13 Hotels That Are Actually Owned By Celebrities

With celebrity usually comes money, and when you've got a lot of money you can not only travel all over the world, but literally buy hotels of your own. And why wouldn't' you, you've got to invest in something with all that extra cash. There are actually a ton of hotels owned by celebrities out there, and these 13 are some of the best.

There's one thing on the list that the average person could never afford, but there's also a budget friendly one on here too. And if private islands are more your thing, don't worry, there's also one of those in development. Here are some really awesome and unique hotels that are actually owned by celebrities.

13 Blackadore Caye

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The hotel on the private island of Blackadore Caye is not yet open for business, but none other than Leonardo Dicaprio is on the job. The hotel will be an eco-friendly resort developed in conjunction with the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. There will be 80 different residential units with private beach access, as well as some over the water bungalows. The hotel is a long time coming after Leo came across the island in 2004 and snatched it up. Must be nice to have that sort of cash laying around.

12 Mission Ranch Hotel

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The Mission Ranch Hotel in Carmel California is owned by Clint Eastwood, who has lived in the area for quite some time. The hotel was originally a dairy ranch from 1800, which is set on 22 acres of land. It has views of Point Lobos, Carmel River Beach, and the Pacific Ocean. Clint Eastwood actually saved the land from being taken over by condo developers by buying it instead. There are 31 rooms, and the hotel is quiet and basically feels like it's in the middle of nowhere, but it's actually centrally located just 8 blocks from the beach and 9 blocks from downtown Carmel.

11 Bedford Post Inn

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Richard Gere owns the Bedford Post Inn which is located in New York, about 44 miles outside of the city. The hotel is located on 14 acres, and is charming in it's 19th century design. The inn only has eight rooms, but it has two different restaurants and a yoga studio that has daily events, classes, and workshops. One of the restaurants focuses on breakfast, brunch, and lunch of the healthier variety, while the other is a fine dining Italian joint that focuses on using seasonal and local ingredients. Richard teamed up for the restoration with other Westchester residents Carey Lowell and Russell Hernandez.

10 The Greenwich Hotel

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The Greenwich Hotel in New York City is owned by Robert De Niro. It's located in the TriBeCa area and none of the 88 rooms are designed alike. The hotel actually has a really impressive interior design aesthetic, with everything from Moroccan tile to Italian marble, Tibetan silk rugs, and furniture made from English leather. The restaurant serves up urban Italian cooking and it has a bakery counter open all day serving up snacks like Fig-Gorgonzola Scones, Gloria Muffins with citrus olive oil, pine nuts and grappa raisins, and Illy coffee.

9 Sundance Resort

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The Sundance Resort in Utah is owned by Robert Redford, who of course also started the whole darn Sundance Film Festival. The resort, built in 1969, is quite large and drop dead gorgeous. It's located on over 5,000 acres on the slopes of Mount Timpanogos in Utah's Wasatch Range, and it's been a ski spot since 1944 with 45 different ski trails and five chair lifts. It's located 13 miles North of Provo. The resort aims to keep a balance between art, nature, community, and individuality, which emcompasses the whole Sundance vibe over all.

8 Tucker's Point Hotel & Spa

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The Tucker's Point Hotel & Spa in Bermuda is owned by Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. It was the first luxury hotel to open in Bermuda after 37 years because of the extremely specific development rules in place. When the hotel got its approval, there were eight others still awaiting theirs. The hotel's 88 rooms are designed with a "Brits by the seashore" style. It's located on 200 acres and has a spa, golf course, and tennis club. Catherine and Michael have been longtime advocates for Bermuda, and Michael's family previously owned the Ariel Sands resort in the area for 50 years.

7 The Clarence

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Bono and his bandmate own The Clarence hotel in Dublin, which is not surprisingly described as "hip." The hotel aims to provide warm but simple luxury and a rock and roll vibe. There are fifty different bedrooms and suites, and the classic furniture is mostly designed by Irish artisans. The Clarence might be the place to stay when you're in the mood for fun, not lounging in a quiet meditation room or something. The hotel mentions that the area is quite lively and it is not completely possible to drown out all of the sound from the streets.

6 Big Sleep Hotel

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Actor John Malkovich owns the Big Sleep Hotel which is located in Eastbourne, England. Unlike most other celebrity hotel situations The Big Sleep hotel is not a luxury accommodation, but rather a more budget friendly one. The Travel Trade Gazette describes it as a hotel with "Travelodge prices, but with more sex-appeal." There are three different locations and they are all interestingly designed for a non boring stay...although the colorful yet minimal designs might remind you a little bit like Ikea. But who doesn't love Ikea, right?

5 Number 11 Cadogan Gardens

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A hotel called Number 11 Cadogan Gardens in London is co-owned by actress Elizabeth Hurley. The building is actually four different townhouses, which were built in the 19th century,  so there's some serious Victorian charm going on. Elizabeth herself has called it "the most charming hotel in London.” Expect super opulent design choices including chandeliers, marble bathrooms, four poster beds, and oil portraits on the walls of important rich people. The gourmet restaurant serves Italian food and there's also a cocktail bar and a library.

4 Cypress Inn

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The Cypress Inn in Carmel is co-owned by Doris Day. The boutique hotel has been around since the 1920's and it still retains that element of charm. The hotel is meant to be cozy and charming, and even has a community living room for enjoying afternoon tea. Doris is a big animal person, so pets are welcomed everywhere at the hotel, even in the common areas. The restaurant there was the first and only to join the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program to ensure they make the most sustainable menu options.

3 Costa d'Este Beach Resort

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The Costa d'Este Beach Resort in Vero Beach Florida is owned by singer Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio. The hotel is two art deco style towers with luxury details inside. It's rated one of the top hotels in Vero Beach, as well as a top ten celebrity-owned hotel of the world, due to the "rock star treatment" that the staff provide for every guest. The style of the resort and spa is designed to feel like an extension of Gloria and Emilio's own home, and relaxation and rejuvenation are on the menu.

2 Stargroves Villa

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The Stargroves Villa in Mustique, Caribbean is owned by Mick Jagger, but it's probably pretty tough to book. There are six bedrooms in the Japanese style villa by the sea, and it costs $15,000 to $19,000 a week. Maybe next year. If you can swing it, you not only get gorgeous views from a gorgeous villa, but a housekeeper, gardener, personal chef, tennis courts, pool, a game pavilion, and indoor and outdoor dining areas. Paul McCartney even honeymooned there in 2011.

1 Loretta Lynn Ranch

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Country star Loretta Lynn owns a ranch and campground in Tennessee that's fully set up for RV camping, as well as primitive camping. In addition to the camping options, you can also rent a frame style one bedroom log cabin, or two other cabin options. Activities at the ranch include things like fishing, canoeing, and paddleboating, plus random activities scheduled year round. There are also museums on site including an 18,000 Square Foot "Coal Miner's Daughter" museum.

sources: telegraph.co.uk, wikipedia.org 

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