14 Household Items That Terrify Us Because Of Horror Films

Have you ever watched that one horror film that kept you up three nights straight? How about the one that completely changed your outlook on how you live life? Horror films scares me more than most people, as I grew up with an older brother who is a huge horror film fanatic.

Because of my fine ability as a child to hide quietly behind couches to watch movies I wasn't allowed to watch, I am terrified of zombies, monsters, vampires and serial killers. I am also afraid of many home appliances due to the creative way they were used to murder people in scary movies. Here are 13 household items that became terrifying because of horror films.

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14 Shower Curtains


Women everywhere can definitely relate to this fear. Stepping into a shower is nothing scary, we are there to wash away our day and relax for a few minutes. Well, that used to be the case before the film Psycho came out. Now every time we have to take a shower that has a curtain, we tend to peek out at least 10 times until we are done. When washing our face we do so one eye at a time so that we can stay as vigilante as possible.

If you think you are scared of showers, you are not alone, the actress in the 1960 film psycho, Janet Leigh said that after the movie she was no longer able to take showers, only baths. She said she would even panic if she were staying at a hotel that only had a shower. Wow

13 Fans


Sure, fans keep you cool during those intensely hot summer days. You appreciate the comforting breeze when your lying in bed in your comfy pajamas and those wings of heaven rescue you from a sticky night. Until you've watched that one slasher film.

Slasher films were a specialty of the 1970's-1980's when big hair and fans to your face were the definition of horror. Films like 1981's Happy Birthday To Me were all about using a simple appliance like your mother's fan to push someone's face right into the deadly wings of bloody terror. Now tell me, would you have looked at a fan the same way again?

12 Candles


What a great way to decorate your home and keep it pleasantly scented for your guests. Maybe you want to have a sensual night with your significant other with lit candles and a little melted wax action. Until you think of 2007's Dead Silence that is.

All of a sudden you are terrified of what hot wax can really melt off, and you find yourself side-eyeing your favorite candle. Oh why? Why was House of Wax such an accurately creepy movie?! Go ahead, we won't blame you for trading in your scented candles for some good old fashioned plug-ins.

11 The Lawn mower


In certain states, it is the law to maintain a well kept lawn. If you live in an upscale neighborhood, a trimmed front lawn is not even up for discussion. It is safe to say that we are thankful for lawnmowers, especially the upgraded models which give you the convenience to just sit and ride.

The Red Devil killer from 2015's Scream Queens sure seem to take a liking to this lawn rider, as he used  it to decapitate a deaf Kappa Kappa Tau pledge. Too bad for "Deaf Taylor Swift" (this show is hilariously creepy) who didn't hear the serial killer coming, getting her head chopped right off. Mom, I think we should just go back to a manual lawn mower.

10 Knives


The good old fashioned knife. An essential kitchen tool to cut vegetables, steaks and stab people to death. Wait....what? This household appliance has always been a horror film favorite. From 1978's Halloween to 1996's Scream, slashing and dashing has become a terrifying obsession.

Innovation is great isn't it? Those less sharp plastic knifes that still get the job done are a great alternative for cutting those cucumbers and broccoli stems. With having kids around the house, alternatives to sharp kitchen knives are a no brainer, nothing to do with those traumatizing scary movies or anything.

9  Blenders


Fitness and health is not only important, but it's become very popular these days. Owning a blender is almost a requirement in order to keep up with juicing and healthy smoothies. But what if you're deathly afraid of what a blender can really do thanks to watching too many frightening films.

Marvel's Jessica Jones is a Netflix original series based on a superhero with amazing strength. Kilgrave, a villain with the power of mind control, uses his victims to commit his gory murders. You'll never look at a blender the same again after Kilgrave possesses his own father to blow off his hand in your favorite smoothie maker. Yuck! (sick emoji face).

8 Vacuums


Ohh the convenience of a vacuum. A machine that sucks in germs, dust and dirt. Children and pets hate this household cleaning tool and after watching Hush, an episode featured on Tales from the Darkside, you'd hate it too. So much for quick and easy.

