13 Hilariously Awkward Family Photos You Need To See

We all have them. Photographs of our family huddled together around the Christmas tree or at the dinner table celebrating a birthday, graduation or even an anniversary, the photos that we had professionally taken to remember a milestone and the photos we look at years later and say, “What the hell were we thinking?!” They’re embarrassing, unflattering and … completely and hilariously awkward.

No matter how hard we all try to capture the most perfect and beautiful photo of the family, there’s always going to be a few that turn out completely wrong. From pregnancy pictures and snapshots of the kids to downright scary, today we’ve compiled a list of 13 of the most hilariously awkward family photos to peek at, giggle at and compare some of your very own to – all in good fun, of course!

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13 Naked Pile-Up

What isn’t awkward about this photo? Even if each member of the family had worn clothes, this setup wouldn’t ever be considered a great idea to the majority of the population. Thankfully, they decided to go with the black and white edition, a full-color option would have left even littler to the imagination and to the minds of every guest coming into this family’s home and seeing it on the mantle.

12 Man’s Best Friend

Have you ever heard the theory that dog owners and their furry friends start to resemble each other over time? Well, this snapshot could be the proof you need to believe it after all. Great smiles all the way around, right? This is the photo that you hide away from significant others … until the honeymoon stage is over and you’re no longer striving to impress.

11 Shirts Be Gone

Here’s just a quick tip when thinking about your next batch of family photos, especially when they’re being professionally done. Wear clothes. Wear all of your clothes. Don’t exclude one piece of clothing. In fact, it’s much better to be overdressed for a family photo than to actually, purposely, go without articles of clothing. Tattoos don’t count. Awkward haircuts don’t count either.

10 Pregnancy Art

Was it really necessary for this photo to happen? We have no idea, but we do believe that although who ever drew the “baby in womb” had some artistic talent, it’s a bit awkward to have this entire combination of staged photography taking place, from the shirtless, to the yellow bra to the pregnancy painting; it’s all a bit, well, awkward, don’t you think?

9 Purple Nurple

The moral of the story here is, don’t teach your baby to twist nipples if you don’t expect to get a purple nurple in return. Luckily, it looks like mom might have caught daddy’s lesson on camera, for the entire family to enjoy for years to come. Here’s to a vacation that will be impossible to forget!

8 Gum and Crop Top


Okay, we get wanting to display a pregnant belly, even though a full top would have sufficed. But the crop top is not the only thing that's off with this photo, the bubble gum is rather unusual. Unless this family is purposely blowing pink bubbles to announce the gender of the baby.

7 Yuck


Yuck! This photo was captured at the exact moment this baby felt the need to spit up. The other kids seem to be fighting off super strong winds. Mom also seems to be caught up in a wind storm and we bet she's about to look down and see the vomit all over her sleeve.

6 Matching Shirts and Hairstyles


We can admit this one is cute, the entire family accepted dressing up in matching shirts that we are sure grandma picked out or even made. Our question is did the entire family visit the same stylist for this shot and when they look at this pic now, are there any regrets?

5 Straddling the Fence

There’s really nothing creepier or more awkward than big families straddling something together. Whether it’s a tree branch, fence, banister or the like, who actually thinks this is a good idea? Dad is a bit too excited about this photo-op, so we’re pointing the finger at him.

4 The Man & The Cat

Sometimes all you have in this world is your furry, four-legged friend. But here we have a man that not only has the cat, but also the mullet, the glasses, the sweater and the neon lights in the background that scream 1980’s adventurer. Live long and prosper fine sir.

3 Don’t Drop Baby

Oops. Uh-oh. And there goes baby. This beachy photoshoot seemed to be going smoothly until the kids were swung a little too hard and well, they all fall down. Hopefully this little guy doesn’t grow up to use this against mom and dad one day. “Hey remember that time you dropped me on my head. Yeah, well here’s the proof.”

2 A Family Portrait

There’s really just one thought that comes to our minds when we see this photo. He’s going to regret that later. Not because there’s divorce in the future, or he’ll have a falling out with his daughters, but the artwork here really doesn’t reflect the women in his life. In fact, we’re pretty sure the two on the left have that same sentiment.

1 Blue Jean Baby … & Family

Remember above when we shared a quick tip for all families and how they shouldn’t ever skimp on clothing when it comes to photo-ops? Well, here’s another prime example on why everyone should keep their shirt on for next year's Christmas card. Even a perfectly fitting pair of blue jeans won’t make up for the fact that you’re pretty much naked … with your children by your side.

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