but only recently started to get some bold roles. He played Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story earlier this year. It could easily be the breakout role that he needs to really shoot to the top of the industry and become a leading man. In the meantime, we will spend 2019 crushing over him and we would recommend you do the same.

10 Chris Hemsworth Is Our Superhero

via Pinterest

You’re welcome. The moment he became Thor, he won our hearts over completely. Hemsworth is one handsome guy and the fact that he’s an amazing human being as well is just a bonus. As Distractify states, he's not only nice when the camera is rolling.

He’s also one of the hottest leading men in the industry and his role in the Avengers movies has solidified him in Hollywood. It was actually hard to find a photo of him that had him wearing a shirt but we think this one suits him just fine.

9 Watch Out For: Mena Massoud Is A Disney Prince

via Instagram

You might wonder why this guy looks so familiar. That’s because he’s starring alongside Will Smith in the live action retelling of Aladdin. We are dying to see the movie but it won’t be released until 2019. In the meantime, we will continue to crush on Massoud as he’s also been part of the TV series Jack Ryan, so he’s certainly making a name for himself in Hollywood. With four more movies in post-production, he’s going to be a busy guy.

8 Justin Bieber Is Still Crush-Worthy

via Pinterest

Whether you like or dislike Justin Bieber, he has made some huge changes over the years. The biggest change was to leave longtime love Selena Gomez behind and marry Hailey Baldwin. He might be dressing like an old man lately but Hailey is loving every minute of it. “He is incredible,” Hailey said of Justin, as People reports.

“He crushes everything. Every song, every feature. It’s crazy to see what he does. I’m always blown away.”

He’s been a boy crush for years and we don’t think that’s going away anytime soon.

7 Shawn Mendes Is A Canadian Dream

via Pinterest

There have been a lot of hot men that have come from Canada and Shawn Mendes is one of them. If you are not following him on social media, then you are truly missing out. He might just have the perfect face and he can sing too! He stated this summer that love hasn’t found him yet (so there's hope for us!). As E! News reports, he said,

“I’m not currently dating anyone, but it’s not because I don’t have time – I don’t know if I’d be dating anyone if I was home in Pickering, either. It hasn’t stumbled across me, and I’m not chasing it.”

6 Sam Claflin Is Worth Watching

via Pinterest

Not only is he handsome but he’s worth watching in any movie. Claflin definitely won our hearts over when he played Finnick in The Hunger Games movies but he managed to do the same in Me Before You! We just love this guy. If you like guys with accents, then you are going to crush on him even more when you hear his British accent. If we had the choice, we would have him read to us all night while we sipped wine.

5 John Krasinski Changed It Up Since "The Office"

via USA Today

For anyone who thought that Jim from The Office was sweet but kind of dorky, those thoughts got wiped away when we saw John Krasinski play alongside his wife, Emily Blunt, in the movie The Quiet Place. Now he’s playing a CIA agent in the Amazon Prime TV series Jack Ryan. That is so un-Jim-like.

Krasinski's been hitting the gym with actors such as The Rock and Chris Pratt so this guy is getting fit and taking his action roles seriously. We are definitely keeping an eye out on this hottie in the New Year!

4 Watch Out For: Winston Duke Was In A Box-Office Hit

Via People

We saw Winston Duke play the villain in Black Panther and we loved every minute of it. "I've been blessed to be part of this project," he told E! News. "It has a social justice soul, and that doesn't come along."

Duke also told E! News that he wanted to buy movie tickets for kids so they could "see a young black king" because "it's fantastic." We loved seeing him in the movie and look forward to what he brings in 2019.

3 Tim Tebow Gives Us The Feels

via FaithTap

How could we not crush over a man who loves children? It’s hard not to. Tebow is an athlete who is not only handsome but has a big heart as well. He has been scrutinized over the years because of his faith but that never seems to bring him down. It also doesn’t stop him from being such a sweet guy either. He moved from football to baseball and has proven that he’s an insane athlete. He’s talented and a pretty great guy so we are going to continue to crush on him well into the new year.

2 Tom Brady: The Greatest Of All Time

via instagram

Not only is he considered to be the GOAT in his profession, but he also has himself a gorgeous supermodel wife. He adores her so much and that makes us adore him too. He also happens to be an ambassador for Uggs and rocks them out on the regular. He’s a major crush for us and we don’t mind continuing our crush on him. He is probably why the New England Patriots have such a huge female fan base. He’s definitely reason enough to get interested in watching football.

1 Watch Out For: Brenton Thwaites Is A Handsome Pirate

via Instagram

That was him with his dirty pirate hair when he starred in the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. That’s definitely a movie that can make you famous pretty easily. He’s also part of the TV series, Titans and has three projects planned for 2019, one of them being A Violent Separation, which is a crime thriller that threatens to tear a family apart. Whether or not that sounds like your cup of tea, definitely watch it to catch Thwaites.

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