The 1988 episode stars a babysitter who just wants to entertain the kids by making up a pretend creature that eats sounds. Soon enough the vacuum is eating up everything and everyone in the house. Gosh, can you picture it now? How many vacuums disappeared in y0ur household after this?

7 Weed Wackers


A gardening tool used to get rid of those stubborn weeds. Keeping a nice garden is a hobby of many proud homeowners but also a must have for many upscale neighborhoods. Well, a guy we might all be familiar with in this day in age, Jason, found a different use for it.

In Friday the 13th-Part 7, Jason used a weedwacker to gut a psychiatrist and it changed our lives. Sorry grandma, but I have a reason or two not to want to help you garden today. Weeds are itchy and annoying anyway, there's plenty of other chores to get done around the house instead.

6 Machete


A machete has the appearance of a long sword. They are actually yard tools used to chop long branches and to make way through crop fields. Island residents know the machete very well and thanks to Robert Rodriguez's 2010 film Machete, we are terrified of what the knife-like object can really do.

Rodriguez loves blood. In this film featuring Danny Trejo as Machete, also the name of the feared Mexican vigilante who used said tool to slay his enemies, blood splatters were an understatement. Let's admit it, the killing scenes were a bit exaggerated, which made the movie humorous. But we never looked at a machete the same again after this film.

5 Forks


Forks are imperative at our dining room tables. Don't look down upon those who have yet to learn how to maneuver chopsticks properly. Nor do we judge those who just prefer a good spoon. We must admit however, forks are sharp.

The Possession was released in 2012. We're still attempting to recover from the cringing moment when the possessed girl stabs her father's hand with her fork. Now that's how you keep your filet still. Don't worry, you're not the only one carefully watching over your dinner guests.

4  Mirrors


Are you one of those people who can't walk passed a mirror without checking yourself out? Hey, we want to make sure we look good at all times. Why horror industry? Why must you take this one from our vanity? Make sure you hang that mirror in the correct place, you don't want to invoke any unwanted reflections.

It's impossible to narrow this one down to one film. Almost every thriller does the bathroom mirror glance where the victim opens the medicine cabinet, then closes the cabinet, just to find the scariest apparition ever in life is standing right behind. Thanks horror films, I blame my pointless empty medicine cabinet on you.

3  Lamps


Don't turn off my night lamp! You just had to watch those scary movies didn't you? Now look at you, a successful adult with a family, who is scared of the dark. Lamps do not only light up the room but they are also used as decoration. Well, make sure you have a working lightbulb because thanks to every terror film ever, if it flickers...I'm running.

You've seen the scenario. The family is sitting at home enjoying a quiet night in front of the television and all of a sudden...the lights go off. It's all down hill from there because if the lights magically turn back on, you will have at least a family member or two missing. Talk about unreliable lamps.

2 Garbage Sink Disposal


Sometimes you just can't finish your dinner and mom needs to wash the dishes...since you won't do it. Luckily most sinks today have a garbage disposal which allows those leftovers to just dissolve in your sink hole. We all know not to stick our hand in there right?

In 1990's Mirror Mirror, mom wasn't so wise. You would think once you have seen a horror film, you wouldn't go after your ring in a garbage disposal, (LOL) well Karen Black did not. As her daughter was being terrorized, mom didn't hesitate to dig her hand in the disposal that completely pulverized her hand. Grody.

1 Chainsaw


Does anyone remember the actual purpose of a chainsaw? At this point all we can think about when we hear the sound of this killing machine, is death. Can you believe the chainsaw is just a tool used to cut through trees and thick wood? No really, it is!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has to be the most terrifying movie ever presented to the human race. Can you seriously think of a scarier serial killer with an equally mortifying weapon? Thanks to this film and the fact that it is a true story, America as a whole will forever be traumatized by the chainsaw.

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